You’re One of Us? in ‘Cursed’ Episode 8: “The Fey Queen”


After the escape of the Green Knight and Arthur, The Weeping Monk and some Red Paladins are combing the forest looking for where they are hiding. They find some blood on a leaf that will lead them directly to Nemos. A Fawn scout that saw them goes back and tells everyone that they are coming and have to move quickly. When The Weeping Monk does get there, everyone is gone. They burn it down so the Fey cannot go back. Making it one less place for them to feel safe in.

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Nimue and the others plan to take back Gramaire from the Red Paladin. They would have to hold it for six days until the ships come in and leave. The Red Paladins guarding the gates see Nimue riding in solo on her white horse and send some out to get her. She leads them into the forest, where she uses her powers with the help of the sword to kill them all. She rides back out as if a taunt, going all the way to the gates. While she struggles to fight Vallus because she is weak from using her power, the others sneak in to help. Nimue crawls to the sword asking for its power to help her. With the sword gripped, a new surge of energy goes through her, and she kills Vallus. The remaining Red Paladins flee Gramaire. Nimue then passes out, and when Arthur takes the sword out of her hand, there is a burn mark of the handle in her hand. Iris sees Nimue passed out as her chance to kill her. As she is about to approach, Gawain stops her taking her approaching as concern and tells her to go back to her clan.

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After Nimue wakes up, she is reunited with Pym, who had been in the dungeon with some of the other Vikings from the attack. Pym rushes Nimue to Dof to heal him. She tries but is not able to; Dof is beyond Nimue’s help. Pym goes to put the Sigurd back on him, but he pushes it to her. He wants her to have it so it can protect her. He calls her his minnow and passes away. This whole interaction, I had tears coming down my face.

Morgana sees the dead man outside of the bell tower in town and goes in. It is where the Red Paladin men who are dying are. She is told to forget who they are and just help them pass peacefully. After the person she is sitting by dies, she gets up to wash her hands. She hears a whisper and sees The Widow taking the man’s soul.

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In the castle, Arthur and his uncle, Lord Ecker, argue. He does say that he will speak with the Fey Queen. After a heated conversation, Lord Ecker reluctantly does give up his throne, and Nimue takes the town. As he leaves the room, Ecker says that she has doomed them all. Putting the sword beside the throne, Nimue slowly sits in it. With it just being Arthur and Nimue, he brings up what using the sword’s magic is doing to her. Nimue gets her guard up, saying that she doesn’t want another lecture saying that he is only mad because she is the one who has that sword.

Later, the sword whispers to Nimue, and she starts to smile as she hears the screams of those it has killed in her hand. Arthur comes back in to try to talk to her again. Nimue yells at him, saying that all he wants is her to run and that he didn’t believe in her. Nimue continues to say that there are a lot of Paladins dead because of her. Nimue wants to keep fighting, give them the Wolf-Blood Witch they call her. Arthur asks her if that is her or the sword talking.

Merlin and the woman from the previous episode turned out to be the midwife and the only person who can confirm that King Uther is not the true King. In exchange for helping Cumber, he wats safety for only one Fey. When they go to discuss, Merlin is shocked to see Father Carden there as well.

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Later, a crow flies to Merlin, and he goes to where The Widow is waiting. She says that a name has been given. When The Widow goes removes her veil to show the face. Merlin, and us, were shocked to see it is Nimue. Merlin tells her that it is wrong. The Widow reaffirms that the name has been given. It is now fate, so it will happen. With tears in his eyes, Merlin asks how much time until it happens, thinking he can stop it. Merlin rushed to ask Cumber if he has made a decision. Cumber says that the Fey Queen is only welcome in their dungeons.

King Uther goes to see his mother wondering if any of what is being said is true. Lunete openly says that he is not her son. She wants to rule as Queen, but there must be a King, so she took him, and he will do what she says so she can rule through him.

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Kaze and Gawain went to go look for the Fey that has not shown up. They find the wagon and all the people slaughtered. The Weeping Monk and Paladins attack them. Gawain is fighting with him and sees The Weeping Monk heal himself. He is Fey. He knocks out Gawain because they are to take the Green Knight alive. Squirrel is hiding but saw the interaction and follows them.

The episode finishes with the smuggler’s head being thrown over the walls and Kaze coming back saying that was ambushed, and they took Gawain. All of a sudden, a massive amount of King Uther’s soldiers and Red Paladin soldiers approaching Gramaire. How are they going to get out of this one?

Cursed is available now on Netflix.

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