‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 9 “Sex & Basketball”


In the penultimate episode of the season, The Foxy learns some exciting news that will push them forward. Leighton reconnects with Alicia, Whitney has some doubts about Andrew, and Kimberly and Canaan may or may not have their own spark.

The Old Flame

Leighton tells the others about Alicia and asks for advice, which weirds them out because Leighton doesn’t ask for advice. Ultimately, Kimberly offers a good nugget of wisdom that leads Leighton to ask Tatum if it’s okay to meet with Alicia, to which Tatum says yes. So, Leighton goes to talk with Alicia at the women’s center and helps her, Ginger, and Tova make care packages for trans youth. While they work, Alicia brings up Leighton’s coming out re: chlamydia. She then reveals the center is hosting a fundraiser, a themed event where everyone is encouraged to dress as queer icons. Leighton says she’ll go and asks to bring Tatum, which Alicia thinks she should.

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Feelin’ Foxy

Bela tells the others at The Foxy that the Essex View wants to feature them in the next issue. She lays out the details and lets everyone know how to prepare (which means no matching t-shirts made by Carla). On the day, Bela keeps everything on track as she talks to the reporter, providing solid answers before they do photos. Later, she goes to check out the profile before it’s published and notices that the focus is largely on her. She isn’t sure it’s a good idea, but after some internal debating, she tells the reporter to go ahead with the profile as is.

Kind of Dating

Whitney and Andrew are at a restaurant where Andrew is being one of those guys. Another day, Whitney fills Willow in when they spot Andrew playing basketball. He gets Whitney’s attention and mentions going on a date again, which Whitney skirts around. They play a one-on-one game that’s pretty evenly matched and eventually ends in kissing. Later, they hook up and Whitney seems to have had a nice time that’s not as nice when Andrew mentions they’re dating. Whitney doesn’t respond.

Party Pooper

Tatum meets Leighton (who’s dressed as Carol from Carol) and Leighton introduces her to Ginger (the green M&M) and Tova (Marlene Dietrich and definitely NOT Mr. Peanut). When they talk with Alicia (Elton John) next, it’s clear that Tatum has some thoughts about the party. They check out the silent auction where Tatum is being especially judgmental over an item that Ginger made. She overhears, and Leighton bids on it to try and salvage things. Leighton and Tatum begin arguing before Tatum leaves. Alicia, having overheard everything, invites Leighton to go check out karaoke.

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The Banquet

Kimberly rushes into Sips and shows them that Canaan made the school newspaper for earning an award from the Economics department, urging him to go to the banquet. He eventually agrees and invites Kimberly.

When they arrive, the first award is announced for someone who has done many impressive things, including work for Alzheimer’s, and it’s Canaan. When he and Kimberly dance later, she wonders why he never mentioned his mom had Alzheimer’s. He said there’s not much to tell, and Kimberly says she’s there if he ever needs her. Canaan walks her back home afterwards and thanks her for going and encouraging him to go. She heads inside but rather than go to her suite, she goes to break up with Jackson.

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