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We recently got the chance to ask Richard Speight Jr. a few questions about his role in The Evil Gene, as well as Supernatural. Richard is most known for his role as The Trickster / Gabriel in The CW’s Supernatural, but has appeared in many films and television shows.

He often hosts Creation Entertainment‘s Supernatural conventions with fellow Supernatural alum Rob Benedict. The two are also in Kings of Con, a comedy series set at fan conventions, which will air on Comic-Con HQ.

See our interview below!

Nerds and Beyond: Can you tell us more about “The Evil Gene” and your character in it?

Richard Speight Jr.: “The Evil Gene” is very fun, tight psychological thriller that challenges the notion of being born evil. Is that true? Can it be scientifically proven? Tracked? Policed? And all the while, there is a murder to solve. There’s a lot going on here. I play Griff Krenshaw, a mess of an FBI agent who is sent to a prison housing inmates deemed to be genetically evil to unravel a murder, and in the process he begins to come unravelled himself. He tries to stay professional, but the madness swirling around him in this dark place challenges him in ways he is not equipped to handle. What at first was a simple investigation quickly becomes Griff’s desperate battle to hold on to his sanity.

Nerds and Beyond: What drew you to the role of Griff in The Evil Gene – was it the story, the character, etc.?

Richard: Both. For an indie film, it was tackling some very challenging issues, both from a social perspective and from a filmmaking perspective. I liked that a lot. The script was clever and had a point. And Griff is a complex man trying to navigate an even more complex world. That made him an exciting character to inhabit.

Nerds and Beyond: You are often the host of the Supernatural conventions. What’s your favorite part about hosting and attending those conventions?

Richard: Being with my buddies on the road. I count Rob Benedict, Matt Cohen, the boys in the band Louden Swain, and many other folks on the con tour as my really good friends. Together, we’ve crafted the world we all now work in, and we get to travel from town to town to bring fun to people and enjoy the fruits of our labor. The audiences are happy, we’re happy. It’s freakin’ Disneyland, only powered by Satan.

Nerds and Beyond: There’s rumors that you’re going to direct two episodes in Supernatural this upcoming season. You’ve directed Supernatural in the past. What’s your favorite thing about being back on set and behind the camera?

Richard: Working with that crew. I’ve directed one episode of TV. They’ve made close to 300. Every day on that set is like going to film school with the coolest, smartest, nicest, and funniest people you know. Directing “Supernatural” is an unbelievably challenging job that is made unbelievably fun by the folks with whom I get to work and from whom I get to learn.

Nerds and Beyond: Kings of Con is supposed to come out soon. Is there anything you can share with us or perhaps something you’re excited for fans to see?

Richard: I’m excited for them to se the whole thing! Fellow “Supernatural” alumn Rob Benedict and I have been working like crazy people on this show for a long time and are super proud of it. For those who don’t know, “Kings of Con” is a single camera comedy series set behind the scenes at fan conventions, where the craziest people in the room are always the actors paid to be there. I co-created, co-wrote and star in it with Rob. It launches this November on a new premium digital network powered by Lionsgate and Comic-Con called Comic-Con HQ (go to – or just download the Comic-Con HQ app). It’s a comedy for anyone who loves comedy, whether they’ve been to a convention or not. So go get the app and watch!

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