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A Letter to Comic-Con HQ: Renew Kings of Con

Dear Comic-Con HQ, As a follow-up to our article exclaiming why we believe Kings of Con Needs (and Deserves) a Second Season, we are writing with a simple request: please renew Kings of Con. We have been singing the praises of Kings of Con since the show’s beginning. The comedic...

DC Announces “Wonder Woman Day” for June 3!

DC Comics posted on Twitter that Wonder Woman day would be on June 3, 2017. — DC (@DCComics) February 16, 2017 No other details have been released, so stay tuned. Make sure to celebrate Wonder Woman on June 3!

New “Louden Swain” T-Shirts Available!

Louden Swain has released a few new t-shirts! The band now has a No Time Like The Present design, featuring the band’s faces, the Saturday Night Special ’17, featuring hands made into a heart and Cali Wine, with the band’s name in a rose color with the lyrics “you stain...