Caves and Fire and Spiders, Oh My! in ‘Cursed’ Episode 7: “Bring Us in Good Ale”


Picking right where it left off, we see The Weeping Monk and Arthur fighting in a well-choreographed scene. Seriously, I could have spent a lot longer watching then battle it out. When Arthur knocks his opponent down, he takes off running in the direction Gawain, and the others went. There is a hoard of Red Paladins shooting arrow after arrow at them, keeping them contained in the windmill. They are not only surrounded but outnumbered. Gawain and Arthur try to think of a plan to get everyone out, all of a sudden squirrel shows up to help after Iris slyly convinced him to go. Everything Iris shows up on the screen, you know something is about to happen; that girl is trouble. Before Gawain has enough time to chastise him, The Weeping Monk begins to torture Bergerum for the surrender of the Green Knight, aka Gawain. Arthur tries to convince him not to, but Gawain wants to save his friend. As Gawain stands in the open door about to walk out, Arthur takes and shoots an arrow, killing Bergerum and telling Gawain to honor him by saving lives. The next arrows the Red Paladins shoot at them are on fire.

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Gawain tells squirrel to take everyone to the forest to escape the burning windmill while he stays behind to fight and hold them off. Arthur says he will remain with him to help, basically to watch his six. Before they go out there, Arthur just had to know, “Do you love her?” after another brief argument where Gawain tells him he sees her as a sister, Arthur tells him they will die as brothers, not rivals. I won’t lie; this scene made me smack my forehead. There are more pressing matters to deal with right now.

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When we check in with Pym, she is still doing her best to patch up the Vikings. She mentions to the Captain that if they want to get a good haul of gold, go after the Red Paladins instead of Cumber. Pym is told that she is going to be going with them to fight, she replies, “I don’t fight. I’m very uncoordinated.” I feel you on that one Pym. There is more adorable flirting between Dof and Pym, who he still calls Minnow. Dof gives her his Sigurd pendant that has protected him so that it will protect her. He then reassures her that it will be a quick raid in the forest, but then they are attacked. All we can see is Pym falling to the ground being covered in blood. Pym and Dof better be alright!

Merlin isn’t fairing well either. He is chained up and struggled to get free and runs away into the forest. He meets up with the Ice King Cumber and forms an alliance with him. Merlin shows up at a woman’s house, saying he is there to collect his part of their deal. For not having any magic, Merlin does have a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

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The three women — Kaze, Morgana, and Nimue — head towards the caves where Morgana and her brother used to play in when they were kids. Kaze is not a fan of this. It is also where 20,000 men fell by killing each other because of the magic mist. The cave they choose to go in has the story painted on the walls, not to mention creepy wind sounds. As they go further in the cave, Kaze gives Nimue a pep talk telling her she is stronger and better than Merlin. It turns into an argument between the two women, and Nimue throws the sword off the cliff. When asked what she was thinking, she can’t give an explanation, only that she felt compelled to do it.

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Morgana heads down to retrieve the sword. When she finds it, she gets to hold it for the first time. Hearing a weird noise, Morgana goes towards it as one would. Morgana drops the sword in shock at who is in front of her. It’s Celia, the woman she loves. Celia tells her that she died in the convent fire and is there in front of her because of Cailleach and that Morgana has a great destiny and will be more powerful than Nimue. Celia tells Morgana that she must find the “dead man who stands outside the bell tower.” Then she puts a finger to Morgana’s lips, where a small spider crawls in. Seriously, why is it always spiders?

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Back in the temple, Kaze and Nimue talk, and she mentions that she is Merlin’s daughter. Kaze tells her to keep that information to herself because of how the Fey perceives him. Nimue says that she can feel Cailleach studying her looking for her weakness. After hearing a noise, Kaze goes to look for Morgana telling Nimue to stay in the chambers where it is safest. While waiting for them to return, the fire in the room goes out. As she tries to relight it, she gets a vision to Arthur and the others as they are in the burning windmill. Arthur looks up as if they can feel each other. When the three women are reunited, they ride off to where Arthur and Gawain are to save the day. You go, girls!

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As Arthur and Gawain stand back to back fighting off the Red Paladins and The Weeping Monk, the wind picks up, and the fire and smoke form a tornado. Kaze grabs the two, and they run for the forest, escaping.

Safe back in Nemos, Nimue checks over Arthur’s wounds, and they share a kiss. Gawain tells her that they are losing hope. The people need more than the Green Knight to believe in. Nimue walks upon the archway and gives a strong moving speech about how the Fey will be free again. My favorite part being when she says, “I will be your shield. I will be your sword.”  She truly looks like and is acting like the Fey Queen.

The episode ends with the camera panning to Iris, who has tears running down her cheeks and a look of pure hatred and anger. Then it goes to a monotoned Morgana and looking closely at her eye, the spider runs across it.

Cursed is available now on Netflix.

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