‘The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare’ Review: Chaotic, Bloody, and Fun


Guy Ritchie’s newest film tells a story so phenomenal and insane that finding out it is true will blow your mind! The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare follows a small group of incredibly skilled soldiers recruited to take on the powerful German forces behind enemy lines. This unbelievable story will have viewers on the edge of their seats with bombastic action paired with Ritchie’s iconic style and a magnificent cast.

Ritchie drops the audience straight into the action with the first scene. We get to see the dynamic between two of the main players, Gus March-Phillips and Anders Lassen. Gus is played by the remarkably talented Henry Cavill while Anders is played by the charming Alan Ritchson. These two gentlemen face off against some German soldiers with enough casual laughter and smiles that you begin to forget they have guns pointed at them. Soon chaos erupts and we see Henry Hayes, played by Hero Fiennes, and Freddy Alvarez, played by Henry Golding, join in the fun. The situation gets handled in a very explosive manner and viewers get to travel back to the beginning and see how this ragtag group got assembled in the first place.

Ungentlemanly Warfare is a time capsule that takes viewers back to one of the world’s darkest times. This is evident in Rory Kinnear’s Churchill talking to Cary Elwes’s Brigadier Gubbins, also known as M, about the United States joining WWII. The aid of the U.S. is being held back by German submarines. Churchill needs these submarines stopped long enough for help to cross the waters without being destroyed. The solution to this problem has to be done under the radar of any government or it will cause more turmoil and give the Germans what they need to win the war. Enter Gus March-Phillips, a man who tends not to follow orders. With charm, attitude, and a tendency to collect things Gus accepts the mission with the stipulation that he chooses the team. Throughout the film, we see plenty of reasons why Gus picks each team member for their specific skill set. After the men rescue Alex Pettyfer’s Geoffrey Appleyard the group is complete and is off on the mission that could turn the tide of the war.

While the men set sail, on the mainland another mission takes center stage. Audiences follow Marjorie Stewart, played by Eliza Gonzalez, and Heron, played by Babs Olusanmokun, as they ready the port for the group’s arrival. They must keep the German officer Heinrich Luhr busy so the mission can be completed. Til Schweiger plays the villain of the story so well that you will have chills running down your spine. The use of absolute silence in the background of Heinrich’s scenes with Marjorie built the tension and suspense to an unbearable level. Ritchie knows how to build the stress and then just at the right moment make you laugh. This group of actors plays their characters in such an insane but fun way that you root for them until the end!

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare is a chaotic, bloody, and fun time at the movies. It is very easy to see that these actors had an enjoyable time bringing this incredible story to the big screen. Audiences will leave the cinema wishing to see more of this gang and their stories. While touching on some sensitive historical happenings, Ritchie treats them with respect while showing that some people had to cross the line into insanity for the greater good. The definition of ungentlemanly is, not appropriate to or not behaving well towards others. These characters and the real men they represented went above and beyond, not only their countries, but the world. In my book that makes them gentlemen to the highest degree. When you see the movie, make sure to stay after the last scene and read about the real men who were sent on this mission and their amazing history.

The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare hits theaters everywhere today. Tickets and more information about the film can be found here. Check out the full trailer below!

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