‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 13 “See You Sometime” – Series Finale


The series finale for Walker is here, and while we’re sad it’s ending, it’s a beautifully written, directed, and acted conclusion to our Walker crew.

Let’s dive in, for the last time, to what happened on tonight’s episode.

The Beginning

The episode begins with Cordell making breakfast for August on his big day — last day of senior year. Cordell is on the phone with Geri and turns on the blender, giving him flashbacks to the Jackal. August is still upset over all the trauma over the last few months and says that it will take a minute to work through it, but does thank Cordi for breakfast and hugs him.

Getting Ready and Hard Conversations

At the Walker ranch, Abeline and Bonham are cooking, and testing out recipes for Auggie’s party. They also notice there’s some noise next door and say that the Davidsons are subletting their property. Bonham also tells Abeline that he’s going to help her with events.

Cordi is eating on the porch and Abeline comes over to talk to him. She talks about how much they come close to losing him a lot, and she tells him to focus on what he can do, not what he could have done, and to take one thing at a time.

At Stella’s dorm, Cordi comes to visit her. Stella says they just want Cordi to be there for them. She tells him that everything she did with the necklace wasn’t his fault, she did that on her own. He tells her about the dream, and she tells Cordi that there is no version where his being gone is better, it’s just a different type of pain and she still needs him. She goes into her desk and gets out the letters and gives them back to him, telling him they didn’t read them.

Back at the ranch, Cordi is prepping for Auggie’s party and Geri comes in and tells him that they got the go-ahead for the second Side Step. Cordi tells Geri that he hasn’t been the best partner, and she deserves the best. She tells him that things took a turn with everything and the kids, and the grief from Hoyt came back and Cordi wasn’t there — and he says he hates that he wasn’t there. She says there’s always going always be another big case, and Cordi tries to say no, but she said he can’t promise that — she just wants him to come to her if and when that happens.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

The Lieutenant Interview

At Trey’s apartment, he’s practicing answering questions for the Lieutenant interview.

Cassie comes out of her room and has coffee with Geri, and asks how Cordi is doing. Kelly arrives, and the girls have a morning together watching TV. Later, Ben comes over and cooks for Cassie, being a shoulder for her to lean on.

Ben helps Cassie prepare for the Lieutenant interview, and the show interstitches it with her and Trey’s actual interview, too. As they wait afterward, Cassie thinks she doesn’t do well in the interview, and Trey tries to reassure her.

Later, Larry finds Cassie and congratulates her, she got the Lieutenant position. She asks why, and he says it’s because they saw how great of a Ranger she was even on her worst days.

Larry arrives at Trey’s apartment to tell him about the news, and Trey understands; he knows Cassie has more experience, and he’s grateful for the opportunity and will continue working hard.

Auggie’s Party

The Walker family gets ready for Auggie’s party, and they talk about college; Auggie applied to a bunch of places and got in everywhere — they specifically name Michigan, Harvard, etc. Cordi brings up wanting to take a family vacation with the kids and asks them if they’d be okay if Geri came, too. The kids seem excited and say yes.

Later that night at the party, everyone is outside celebrating as Trey DJs. August’s middle name is announced as Edward, and Liam says, “Emily was just a really big Twilight fan.” Sadie is also seen at the party.

Cordi tells Trey to cut the music and gives a speech. He talks about how proud he is of Auggie and the family, and how grateful he is. Bonham and Abeline approached him afterward, and Bonham joked that he learned his speech giving from him. Abeline says that a few years ago, they gave him the farmhouse as a place to “weather the storm,” but that he finally turned it into a home.

Cassie and Trey talk at the party, and he tells her he’s not “salty” over the position. He tells her that she has the support of all of them there, especially him. She jokes about Trey partnering with Cordi, and it’s a sweet moment between the two.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

Inside, Geri, Sadie, and Stella all sit around the fireplace. Sadie says she should have come to Geri sooner with everything and shouldn’t have left Stella hanging for so long. Geri says the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, and Sadie says she was smart enough to surround herself with Walkers. Geri asks both girls if they want to work at the Side Step, seeing that it’s a family business.

Liam enters the house and finds Ben, and eventually stumbles out that he thinks they should move in together. Ben agrees.

In the dining room, Bonham is looking out at the party when Abeline enters. She says if anyone has earned a celebration, it’s this family. Bonham says it’s meant a lot to be there for them through everything. He also tells her that he can sell the boat, but she says she wasn’t saying he had to do that. He said he wanted to see her out on it just once. She also said that it was never her intention to abandon him during their retirement. She doesn’t want to do the day-to-day, she just wants to oversee it and “meddle”. Bonham says they could keep the boat and use it for the business.

Outside, Cordi asks Geri about the vacation with the kids. Geri says she likes it, and she loves them and asks how he’s going to pull it off.

The next day, Liam and Ben leave the Ranch to look at places, and Liam gets a phone call from the Governor. He tells Ben that he needs his help, and an SUV pulls up to pick up Liam.

Cassie and Cordell

Cassie enters Ranger HQ to a round of applause as she enters her new office. Cordell enters, and the two have a small conversation — he tells her how he lost his way, but he’s here now to tell her he’s sorry. She thanks him and says the job didn’t have to be like this. She said it’s going to be hard for her to forget, and Cordi says time doesn’t heal everything, he knows that.

He also gives her a letter, since he reports to her now, and asks for a leave of absence for the summer. Cassie approves, and she’s glad he’s doing it. He says he’ll do everything he can to be a better colleague and friend.

Cassie unpacks her office, pulling out a Hawk’s Shadow box set, among other things. She also finds the note that Luna wrote her at the karaoke bar, and hangs it on the corkboard on the wall.

Rebecca Brenneman/The CW

See You Sometime

Liam and Stella give Sadie a hug goodbye as they load the truck with their luggage. Bonham and Abeline are seen out on the boat, cheering a drink as they enjoy their time on the lake.

Cordi has his luggage and is ready to leave, as he stops and looks at a photo on the fireplace — one of him, Emily, Geri, and Hoyt. He pulls out a box out of his pocket, which looks like an engagement ring box. Geri comes and interrupts him and he quickly puts it back in his pocket as the two head out.

They all take off in the truck, and a truck pulls up the road — the new neighbors. Stella asks to put some music on, and she hits play as the four of them drive off.

The Neighbor

Pulling up to the Walker ranch is the new neighbor. He knocks on the door but no one answers, and he leaves a basket of soaps with a note. The camera pans up, and it’s James Van der Beek. The camera pans away, and that’s how the episode ends.

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