‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 10 “The Rooming Lottery”

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In the season 2 finale of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Kimberly keeps a big secret from the roomies, and Bela makes a drastic decision about her future.

Moving On

Bela and Leighton are moving out of the dorm they share with Kimberly and Whitney for their sophomore year. The latter decided they might as well room together instead. However, this plan doesn’t last long; Bela burns her bridge with the girls at The Foxy. She gets kicked out after a published article centered on her and not all of their efforts to make The Foxy an inclusive place for women to share their ideas. Leighton, meanwhile, is helping the Kappa girls grift donations from the alumni. After a conversation about trans people goes awry and Leighton tries to have an informative conversation about trans rights, she is drug away and told they’re there to get donations.

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Leighton decides that her heart doesn’t lie with Kappa like her mom’s. She didn’t want to let her down, but she knows it isn’t meant for her. Her mom comforts her and lets her know she only wants the best for her and if Kappa isn’t part of that, then so be it. Leighton isn’t the only one making a big decision, though. With the weight of losing The Foxy, her boyfriend, and doing poorly in her studies, Bela meets with her advisor to get a transfer from the university.

Kimberly’s Secret

After she picked up a vibe from Canaan she asks Lila if she should make a move on him. Lila says he definitely doesn’t feel the same way; he once compared her to his third-grade teacher. She attempts to suppress her feelings for him for the sake of not wanting to rock the boat with Whitney, but after she learns Canaan in fact did not ask Zoe to the party first — he only asked Kimberly. She stews this fact all throughout Theta’s final blowout party of the year. When Canaan asks if she wants to go with him and his friends to another party, she hesitantly declines. As he’s leaving she quickly chases after him, meeting him by the stairs to talk. She tells him she knows about how he lied about Zoe and as he goes to defend himself, she kisses him. What she doesn’t realize is Whitney was also on her way to look for him to talk, but she stumbled across both of them instead.’

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At lunch when they all decide to room together next year, Whitney is noticeably quiet. She asks Kimberly if she got up to anything the night before and Kimberly refuses eye contact, even lying that she did nothing interesting. At that moment, Whitney grew furious. Afterward, she headed to the Kappa house where she asked if she could have Leighton’s room she gave up for next year.

Seasons 1-2 of The Sex Lives of College Girls are available to stream on HBO Max. The series recently got renewed for a third season, so stay tuned to Nerds & Beyond for updates on everyone’s favorite college girl squad.

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