‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 5 “That Comment Tho”

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On this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Kim finds herself hyperfocused on an Instagram comment, and Bela is determined to get a solid in with Catullan. Meanwhile, the group decides to attend a party at Nico’s frat house. Read on to find out what happens in “That Comment Tho.”

No, Really. That Comment Though.

Kim shows Bela and Whitney the comment Nico left on her photo. They’re excited until Kim realizes Nico deleted it. Bela spins it into a good thing, and Kim vows not to overthink it. But, naturally, she does. She consults Canaan, who tries not to indulge her. However, Lila does and offers advice. Later, Kim then discusses it with Bela and Jocelyn. They can’t tell if Nico really likes her. So, Jocelyn suggests she talk to him at the frat party later. Kim needs to see how he flirts in person.

Locker Room Fiasco

sex lives of college girls episode 5

While Bela, Whitney, and Willow study in the library, one of the players from the men’s soccer team approaches them. Whitney clocks his very nice tracksuit, wondering why the women’s team didn’t get any. Willow tells her the men always have it better.

To prove this disparity, Whitney streams live on social media from the men’s locker room, which is WAY nicer than the women’s. Unfortunately, Whitney accidentally records some of the men… who happen to be stark naked. Coach Woods reprimands her. She benches Whitney for two games. Senator Chase disapproves. She video chats with Coach Woods, Whitney, and Dalton, upset that her daughter was punished. She changes her tune when Coach Woods tells her why.

Party People

At the women’s center, the group invites Leighton to a drag show. She declines and tells them about the party. The group in turn disapproves because they’ve been trying to get Greek life shut down. Leighton tries to tell them why frats aren’t that bad, and somehow manages to invite the group instead. She goes to tell Nico, who’s not thrilled. So, she goes back and tells the group they should go to the drag show. But it’s too late; they made a deal.

Meanwhile, Bela crashes a Catullan soiree. Her mingling isn’t going so great until she spots Ryan. He compliments her latest piece and offers to give her notes. She accepts, and everything is peachy. Well, until Ryan shows her a “funny” video that’s actually porn.

Women Do It Better

sex lives of college girls episode 5

During the party, Leighton meets up with Whitney and Kim, who’s still thinking about the comment. Bela arrives and tells them the soiree was fine… up until Ryan showed her the video. She brushes it off, but they think it’s pretty creepy.

A bit later, everyone’s vibing and having a good time. Whitney collides with the soccer guy from earlier. He gets snippy and claims men are better at sports and he’s probably faster than her. She challenges him to a run on the treadmills set-up in the room. The first one to hit one-mile wins. And our girl wins. Obviously.

Leighton and Alicia chat outside. A guy decides to pee right near them, which annoys Alicia. The guy calls her a homophobic slur, so she pushes him over and leaves. Leighton rushes after her. Alicia says it’s not the same; she’s queer but it’s easier for Leighton, who Alicia thinks is straight. Leighton tells her she’s wrong, then kisses her.

Some Ships Sail, but Others…

sex lives of college girls episode 5

Nico walks Kim back home. They chill on a bench and Kimberly rips the band-aid off. She asks about the comment. Nico admits he did delete it. He doesn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Meanwhile, things are going well for Leighton, too. She gets dressed after she and Alicia have sex. She plans to leave, but Alicia convinces her stay.

Whitney and Dalton talk, enjoying each other’s company. But then Dalton breaks up with her. And, yeah, it’s partially because of the meeting with Senator Chase. Whitney wants to know what happens now; Dalton can’t just go home to his wife. He confesses he never told her. And Whitney shouldn’t tell anyone either.

The first five episodes of The Sex Lives of College Girls are streaming now on HBO Max. Episodes 6-8 release next Thursday, December 2. Keep up with our recaps and other coverage here.

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