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One Story’s End is Another’s Beginning in ‘Cursed’ Episode 10: “The Sacrifice”

Well, here we are, the Cursed season finale. It came upon us quickly, and a lot happens, so let’s get to it.

The chaos begins with, of course, Iris. She kills and burns the body of a Fey in the town. She continues to create trouble by killing someone else to get the gate keys to leave. With tensions high, and the way it looks, Arthur thinks it is Worth.

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He goes to confront him about Blood paying for Blood vendetta during the argument. Arthur offers up his hands to be chopped off. Just when one of Worth’s men is about to chop his hands off, Worth tells him to stop saying, “A brave fool is still a fool.”

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Morgana goes to see Nimue and finds she isn’t in her room, but the sword is there. She steps into the room and hears the sword whisper to her. Morgana turns quickly when the Widow appears behind her, asking why she was cursed. The Widow says that she can help her if she tells her what Cailleach did to her. Morgana figures out that the Widow is coming for Nimue when she asks the Widow this, she throws her to the wall and chokes her with force. Nimue comes in asking what is wrong. Morgana shakes it off and tells her that she wants to leave; she is not sure where she belongs anymore. Nimue understands and gives her the Sword of Power to take with her and takes her to a secret passage leaving Gramaire.

As Worth and the Tusks are getting ready to leave to go to the ships, Arthur and Nimue say their reluctant goodbyes. They reminisce about the first day they met and kiss goodbye. After finally being reunited, Nimue must also say goodbye to Pym, who is going with them. Pym makes the joke that she never thought she would be the one getting on a ship and leaving. This really sets the overtone for Nimue’s choice and of what is to come, like, this basically is the last time Nimue sees Arthur and Pym.

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The Weeping Monk is kneeling in front of a cross when Father Carden comes in. The Weeping Monk tells him he only feels darkness and asks with tears in his eye, “Do you love me, father?” Father Carden asks him if he can do what is necessary, and it is discovered that he knows The Weeping Monk is Fey since he calls him an abomination.

Merlin arrives back at Uther’s camp and discovers that his mother is dead, Merlin even tells him that he is proud of him. Hearing that brings Uther much joy. But in telling Uther this, he lets it slip that he knew that he is not the true King. Merlin asks about the decision when it comes to Nimue. Uther having realized Merlin knew, orders the guards to stab Merlin! What!

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Morgana is in the woods with the sword far enough that she sits to rest and looks at the sword. Celia appears beside her again, telling her to bring the sword to Cailleach’s Temple because Nimue’s journey is done. Morgana says she is wrong and that she has to go to help Nimue. Celia watches her leave with a sinister smile. Maybe this was part of the plan after all?

Getting the note that Arthur and everyone is getting on the ships safely, Nimue rides off and is brought before Uther. Also, in the tent is Father Carden, asking about where the sword is. Nimue tells them that she doesn’t have it with her, and if they want it, she wants the release of the young boy and Green Knight. In the tent where they are keeping Nimue, they bring Gawain to her, but it is too late, he is dead. Nimue tries to use her powers to bring him back, but the anger she has makes her powers give off almost an explosion. The guards take her out of the tent as Gawain is engrossed in the power of The Hidden. Will he get healed, or is he truly dead?

Morgan sneaks into the camp with the sword and uses it to kill some of the guards. Father Carden is beating up Nimue, about to kill her when the wind comes into the tent, and the Widow gives her the sword, which is glowing. The Widow removes her veil and reveals that it is Morgana! Nimue uses the sword and kills Father Carden and then asks Morgana how she is the Widow. Morgana tells her that in killing the Widow, she somehow became her. She tells Nimue that she feels someone’s about to die, it’s Merlin. When Merlin sees the woman all dressed in black, he is happy thinking he can finally die. When the veil comes up, and Merlin sees that it’s Morgana, he gets upset, wondering why he cannot die.

