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Interview: Executive Producer and Writer Robbie Thompson Talks ‘The Winchesters’ [EXCLUSIVE]

Robbie Thompson, writer and executive producer on The Winchesters, is an alumni

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‘The Winchesters’: Jensen Ackles and Robbie Thompson Talk Lessons From ‘Supernatural’

The cast and executive producers of The CW's The Winchesters were part

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‘The Winchesters’: ‘Supernatural’ Prequel Ordered to Pilot

The CW has ordered a pilot for The Winchesters, a Supernatural prequel,

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‘Supernatural’ Prequel Ordered by The CW

A prophet once said, "No doubt, endings are hard. But then again... nothing

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Robbie Thompson to Write Script for Untitled James Wan Monster Movie

Calling all horror, sci-fi, and Supernatural fans! A new monster movie is

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‘Meet the Skrulls’ #1-5 Collection on Sale for Only $2.99!

The collection of Meet the Skrulls issues #1-5 in on sale at

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Robbie Thompson Joins ‘Teen Titans’ Creative Team as Co-Writer

Since 2015, Thompson has been involved in various Marvel and DC comics

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