It’s ‘Supernatural’ Day! See Our 10 Favorite Episodes!

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Today has been declared Supernatural day, so we’re bringing you the list of our favorite episodes! The episodes are compiled from two of our writers, Kayla and Taylor and why they love these episodes the most! Supernatural is about to embark on their 12th season, which is the longest running show on The CW.

1. Mystery Spot – Season 3

Kayla: This episode was one of the first episodes of the show I saw and it always stuck with me. It was funny even though it really wasn’t supposed to be. Sam was living his worst nightmare over and over and over. But the ways that Dean was dying were so over the top that you couldn’t help but laugh. Plus, it has become an iconic episode in the fandom, Tuesday’s catchphrase is “Pig ‘n a Poke.”

2. What Is and What Should Never Be – Season 2

Taylor: In this episode, we see how it could have been like for the Winchester brothers if their mother had never died. While the episode itself is very interesting, the part that really got me was the ending. Dean could have had what would have felt like a lifetime of everything he as ever wanted. Rather than giving into the Djinn’s powers, Dean ultimately chooses to wake himself up from his greatest wish in order to save the girl who had also fallen victim to the Djinn.

3. Changing Channels – Season 5

Kayla: Another episode involving the Trickster / Gabriel. Again, this was an episode that had a very serious undertone, but was laced with humor. Gabriel throws the boys into these alternate universes – TV shows filled with clichés – telling the boys they need to learn to “play their roles.” And though his point is serious, apocalypse serious, he sends Sam and Dean through these deranged situations and straight out of a poorly written sitcom.

Taylor: Gabriel is definitely one of my favorite characters and while I love every episode he has appeared in, this is by far my favorite. This is the one episode that can make someone laugh until they cry. All jokes aside, this is actually a pretty interesting episode. We get to learn Gabriel’s true identity and the reason for all of his shenanigans against Sam and Dean.

4. Lazarus Rising – Season 4

Kayla: This is a huge turning point in the show. Dean is back from one of the – in my opinion – most gruesome deaths in the show. It doesn’t get much worse than being ripped to shreds by demonic attack dogs. The good thing is he’s back from hell. While we didn’t know why, we were just glad to see him back. (Yay!) And, this is the first appearance for Ruby 2.0 as well as Castiel. THIS was the episode that was a HUGE turning point in the show.

5. The French Mistake – Season 6

Taylor: If there is one thing I can admire about Supernatural, it would be how many times it has broken the fourth wall. While this occurrence has taken place several times throughout the series, one of my favorite times is when Sam and Dean find themselves in an alternate reality on the set of “Supernatural” – a show about their lives. What makes it even better is that Sam and Dean must act as if they are Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles as they try to make their way back to their own world.

6. Song Remains the Same – Season 5

No matter how many times I watch this episode, always tears me up. Sam gets to see and spend time with his parents (namely Mary) more than he has in his whole life. He gets to tell John how he feels, which is something he couldn’t when he was alive. But what always gets me, is when Dean and Sam tell Mary to leave John. Because rather than have her die, they would rather have never been born. And, the episode ends with yet another iconic bit – the affirmation of Team Free Will.

7. There’s No Place Like Home – Season 10

Taylor: Of course I had to include a Charlie-filled episode in this list! She is my favorite female character – I even named my cat after her. This episode means a lot to me as it shows that no matter what we will always have good and bad inside us. In my opinion, it also teaches us that we need both good and bad inside of us in order to live life; however, we should always remain level-headed and do what is right.

8. Don’t Call Me Shurley – Season 11

Kayla: This was the last episode for one of the best writers Supernatural has ever seen. Robbie Thompson knocked this out of the park. There was so much about this that I loved. Obviously, after seasons and years of speculation we FINALLY had real confirmation that Chuck was God. Also, this was one of the first episodes that I didn’t completely hate Metatron’s guts. We also got closure with the mystery of the Samulet – where it was and why it didn’t glow / light up in Chuck’s presence. The closing of the episode was spectacular – Rob Benedict’s performance of “Fare Thee Well” was breathtaking.

9. Love Hurts – Season 11

Taylor: What is your deepest, darkest desire? What would you do if it were out to get you? These are the questions that entered my mind as I watched this “lovely” episode. This episode is what really made me first think about Dean’s connection with Amara and the directions it ran.

10. Fan Fiction – Season 10

This episode was the show’s 200th episode! Sam and Dean uncover that Supernatural: The Musical is being played and a great episode ensues. The version of “Carry On My Wayward Son” is a perfect way to wrap up the end of this episode.

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