‘Shangri-La Frontier’ Renewed For Season 2


Sunraku and Emul will continue their adventures in Shangri-La Frontier season 2!

Shangri-La Frontier follows Rakuro Hizotume a.k.a Sunraku, a self-proclaimed trash game expert, as he steps into the god-tier game Shangri-La Frontier. The skills he developed playing the bugged, glitching crappy games makes him a force to be reckoned with on the smooth servers of SLF, and he finds himself discovering unique scenarios that put a bullseye (and a cute rabbit) on his back. He teams up with some former fellow gamers, and they take on some of the biggest, baddest monsters the world has to offer.

The second season will consist of another two cour run beginning this October. The 25-episode first season from C2C is available in subtitles and dubbed on Crunchyroll.

For those wanting a jump start on season 2, the manga is available in physical print.

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