Supernatural: Fan Favorite Episodes of Season 11

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In a few short hours the 12th season of the CW’s hit show Supernatural will premiere and in celebration, we asked a few fans what their favorite episodes of season 11 were and why.

Not surprisingly, a stand out was Episode 4 – written by Robbie Thompson -“Baby“. This was a highly anticipated episode of the season because of the way it was filmed – entirely from the perspective of Dean’s beloved Impala.

Michelle: It shows the boys from a different perspective, that of the car that has been their home and their foundation for eleven years. It gives us a look into other other half of their lives that we don’t always see in the regular episodes of the show. And it’s nice to see those quiet moments. It also managed to have a good dose of comedy to make it fun as well as sentimental. It had throwbacks to the monster-of-the-week episodes that we fell in love with in the beginning, and Dean trying to make up silly names for monsters.

Jana: Baby was shot in a whole new way, and gave us a completely different view of the boy’s life. The shot of them sleeping in the car with the camera panning down was a favorite.

Episode 7 “Plush” also made the list. In this episode we saw the return of fan favorite Briana Buckmaster reprising her role as Sheriff Donna.

Ava: This episode was fantastic. I loved the way Briana and Jensen played off each other.

The eighth episode of this season we saw Richard Speight Jr. return to the set, this time behind the camera with his directing debut in “Just My Imagination”.

Ava: This episode was shot beautifully.

Jana: Sully telling Sam that he’s not Dean and he’s not his dad. That he’s Sam. I’m going to go cry now.

Another favorite – also written by Thompson – was Episode 11 “Into the Mystic”.

Ava: This episode because it shows us women can kick all sorts of ass.

“Don’t You Forget About Me” – Episode 12 – joins the list with Kim Rhodes, Kathryn Newton and Katherine Ramdeen returning to give fans a taste of the Wayward Daughters action they’d been craving for so long.

Niki: This episode has all you could ask for in an episode – humor, drama and of course family always having your back. Jody went through hell and back for Claire and Alex even if they always didn’t deserve it.

Ava: This was a Wayward Daughters episode. So good.

Out of all those we talked to, there was one clear cut stand out favorite episode of season 11. And that was Episode 20- “Don’t Call Me Shurley.” This is a very special episode because fans were finally given confirmation to the theory that Chuck Shurley – played by Rob Benedict – really was God all along. This was was also the final episode written by the beloved Robbie Thompson.

Paulina: The reintroduction of Chuck and the reveal that he is God. The monologue between him and Metatron was written beautifully. Metarton gave voice to the abandonment felt by humanity. And Rob’s rendition of ‘Fare Thee Well’ was beautiful.

Niki: Getting to hear all of God’s reasons for everything that has gone on and you find out that Sam kept the amulet all these years was very moving.

Season 11 was fantastic. The Winchesters were faced with arguably the toughest “big bad” in the show’s history. After all, you don’t get much stronger that God’s sister. We saw the return of old favorites, and made new ones. The episodes were laced with all the things fans have come to love and expect from this show over the years. We got new insights into the lives of the boys on the road, saw Misha Collins brilliantly portray Lucifer, as well as have several questions answered such as the fate of Kevin Tran, Chuck’s true identity, and what happened to the Samulet. The season closed out with one of the biggest cliff hangers we’ve seen in a while coupled with a very surprising twist leaving fans on bated breath for the next season. And now that wait is finally over, and with teasers of the newest season already having been released, season 12 is sure to have many standout episodes as well.

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