‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 3 “Lessons From the Gift Shop”


Walker kicks off its third episode with August attending the boot camp after-school program with Trey, Cordell, and Geri taking a new step in their relationship, and Sadie returning to town with an epic cliffhanger with her and Stella.

Let’s dive into what happened on this week’s episode of Walker.

Cassie and Geri Roomates

The episode starts with Cassie and Geri sit in the dining room together, drinking coffee and talking about their new living situation. Cassie hands Geri a box of jars, one of which contains what looks like a bunch of broken pieces of a coffee mug.

Cordi, Trey, and Liam

Cordell, Liam, and Trey are all eating at the Side Step. Cordell talks to them about Geri, and says that he hasn’t told her “I love you,” yet. Cordell says it’s not that simple, and they argue that it is. Trey suggests giving her a drawer in his dresser to show his commitment.

Liam tries to bring up Stella to Cordell and that she might be struggling, but Cordi tells Liam he’s making progress in giving the kids space, and that Stella will come to them if she needs them.

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August’s Boot Camp

August is at home eating breakfast with Abeline and Bonham, getting ready for his first day at boot camp. They talk about Augie going through his things for the fundraiser at Ranger HQ.

At boot camp, Augie arrives late and Trey is hard on him, correcting how Augie addresses him as he gets everyone to run. Bonham is there and also looks on. After the session is over, Trey lets Augie know that behavior like that will not fly in the service. Augie apologizes to Trey about it. Bonham goes to talk to Trey, and he tells Trey that if he needs a hand he’d love to help.

Bonham tells Abeline about Augie’s training camp. Augie comes through with a whole wagon full of his old instruments, and Abeline questions what he is selling. Augie says he’s sure that he wants to get rid of it, and that it’s all stuff and he needs to focus on boot camp.

Augie cleans up at the fundraiser, and he tells Trey about selling his instruments and that they were distractions. Trey tries to talk to Augie that he doesn’t need to get rid of all of his things, and with a few vinyl albums left, Augie tells someone the rest is not for sale.

Stella and the Return of Sadie

Stella is having nightmares again, and in her dream we get a flashback with Sadie and Stella agreeing to lie to say they didn’t know who Witt was. Liam comes in, and he tells them what is going to happen next when the police come.

In present day, Stella is jolted awake by a knock on the door, and she opens it to find Sadie. She shows Sadie the message still on the window, but Sadie clears it and tells her it’s nothing.

Sadie and Stella end up at the Side Step, and Stella continues to tell her that she doesn’t think it was a prank, and that Witt targeted them for a reason and the message is connected.

As they go to leave, and get into Stella’s car they notice a smell, and there’s liquid all over the car — it’s gasoline. There is also a box of matches with a red bird on it, and a folded picture of Witt is also in the car, emulating the way Witt died.

The girls stay at the Side Step and Sadie tried looking up Uncle Mike, but didn’t find much. Stella tells Sadie that she promised her family she would help at the fundraiser at Ranger HQ. Sadie agrees to go with her, too.

At the fundraiser, Stella and Sadie get nervous about a guy sitting in a car that has been there for a while, but turns out he’s just a food delivery driver waiting for someone else.

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Cassie and Liam

Cassie and Liam arrive at her storage unit and go through some of her things, and they get distracted and start playing a board game (if you look closely, one of the game pieces on the board is a mini Impala.. love that Supernatural reference!)

Liam also talks to Cassie about Stella struggling, and Cassie tries to give Liam advice to back off a bit. They continue to go through Cassie’s things, and Liam finds a Hawk’s Shadow box set, and a poster for Bot Fights.

At the fundraiser, Liam surprises Cassie with tickets to Bot Fights, and she asks Liam to go with her.

Three Words

Cordi talks Geri into his room and shows him the empty drawer he cleared for her. Cordi gets nervous and starts rambling, saying it’s stupid, but Geri calms him down and tells him it’s perfect. There are a bunch of clothes on the bed and he tells her he trusts her judgement and that she’ll handle it.

Later, Cordi enters the room and Geri has sorted through all of the clothes. Cordi asks about a specific shirt — a South Padre Island shirt — and Geri said if it wasn’t destroyed, she donated some shirts. Cordi gets visibly upset, saying that Emily got it for him, and walks out on Geri.

Later at the ranch, Cordi goes to talk to Abeline about what’s going on with Geri and the shirt. Abeline tells him to just breathe, that you can know someone and not know everything, and that you can experience something together and not have the same experience. Abeline tells Cordi about the importance of communication, and the chapter with him and Emily and Geri and Hoyt does not exist in any one thing, it exists in how they carry those memories.

At Ranger HQ during the fundraiser, Geri is waiting inside for Cordi. She apologizes for everything, and Cordi actually apologizes and explains his reaction. Cordi asks Geri if she had a similar item with Hoyt, and she says yes — and it’s the coffee mug we see at the beginning of the episode in the jar — and Cordi realizes he broke it, and Geri didn’t say anything. Geri says they need to talk about these things because she wants him to know everything.

Cordi starts to ramble, and Geri grabs his hands to calm him down, and Cordi tells Geri he loves her. Geri tells Cordi that she loves him, too. Later at Cordell’s place, Geri sees the coffee mug glued back together, with a note that says, “I want you to know everything, too.”

After everything, Cassie, Cordi, and Trey are back at the station, and Trey and Cordi clue Cassie in on The Jackal and how they’re keeping it from Larry.

That night at the Side Step, Stella and Sadie go to get back in Stella’s car. As they sit down, a gun is heard, and — surprise, it’s Witt. He’s alive! He tells the girls to drive.

Walker airs Wednesday nights at 8/7c on The CW.

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