Survival Board Game ‘Zombicide’ Announces Three ‘Supernatural: Join The Hunt’ Character Packs


CMON, creator of popular survival board game Zombicide, has announced three new character expansions from the Supernatural universe.

Zombicide is a cooperative card and miniature game that puts players in control of “Survivors” who’ve lived through the zombie hordes — so far. They must work together, completing objectives in each mission if they want to live much longer. With each zombie kill, they grow stronger, but the zombies come in greater numbers.

There will be three character packs available in the Supernatural release. Pack #3 is a pre-order exclusive at

Gamemaker CMON describes the pack expansion as:

The Winchesters are Humanity’s Best Hope to Stop the Zombie Hordes!

Demons, devils, and other supernatural creatures are intent on destroying humankind. How appropriate is it then that the zombies managed to it? If there’s any hope of survival, the Winchester brothers have to put an end to the undead menace.

Sam and Dean were raised to hunt and kill all things that go “bump in the night.” It is no surprise then that when the zombie apocalypse broke loose the brothers jumped into the opportunity of some good old zombicide!

Pre-order the bundle to get the bonus pack with the Castiel Survivor, Archangel Michael Abomination, and Crowley, who doubles as Survivor and Abomination.

Each of the packs contains the following:

Pack #1
Supernatural Pack #1 gives Zombicide 2nd Edition players four new characters to use. Sam and Dean Winchester are Survivors, while the Alpha Vampire and Wendigo are Abominations. With figures, ID cards, Equipment cards, Abomination cards, and special rules cards, this pack is ready to add to any game of Zombicide 2nd edition.

Pack #2
If there’s any hope of survival, Jack Kline, John Winchester, and Bobby Singer must fight not only zombies but beasts such as the Leviathan. Only powerful artifacts such as the Angel Blade and the ancient Ruby Knife stand a chance of battling evil back into submission. In this Pack, Jack Kline, John Winchester, and Bobby Singer are Survivors, while the Leviathan is an Abomination.

Pack #3
In this bonus pack, exclusive to those who pre-order the bundle, Castiel and the highly unstable Crowley must fight not only zombies but villains like Archangel Michael. Powerful artifacts will aid their battle, such as the Archangel Blade, and the mythical First Blade. Castiel and Crowley are Survivors, while Archangel Michael and Crowley (pulling double duty) are Abominations.

The expected release date for the Supernatural: Join the Hunt packs is July 21, 2023. They are available for pre-order now at, or in-store post-release wherever good board games are sold!

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