Eldwenne’s Fantasy – The Fandom Jewelry You NEED!

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A few months ago, we shared our review of Con*Quest Journals, a company where you can buy journals for conventions to log your photos, autographs and memories. They often have booths at Creation’s Supernatural conventions and the owners are really helpful and engaging.

Another company that also often has a booth at Supernatural conventions is Eldwenne’s Fantasy. Eldwenne’s Fantasy is handmade jewelry, inspired by different shows/movies, including Supernatural. We loved the jewelry so much that we knew we had to share it!

The owner, Jodi Zulueta, answered a few questions about how she got started and her favorite pieces:

How did you get started?
I’ve been making jewelry ever since I was a little girl. I would take jewelry apart and put it back together the way I thought it should look.I love the way it feels to take a bunch of raw material and transform it into something else.

What I love even more about what I do now is the fact that it’s a way of combining my two loves: jewelry and nerding out!

I had never considered making pieces inspired by my obsessions until I became a Supernatural fan in January 2013 (late bloomer, I know). Once I started doing jewelry in that direction, my creativity and passion seemed to explode and I haven’t looked back since. Now I also do other fandoms including OUAT, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and many more coming up including Star Trek!

What are some of your favorite pieces?
My personal favorites are Baby’s Badassery (which comes in a Mini version as well) and my recent quirky ones like “Castiel’s Head Tilt”, “Dean’s Single Man Tear” and “Sam’s Bitch Face”. I started to experiment using copper wire and other colors and it’s been very liberating.

Castiel's Head Tilt
Castiel’s Head Tilt
Sam's Bitch Face
Sam’s Bitch Face
Dean's Single Man Tear
Dean’s Single Man Tear
Baby's Badassery
Baby’s Badassery

Another personal favorite has to be “The Bond of Team Free Will.” That piece is a labor of love and I think it truly encapsulates the emotions I was trying to convey.

The Bond of Team Free Will
The Bond of Team Free Will

Do you have any new pieces coming up that you can share with us?
I have SO many upcoming pieces planned – I just started doing Minis and Micro Minis – Minis are smaller versions of some of my larger pieces, such as Castiel’s Grace, The Tenacity of Dean Winchester, The Soul of Sam Winchester, etc.

The Micro Minis are even smaller versions. Look out for more Minis and Micro Minis, as well as my brand new series I just launched today called, “Bobby Singer’s Pantry”.

Bobby Singer's Pantry
Bobby Singer’s Pantry

We really love the designs, as well as the way she ties them into the characters. She’s one of the most beloved companies on the convention circuit and you can see her passion for what she makes.

Make sure to check out her jewelry at Eldwenne’s Fantasy as well as following her on Twitter for all of the latest news on any new pieces!

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