Fandom Gift Guides: ‘Criminal Minds’ Edition

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The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start hunting for gifts. Here at Nerds & Beyond, we know that while shopping for gifts might be fun, it can also be stressful. So Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, through November, we’ll be sharing gift ideas inspired by our favorite fandoms.

Today we’re wheels up with the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit, but instead of hunting a serial killer, we’re searching for the best gifts for the Criminal Minds fan on your list.


WanderFreeDesigns on Etsy

There are few things as cozy as cuddling up in a sweatshirt and watching your favorite show. So why not get your Criminal Minds fan a Criminal Minds sweatshirt to wear while they watch? You can grab an official B.A.U. hoodie from CBS, or if they’re more of a visual person, you can find a crewneck featuring the whole team here. You can even get specialty embroidered sweatshirts from the show, like this one with one of Spencer Reid’s best moments or this “wheels up” one.

Phone Case

CaseCultureStudio on Etsy

Everyone has a phone these days, and with how often we use them, they are the perfect place to celebrate fandom. For Criminal Minds fans, you can go the official CBS route and grab a phone case to match the official B.A.U. sweatshirt from earlier, or you can head to Etsy for cases featuring your choice of B.A.U. team members. Or, if they’re like me and Spencer Reid is their favorite team member, you can grab them one of these fantastic Reid-centric phone cases.


HannahAndDearJoe on Etsy

While stickers might seem like a gift best aimed at kids, the advent of vinyl stickers has made them great gifts for adults too. Many people use these styles of stickers to decorate their water bottles, computers, notebooks, and even their cars. So grabbing a set of Criminal Minds stickers like this might be the way to go.


Shiquinkira on Etsy

If you ask me, you can never own enough mugs or cups/tumblers, and the Criminal Minds fandom has definitely adopted this as their motto as well. You can grab mugs with everything from a favorite Spencer Reid quote, to one of Morgan and Garcia’s classic phone conversations, to this one that features the whole team and their roles. Or, if a cup/tumbler is more their style, you can pick up a stainless steel tumbler from Shiquinkira‘s Etsy shop in a variety of styles or, if you’d prefer, a personalized Starbucks cup featuring their favorite character from TalkCraftyToMeShop.

Makeup/Toiletry Bag

WCGXKO on Amazon

Perhaps not the most obvious fandom gift, there is a whole slew of Criminal Minds-themed makeup/toiletry bags available to help travel be a bit more fun for your fan. From bags with notable quotes from Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner to ones featuring the whole team or even this one that looks like an evidence bag, there is an option for every Criminal Minds fan.


Pinehart on Etsy

If, for some reason, the sweatshirts from earlier aren’t exactly your fan’s speed, don’t worry. There are plenty of t-shirts out there for you to choose from instead. Of course, you can go the official CBS route with this Criminal Minds logo mashup shirt, or you can head over to Etsy to find this more minimalist shirts like this “mentally dating Spencer Reid” shirt or this one that comes in a variety of colors and lists the entire team by their last names.


PrideandPosters on Etsy

The last item on this list is a classic fandom gift, posters. It seems like growing up, most everyone had a poster of their favorite movie or band, and some people carried that habit into adulthood. So if your Criminal Minds fan is one of those people, check out this Criminal Minds icon poster, this cast poster, or even this unique digital art piece that you can print as a poster.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the perfect gift for the Criminal Minds fan in your life, but be sure to check out all of our other fandom gift guides for more inspiration this holiday season.

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