Giddy Up: Some of Our Favorite Cowboys For National Day of the Cowboy

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When we read the word “cowboy” a very specific image comes to mind: boots, a cowboy hat, guns, a southern drawl. All of these things are staples when it comes to the cowboy image, and it’s made its way into more than a few episodes of our favorite television shows.  Today we celebrate the Day of the Cowboy, the fourth Saturday in July, with some of our favorite cowboys and cowboy moments from our favorite shows. So saddle up and enjoy!

Dean Winchester

Image Courtesy The CW.

Few characters have as deep a love for all things Wild West as Dean Winchester of Supernatural. Throughout the show’s 15 seasons, there have been more than a few occasions where Dean dons a cowboy hat and boots and channels his inner cowboy. It results in some excellent and hilarious one-liners, and he always ensures either Cas or Sam are dressed accordingly, you know, for the authenticity. We couldn’t kick off a celebration of cowboy (hat) moments without Dean “I’m a cowboy” Winchester.

Sam Winchester

Image Courtesy The CW.

Sam Winchester, too, dresses (see: is forced) the part in “Frontierland” when the boys are sent through time to the Old West to retrieve the Colt and phoenix ashes. Naturally, things go a little awry as they realize they are a little overdressed and “too clean” for the wild west. One of the best parts is Dean introducing Sam as Walker, a Texas Ranger. With Jared Padalecki set to star as none other than Walker in the upcoming reboot, it’s fun to look back on a cowboy hat-wearing Sam knowing we’ll soon likely see Jared sporting another cowboy hat on The CW soon!

Legends of Tomorrow

Image Courtesy The CW.

Legends of Tomorrow has had quite a few cowboy moments with their old pal Jonah Hex. In “The Magnificent Eight”, the Legends hideout in the Old West and make enemies with a rival outlaw gang, getting them into trouble. Gunslinging adventures ensue. Likewise, in “Outlaw Country”, the team has to travel back to the Old West to fix a time aberration, helping Jonah stop his nemesis, Quentin Turnbull, from conquering the land and making it lawless territory.

Max Evans

Image Courtesy The CW.

Roswell, New Mexico brought us two cowboys in one show. Max Evans is about as cowboy as they come. He regularly wears a cowboy hat as part of his sheriff’s department uniform, and even takes Liz on a sunset horseback riding date in season two. Though he spent a lot of season two either dead or as a mind zombie, we’re hoping to see a lot more of cowboy Max in season three!

Michael Guerin

Image courtesy The CW.

Fans of Roswell, New Mexico know how much Michael Guerin loves his cowboy hat (and we do too!). He’s worn it for sarcastic put-downs, heartfelt talks, declarations of love, and emotional moments alike, and each time it enhances the scene it’s in. Our favorite alien cowboy and his hat make a great pair (so great, in fact, we wrote a whole article about it).

Doctor Who

Image Courtesy BBC.

Fans of Doctor Who know that every iteration of the Doctor has a certain proclivity for hats including a brief infatuation with a stetson when he, Amy, and Rory travel to an old west town in “A Town Called Mercy”. He winds up with a bullet through the hat, but the episode is a great time with The Doctor awkwardly trying to be Southern, and taking great pride in his cowboy hat!

Doc Holliday

Image Courtesy SYFY.

Can you get any more southern and cowboy than Doc Holliday of Wynonna Earp? Doc sports an excellent hat that he is rarely seen without and would most certainly take out anyone who messed with the said hat. We get it, it’s a very cool hat.

Nicole Haught

Image Courtesy SYFY.

Giving Doc a run for his money in the cowboy hat department of Wynonna Earp is Deputy Nicole Haught. Nicole sports her hat as part of her uniform in several episodes as she polices the town of Purgatory. We can’t wait to see more of Nicole, Waverly, Doc, and Wynonna when season four airs on SYFY July 26!

Judd Ryder

Image Courtesy Fox.

9-1-1: Lonestar is a new iteration of the hit series 9-1-1Lonestar is based in Austin, Texas, where city slicker fire chief Owen Strand (played by Rob Lowe) arrives at Firehouse 126 to rebuild. There he finds Judd Ryder, who is ready to rejoin his old firehouse and teaches Owen a thing or two about Texas. At one point, the two dawn their cowboy hats and bond while horseback riding. It’s a great moment in the show, and we are also treated to the below Owen’s own cowboy hat moment.

Owen Strand

Image Courtesy Fox.

What’s a New Yorker like Owen Strand to say moments after wearing his very first cowboy hat? Well, Yeehaw, of course! It’s a small moment in the show, but it’s a great tool for communicating that Owen is adjusting to his new life in Austin and embracing Texas!

Rick Grimes

Image Courtesy AMC.

The Walking Dead has shifted locations many times over the years due to the transient nature of the characters, but it’s important to remember your roots. While this one might be considered a little bit of a stretch, season one Rick looked very cowboy-esque in his Cynthiana, Kentucky sheriff’s uniform. His penchant for policing others as designated group leader only lends credibility to his persona – not to mention the iconic sight of him on a horse trotting down that deserted highway.

Michael “Jason” Cordero

Image Courtesy The CW.

Oh, Montana. While Jane the Virgin’s Michael Cordero would be considered as the farthest possible thing from a country boy, his amnesiac alter ego Jason was a completely different story. After losing his memory, the policeman turned outdoorsman found himself as a hand on a ranch in Montana. In addition to his new profession and accent, he completed the transformation to the true rural lifestyle by taking in a dog named Bo.

Now don your cowboy hat, put on those boots, and celebrate National Day of the Cowboy!

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