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Beyond Soldier Boy: Jensen Ackles

Authors: Mal, Jules, Kenedi With the return of Prime Video's hit series

Mal Mal

‘Supernatural’: Our Favorite Destiel Moments

Additional authors: Jules, Brianna, Lindsey, Mal A year ago today on the fateful night

Kenedi Kenedi

He’s a Weird, Dorky Little Guy: Our Favorite Character Quirks on ‘Supernatural’

Supernatural was such an intriguing show, both because of the endless and

Kenedi Kenedi

You Should Have Your Mouth Washed Out With Soap: The Best Utterances of S.O.B. on ‘Supernatural’

It's no secret that "son of a bitch" became Dean Winchester's unofficial

Kenedi Kenedi

Hero Gets the Girl, Monster Gets the Gank: Team Free Will’s Gnarliest Kills on ‘Supernatural’

Contributors: Kenedi, Jules Saving people, hunting things -- the family business. Supernatural's hunters

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Happy Birthday, Dean Winchester: Our Favorite Dean Episodes on ‘Supernatural’

Contributors: Jules, Kenedi, Meredith, Brianna, Megan, Sarah W Dean Winchester is a

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