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Netflix Cancels ‘Cursed’ Starring Katherine Langford

A year after its premiere, Netflix has announced that Cursed will not

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‘Tis the Fandom Gift Guide Season: YA Books Edition

The season of gift-giving is rapidly approaching. As we enter the jolliest

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One Story’s End is Another’s Beginning in ‘Cursed’ Episode 10: “The Sacrifice”

Well, here we are, the Cursed season finale. It came upon us

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Parting Ways in ‘Cursed’ Episode 9: “Poisons”

The penultimate episode brings the drama and blood for sure. It starts

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You’re One of Us? in ‘Cursed’ Episode 8: “The Fey Queen”

After the escape of the Green Knight and Arthur, The Weeping Monk

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Caves and Fire and Spiders, Oh My! in ‘Cursed’ Episode 7: “Bring Us in Good Ale”

Picking right where it left off, we see The Weeping Monk and

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Spending Father Daughter Time in the Past in ‘Cursed’ Episode 6: “Festa and Moreii’

The last episode left us with a shocking revelation of who Nimue's

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Nimue’s True Origins Are Revealed in ‘Cursed’ Episode 5: “The Joining”

This episode, we get a whole lot of revelations and a whole

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Everyone’s Playing With (Fey) Fire in ‘Cursed’ Episode 4: “The Red Lake”

In "The Red Lake," we finally get to see several of our

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Netflix Launches New ‘Cursed’ Virtual Experience

With the recent premiere of Cursed, Netflix has created a new virtual

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