Product Review: Drop + ‘The Lord of the Rings’ Rohan Keyboard Brings Some of Middle-earth to the Office


Who doesn’t want a little piece of Middle-earth planted on their work desk? I know I do. Look no further, Drop has launched another The Lord of the Rings keyboard collab, bringing the realm of Rohan right to your fingertips, quite literally.

As someone who sits and types a lot throughout the day and then sits down to play a little Stardew Valley to unwind, keyboards are a big part of my day. I’m also someone who really enjoys the ASMR effect of keyboard keys, so ease of typing and how happy it makes my ears are two key elements for me. The keys make the perfect subdued tapping — not too loud, not too quiet — and they’re buttery smooth as you tap away. It’s a great size, too. I’ve typically used longer keyboards in the past, but I find myself enjoying this slightly more compact design.

The backlight on the Aldburg version is there, but not really impressive. But backlighting just isn’t a huge thing for me, if it’s there, great, if it’s not, fine. From other reviews, it seems the Edoras version is better suited for the backlight.

The setup was a breeze on my iMac desktop. It does require a wire connection, which I prefer, and it was as simple as plugging it in and clicking through a couple of prompts that popped up. However, I can’t attest to how it would function on a Windows computer, but I assume it’s just as simple (aren’t Macs usually the problem child?). With the newer version of the iMac, though, it will require a converter as it is a USB-C to USB-A cord that is provided and these only have USB-C ports. I’m sure any USC-C to USB-C cable will work if you happen to have one, too. Mac users also note that the FN hotkeys work only with Windows systems.

The only thing that would complete this keyboard and make it absolutely perfect is a number pad. I love that side number pad and will likely find myself missing it the longer I use it. For my home computer, it’s not much of a loss, but if this was something I might be bringing to the office, I’d probably opt to use one with the pad.

I’m a huge The Lord of the Rings fan, and honestly, this keyboard was much better than I had anticipated. The details are perfect, the build is solid, and it’s easy and comfortable to use. It certainly makes the perfect gift for the LOTR fanatic in your life, and the price is more than fair for the quality of the item. I mean, it would be on my birthday wishlist, and probably Eomer’s, too.

Arise Typers of Théoden!!

Drop/Middle-earth Enterprises LLC


  • 87 keys 
  • Layout: TKL
  • Case: Green or Brown Anodized Aluminum ENTR Case
  • Pad-printed case artwork (by OSHETART)
  • Keycaps: DCD Rohan Keycap Set (with novelties by OSHETART including galloping horses, a cavalry helmet, the beacons of Minas Tirith, and iconography from Anglo Saxon culture: an inspiration for Rohan.)
  • Keycap material: Dye-sublimated PBT
  • Switches: Holy Panda X Switches
  • Drop Phantom Stabilizers
  • White backlighting 
  • Connectivity: USB-C

The keyboard comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, a keycap puller, and a three-year warranty.

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