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Why Supernatural Has the Most Powerful Fandom in TV

THE CWSUPERNATURALWhy Supernatural Has the Most Powerful Fandom in TV

Supernatural is a show that is going into it’s twelfth season this fall and with their powerful fandom behind them, there’s no doubt why. The fandom, which most likes to be called the Supernatural family, is by far the most powerful fan group in television right now.

Supernatural fans band together – they create groups that support each other, they raise money for charity and overall, they show their love and support for their favorite show.

The best part is that the cast and crew loves them and supports them right back.

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Jared Padalecki, who plays Sam Winchester, launched Always Keep Fighting, a movement that has launched many campaigns to raise money and awareness with those with mental illness, anxiety, depression and more. That movement sparked something special in the Supernatural family – fans were banding together to realize that they weren’t alone and that there were other people who shared a common interest to help them through those times. The campaign sold t-shirts and other items with a special design on them and raised a lot of money for charity.

Jensen Ackles, who plays Dean Winchester and Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, launched You Are Not Alone, a campaign similar to Jared’s to help people and remind them they are not alone.

Briana Buckmaster, who plays Sheriff Donna and Kim Rhodes who plays Sheriff Jody, teamed up with Wayward Daughters to launch Wayward Daughters and Wayward AF, which supports Random Acts’ Dreams 2 Acts Nicaragua project and is a movement to help with empowerment.

There’s been many other campaigns within the fandom, and it’s an amazing thing to see a group of people come together and support each other.

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The campaigns aren’t the only thing, though. There’s Supernatural conventions, which are hosted all around North America and attract thousands of visitors each year. The conventions consist of many cast members traveling and getting to interact with the Supernatural family. A film about the fans of Supernatural was made, which shows the passion and love that the fans have for each other and their show.

There’s the also the fact that no matter what task this family gets asked to do – they deliver and they deliver in mass amounts.

At last year’s Comic-Con, fans made and passed around small LED candles that said “Always Keep Fighting” and together, while the cast was in Hall H at their panel, held them up and chanted. Jared documented this on his twitter, which you can see below:

This year, while doing a panel for NerdHQ, Mark Sheppard (who plays Crowley), summed up his experience with the Supernatural family and the show:

“..Supernatural is bigger than just us, or what we do, or what is made. We go out there and we do all of these incredible conventions and we go all over the world.. the things that you guys do, behind what we do and ahead of what we do…it’s mind blowing. It’s so humbling to see not only my co-stars and what they do and what they put out into the world, which I’m so proud of them and in awe of the amount of energy and positivity that they put out there, But what you guys do with it. And it’s just fantastic to think that this show is a catalyst…it’s not just because of the show, it’s because of you. The show is used.. it’s the sort of glue that kind of holds it together in a way, and you do such fantastic and beautiful things. It’s a harsh world. It’s a nasty world out there right now. And I watch groups of people coming together to do nothing else but be kind to each other and love each other in the name of Supernatural.”

This family, along with the cast and crew, is the reason why this show is so successful and there’s a reason why Supernatural keeps going, becoming the longest running series on The CW.

Earlier today, we asked the Supernatural family that if they could describe in three words, what Supernatural meant to them, or how Supernatural helped them, what would they be? The response was incredible and the answers speak for themselves.

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  1. We are the SPN Family! It’s starts with love from the cast of the show…and continues on through the fans! From AKF to YANA to GISHWES to Random Acts… we show our love for the show, the world and one another BECAUSE of this show! A creepy, scary, funny, heartwarming, heartBREAKING TV show that we JUST CAN’T STOP WATCHING!

  2. This wonderful family started by watching two young guys in a show called Supernatural. Sam and Dean Winchester. The Cast grew, the fans fell in love with each cast member. But as story lines go…so do characters. They are always a part of the Supernatural Family though. Once you are in you are in. We watched the show characters evolve as we watched the young actors become men with wives and children. We took joy in both. They share snippets of their family life. That is rare in this day.
    At every convention the cast makes certain to let “us” the fans know they are considered part of a bigger picture…the Supernatural Family. As such we all are there for each other, we form bonds, meet each other at conventions. The personal bonds we share are because many can relate to problems others face, but one bond we all share is our love for the cast, crew, and show Supernatural. Family don’t end with blood! #Always Keep Fighting #You are Never Alone # I Matter.
    Jared Padalecki bravely told everyone that he battles his own mental demons with depression and mental illness. To see Jensen Ackles stand by Jared like a brother and always be there for him gave each of us hope. The cast and crew all stood behind him, because it is often an everyday fight. Jared encourages “us” the fans and we encourage him.
    I have never cared so much about a show, the fans, and cast ever. This is a lifelong family and Jared and Jensen make that clear to all of us at every convention they attend. Each cast member is a star; Each a piece of my heart.
    The whole cast devotes time, effort, and run campaigns for many different causes World Wide. This is a family I am so proud to be a part of. I don’t believe there has been one like it, and I don’t believe there ever will be.
    This is why Supernatural has a big and active fanbase, which continues to grow. It means a lot when they give the fans respect, compassion, and understanding. They make us feel special and tell us we are important. Always a Fan, Lisa

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