Review: ‘Anniversary’ by Adeem the Artist


Adeem the Artist’s latest project, a 12-track album titled Anniversary, was released on May 3rd.

Anniversary takes the best parts of Adeem’s artistry to new heights. The production is cleaner, crisper, and more lush than it ever has been on their projects. Their lyrics are at their peak, running the gamut from emotional and tugging at heartstrings (Rotations will especially touch parents, both new and mature), to sensual and relatable to anyone who has been involved in a tumultuous relationship (Nancy, One Night Stand). 

This record is not only for country music fans. It is for anyone who enjoys music with a story, music with real life details that bring each song to life, and anyone who enjoys a smooth croon to wondrous tunes. 

If you’re looking for something different to throw in your rotation, an artist who bares their heart while never failing to keep a bite of wit and social commentary (Nightmare, Plot of Land, Night Sweats, and White Mule, Black Man), Adeem will be your new favorite artist.

Adeem is making music for those who want to reclaim country music for everyone. Despite what the Big Nashville Machine may tell music lovers, country music is full of writers, musicians, and performers from all walks of life. Country, at the end of the day, is a genre at its best when it tells the stories of all, especially the marginalized and downtrodden. Real people with messy and brilliant lives, the LGBTQ+ and non-white people who deserve to have their voices heard. 

Anniversary is an immediate classic. It is not only an amazing accomplishment in production and songwriting, it is also an important album that people will remember for decades to come. 

Favorite Tracks: Nancy, One Night Stand, Socialite Blues, Rotations, Plot of Land

You can find more information about Anniversary and Adeem the Artist at their website. You can find our interview with Adeem, here.

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