About Nerds and Beyond


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Nerds and Beyond launched in 2015 with the dream to bring you the most exciting and unique articles, news coverage, videos, interviews and more on your favorites – content that YOU would want to read.

We’ve grown immensely to bring you a place to come to read that has fun, engaging articles and coverage on all things you nerd out about. Whether you’re a movie nerd, TV nerd, Supernatural nerd, superhero nerd, theme park nerd, etc. – we’ve got you covered.

Nerds and Beyond was founded by Briar, who has years of previous experience running websites, with websites mentioned on MTV, Forbes, EXTRA TV, Lionsgate, and more.

Now, we have a huge staff and reach millions of people every year, have attended many events and had our work referenced and featured on MTV, Kings of Con, Hello Giggles, SYFY, and more.

We’re more excited than ever for the future!