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As the ship gets closer to the shores of Beggar’s Coast, from up above on the cliffs arrows begin to rain down, killing the ones waiting. It turns out it is Lord Cumber’s army led by another one of his daughters. This is part of the deal Cumber made with the Red Paladins behind King Uther’s back. When it looks like all hope is lost, more ships arrive, but this time they are friendlies. The Red Spear crew begin killing the Lord Cumbers army. The captain of the Red Spear wants to kill Cumber’s daughter and goes right for her, and the pair begin to fight. Arthur is too far to help Worth as he falls but runs over to him, and as Worth is dying, he tells Arthur to protect them. Arthur looks up to see the Red Spear captain on the ground about to be killed. He shots an arrow into the shoulder, giving her time to get up and kill Cumber’s daughter. Once the battle is done, and they are the victors, Arthur and the Red Spear seem to make an alliance. It looks like the surviving Fey and Arthur will still be leaving as planned.

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In Brother Salt’s tent, he is about to begin his torturing of Squirrel to get information. Squirrel is talking up a storm mocking and insulting Brother Salt when he is about to start hurting the young boy. He pauses for a moment. Then we see the blood and his body fall with The Weeping Monk behind him with a sword. The Weeping Monk then frees Squirrel and tells him to come with him. As the two head for the horses, Father Abbot stops them telling him to hand over the boy. Just when you think this is it for Squirrel, The Weeping Monk chooses him over the Red Paladins, telling him to run. Father Abbot tells the men in gold masks to attack The Weeping Monk. The gold masked soldiers stab and injure The Weeping Monk, and just when they are about to behead him, Squirrel comes and distracts them enough for The Weeping Monk to grab his fallen sword and kill them all. Instead of leaving him there, Squirrel helps him to a horse, and they both leave together. But where are they going?

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Morgana and Nimue help an injured Merlin over the rock bridge at Red Cross waterfalls. Under normal circumstances, it looks like it would be a beautiful and peaceful spot, but now the trio is running for their lives. All of a sudden, they see Iris at the other end of the bridge. As Nimue slowly walks towards her, confused as to how she is there, Iris hits her with the first arrow. As Nimue stumbles back towards Morgana and Merlin, she is hit again by another arrow dropping the sword and falling to the ground. Merlin, distraught, makes his way over to her. Nimue starts to slip, and Merlin grabs her by the hand holding her, so she doesn’t fall to her death. The pair are looking at each other panicked and eyes filled with tears. The father and daughter have just found each other, only to lose each other again. Sadly, she slips from his grasp and falls to the waters below. Morgana still routed in her spot, crying, knowing that Nimue’s time was coming to an end since she now has the Widow’s powers.

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Merlin looks to Iris and angrily grabs the Sword of Power. Iris prepares to shot an arrow at him but doesn’t get a chance to. Merlin is taking in the sword’s power, and his eyes go a bright lightning blue. Iris turns to run as Merlin uses the sword to kill the Red Brothers coming towards him. Still wielding the sword, Merlin says an incantation. The wind picks up. It gets dark and rainy. Lightening hits Merlin, and he shoots it to the Red Brothers and Iris as they scream. Merlin goes over and holds his hand out to Morgana when she takes it and pulls her to him, he says another incantation moving the sword, and a cloud of smoke surrounds them as they vanish. But to where is the question.

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The episode ends with us seeing Squirrel and Weeping Monk on the horse talking, Weeping Monk asks him what his real name is, and Squirrel tells him it’s Perciville. The Weeping Monk then tells him that his name was once Lancelot. I will give you a moment to let that Arthurian Legend name sink in. The scene switches to the Pope, who is giving a valor speech about this person walking down the aisle to him. He hands the mysterious figure a gold mask welcoming this person into the counsel of the Trinity. We see the person’s face as he welcomes Sister Iris as the new member. She has burn marks on her from being hit by Merlin’s lightening, but this bitch still lives. Sister Iris puts the mask on while walking away, and it comes to an end just as it began, with Nimue’s body going into the water with blood coloring the water after being hit with arrows falling to the bottom of the lake. But one question remains. Is she really dead?

The way it ended, there could be another season since there are a lot of unanswered questions. Cursed is available now on Netflix.

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