‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 4 “Insane B.S. and Bloodshed”


Tonight’s episode of Walker reveals what happens with Stella, Sadie, and Witt after that cliffhanger, the return of the Jackal and the return of Detective Luna (Walker Independence’s Justin Johnson Cortez), and more.

Let’s dive into what happened on this week’s episode of Walker.

Sadie, Stella, and Witt

The episode picks up where last week left off — Stella and Sadie being held at gunpoint by Witt, who has revealed he’s alive. As Stella continues to drive, Witt takes their phones but tells them he’s not going to hurt them. Witt said he didn’t want anyone to get hurt, and that after he was shot he got himself to a van where a driver was waiting, and he was begging to get dropped off at a hospital. The driver, Jordan, was terrified of the person who sent Witt to rob Geri’s place, Witt and Jordan argued and Witt grabbed the wheel, and ended up killing him. Jordan was burned beyond recognition, and the only DNA found was Witt’s so he played it off like it was him who died.

Witt says Jordan was right and she’s coming after him, and going to come after Stella and Sadie next. Witt said he was squatting at a building outside Houston, and one morning he was showering at a truck stop when a note slid under his door. Witt’s message, however, said “Find it or else.” He said she’s not going to stop coming after them until she gets the necklace — and Sadie questions why it’s over a necklace.

Witt tells them to pull over. He shows Stella and Sadie a photo of the necklace and tells them to get out of the car. He reiterates he’s not going to hurt them. He gives the gun to Stella and says she’ll want the gun if she’s after her. Witt asks for Stella’s help and if she knows anything about the necklace to let him know, his number is on the back of the photo. He says sorry and disappears into the night.

Stella and Sadie arrive at Ranger HQ, but Stella decides not to tell Cordell about Witt. Sadie argues and says they should talk to Cordi, and Stella keeps saying no. Back at the dorm, Stella and Sadie keep arguing about telling Cordell. Stella wants to help Witt and Sadie is reluctant to. There’s a knock on the door and it’s August, and Sadie leaves.

Cassie Gets Caught Up

Back at Ranger HQ, Cassie raises concerns about keeping the Jackal case from Larry. Cordell and Trey explain why they’re keeping it a secret, and that even Kelly had asked them to protect Larry and that they’ll tell him when it becomes a thing. Larry calls as they’re talking, and Cordell takes it while Trey fills Cassie in on the case.

Liam, August, and August’s Help

At the Walker ranch, Liam and August enter as August drops off more records — saying Stella was supposed to come there to pay him for some of the records she sold. Liam and August hang out together, Augie wanting to bulk up for boot camp.

Liam and August are full after eating steak nachos, and Liam tells Augie about how the Rescue is killing him because Stella is MIA. August asks if they should go check on Stella, and Liam tells him no.

Augie showed up at Stella’s and said he was worried about her, and that she could always ask for his help. Stella tells Augie to promise he won’t tell anyone what she’s about to tell him. After Stella tells August, they talk about staying together. There’s another knock on the door and it’s Witt, and August introduces himself, and they ask Witt where they start.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Meeting Detective Luna and the case of the Jackal

Trey tells Cassie about their lead with the Jackal – Detective Luna found one of the Jackal’s calling cards at a motel – a Jackal tooth. The motel manager also remembered seeing a car parked in front of the room with weird medical gear in the back, as well as a parking pass for another motel room where they were supposed to meet Luna. They deduct that the Jackal stages his murders from motels, and this one might still be active. As soon as they figure it out, they plan to call Larry and inform him.

They send Cassie to meet Luna at the motel. Cassie pulls up, and Luna meets her at the car as he’s trying to remain unseen and not suspicious. Luna fills Cassie in on the people hanging around the motel and points out a girl, Amy, who lives at the motel with her mom.

Luna gives Amy money and says to knock on their door if she sees anyone go near Cassie’s car. Luna and Cassie set up forensics in the room that they think the Jackal had stayed in. Luna asks Cassie if she’s ever worked a serial killer case, and Cassie lists off all of her recent accomplishments. Luna said he didn’t mean it that way and apologized.

As they’re going through the room, Cassie finds rotten fruit in the fridge. Luna tells Cassie that they kept it out of the media, but that after paralyzing the victim, the Jackal feeds them pureed foods just enough to keep them clinging to life.

They soon hear a disturbance outside and go to the manager’s office, where Amy is and two men arguing. Cassie tells Luna separately that a scarf was found outside of Amy’s room, and when they asked her about it, she started crying — apparently it belongs to Amy’s mom. No one can find her mom, she’s been missing for a week. Cassie brings up that what if Amy’s mom is a victim? Luna and Cassie take Amy to their room, and the man causing a disturbance doesn’t like that.

Cassie asks Amy about her mom, but they’re interrupted by a knock. The man from earlier, who was causing a disturbance, enters with another man who says they’re interfering with their business and have guns. They draw their guns at each other, and Luna and Cassie reiterate that they have zero interest in their business. The men don’t care, and Cassie and Luna take the other men down, grabbing their guns. They told them to be cool and they’ll have a conversation.

It’s raining, and Cassie and Luna arrive at a grove that the men told them Amy’s mom shoots up at. They’re searching with their flashlights, and Cassie stops Luna when she sees fresh dirt. She starts digging in the ground, and they find a body — Amy’s mom — there’s no pulse but the body is still warm. Luna tries to give her CPR, but there’s dirt in her lungs. He also finds a Jackal tooth in her mouth, and they realize they’re too late. Luna said he’ll talk to Amy, but Cassie tries calling Cordell who doesn’t answer, so she calls Larry.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Cordell and Larry at the Side Step

At an empty Side Step, Cordell takes Larry there as they play some pool, put some music on, and have some drinks. Cordi asks for Larry to fill him in on the Captain’s conference. Larry asks Cordi if Kelly has said anything, and Larry says she’s been acting a little odd. Larry said she emptied the liquor cabinet, and Larry thinks that perhaps Kelly could be pregnant. Cordi and Larry talk about the possibility of Kelly being pregnant and ask how they tried to have another kid a few years ago but it didn’t work out.

Larry asks about Cordi and Geri, and Cordi tells Larry how he and Geri said “I love you” for the first time to each other. Larry tells Cordi he’s glad to see how far he’s come since Emily.

As Cordi is in another room getting drinks, Larry’s phone rings and it’s Cassie. Cassie says she tried to call Cordell but he didn’t pick up, and she proceeds to tell him about the Jackal and Amy’s mom. Larry is visibly shocked. He tells her to send him the address and wait there.

Cordell comes back in the room and Larry explodes on him about hiding the stuff about the Jackal. Cordi tries to defend himself and everyone, that they were planning to tell him when it got real — and Larry finds out that even Kelly knew and that’s why she was acting strangely, not because she was pregnant. Larry leaves and tells Cordi to call Cassie.

Everyone arrives on the scene and meets up with Cassie and Luna. They all stand near the crime scene as the lights flash, and Larry tells them it’s time to fill him in.

Walker airs Wednesday nights on The CW at 8/7c. You can catch up with this season’s episodes on The CW app.

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