Exclusive ‘Killroy Was Here’ Trailer Released During “An Evening with Kevin Smith”

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It wouldn’t be San Diego Comic-Con without seeing Kevin Smith (Clerks) in Hall H. Sadly SDCC was canceled this year because of the pandemic. But we still get a version of it. Comic-Con@Home featured a panel called “An Evening with Kevin Smith.” During the panel, Smith talked about what he has been up to, projects he is working on, and even announced some for the first time. It was a great panel filled with censor bleeps (they did miss a few), laughs, and pure Smith joy. To start, Smith talks about the fantastic feeling of getting to put his hands in cement with Jason Mewes at the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (TCL), reminisces about winning the Inkpot award, and the tour when releasing Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

If you need some new Smith content, here it is.  You can go to the TBS YouTube page to watch the show Son-In-Lockdown when the show Celebrity Show-Off is on every Tuesday. There have been four episodes so far, but there is a chance they can be canceled at any time. So, watch and vote for the show because each week they get to stay on, TBS donates to a charity of their choice. Smith and his family have chosen the National Black Justice Coalition.

Some things to look out for include the new Masters of the Universe series he is working on with Netflix and Mattel and will be the follow up to the series in the ’80s. The good news is, it is not a reboot; it is the next chapter of the story. There is also an online place to get all the previous Smith shows called The Kevin Smith Club. There, three times a week, there is also a Wake & Bake show where it is exactly as advertised: Smith smokes a joint and reads some previous work. There are three tiers fans can choose from Clerk, Mallrat, Funployee, or a Yoga Hozer. You can get more information on thatkevinsmithclub.com. Smith and his daughter, Harley, are doing a podcast together called Vegan Abattoir, where they talk about misinformation surrounding being vegan. Also, Funko collectors can now take home a Funko Pop! of Iron Bob from the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie. Smith has been busy, for sure!

He released the exclusive premiere of a trailer of Killroy Was Here, which features Chris Jericho, Jason Mewes, Ryan O’Nan, Azita Ghanizada, Justin Kucsulain, and more.

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