5 Ways You Can Prep for the “Supernatural” Season 12 Premiere Tonight

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In honor of Supernaturals season 12 premiere, we at  Nerds and Beyond are celebrating with a ton of Supernatural articles to help get everyone pumped for tonight’s episode. Not that you guys even need help with that – we’re as excited for today as we were on one of favorite holidays, Supernatural Day!

Even Con*Quest Journals has joined the hype as they have launched new and official Supernatural journals, stickers, and more – oh my! We definitely recommend you checking them out.

So far, we have written about the return of Mary Winchester and have listed fan favorite episodes from season 11, but now we want to list 5 ways you can prep for tonight’s season 12 premiere.

  1. Catch up on or re-watch episodes from season 11 – Now that Supernatural‘s season 11 is available on Netflix, fans have the perfect opportunity to catch up on (or watch it again to refresh your memory) the last season as you wait on tonight’s new episode. Don’t have NetflixSupernatural‘s season 11 is also available on Blu-Ray & DVD.
  2. Check out season 12’s promos – As we eagerly await to see how the Winchester brothers will handle the return of their mother and the Men of Letters, we think it’s a good idea to check out the promos to get a feel of what might occur this season. We recommend watching the trailer again and checking out some of the promo images released on Twitter.
  3. Treat yourself to some Supernatural merchandise – Whether you are shopping at the stores or browsing online, today is the day to treat yourself to some cool Supernatural goodies, such as the Con*Quest Journals merchandise or shirts for a charitable campaign supported/created by the Supernatural stars themselves. Or even some really cool character themed jewelry by Eldwenne’s Fantasy.
  4. Enjoy a Supernatural themed dinner – If you ever wanted an excuse to eat like a Winchester (as if you even needed an excuse), today is your day. You could even invite your friends and cosplay as your favorite characters while enjoying a delicious bacon cheeseburger or salad – you could even serve pie for dessert!
  5. Host or attend a Supernatural viewing party – Why not watch tonight’s episode with your friends and other Supernatural fans by hosting (or attending) a viewing party? It would give you the perfect chance to discuss fan theories or what your favorite episodes are, or even fan-girl over tonight’s episode during the commercials. You could grab a soda and some popcorn (or perhaps some pudding) and share the experience of season 12’s premiere together. After all, Supernatural has the most powerful fandom in TV; we’ are proof that family doesn’t end in blood.

We hope you enjoy these ideas as you get ready for tonight’s episode! Of course, there are a ton of other things to do as you wait, such as checking out some incredible fan art or reading up on our exclusive interviews with Supernatural writer Robbie Thompson and actor Richard Speight Jr. (Gabriel).

How are you prepping for tonight’s episode?


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