‘AEW Dynamite’ Recap: Bryan Danielson, SuperKliq, Kiera Hogan, and More in Action


This week and next, TNT will air special Saturday night editions of AEW’s flagship show, Dynamite, starting at 8 p.m. ET due to the ongoing NHL coverage Wednesday nights on TNT. Continue reading for our full recap of this week’s show!

Dante Martin vs. Malakai Black

Malakai Black makes his eerie entrance like only he knows how and Dante follows suit, ready for a fight, albeit hesitant.
The two lock up and Dante quickly gets Malakai into a side headlock after avoiding a suplex. Malakai gets the upper hand before taking a shotgun dropkick sending him out of the ring. Malakai gets Dante into a powerbomb and turns it into a single-leg Boston crab. Dante creates an opening, managing to get Malakai into a quick roll-up where he kicks out before Dante sends him into a reverse hurricanrana off the top rope. Malakai lands a meteora into a German suplex, Dante kicks out. Looking to put an end to the match, Malakai hits a nasty kick to Dante’s head, knocking him out flat on the mat. Malakai Black wins.

Lucha Bros. vs. Andrade’s masked opponents for the AAA Tag Titles

Andrade comes out with two men in green skin suits (very reminiscent of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) who call themselves “Los Super Rana’s”. Rey and one of the masked men connect in a hold and Rey nearly gets his mask pulled off. Rey Fenix and Penta attempt to unmask the two men (which under AEW rules is allowed) only to find FTR.

Rey with the assist of Penta dropkicks both members of FTR. Pent dives off the top rope and pulls a two count out of both members of FTR. Penta lands a kick to Cash Wheeler on the outside as Rey finds himself in trouble in the ring. Rey receives a right hand to the jaw and punches Dax Harwood in the jaw. Tully Blanchard attempts to interfere, which works, as FTR gains the pinfall to become the new AAA tag team champions.

Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler Yuta

Moxley gets to work on Wheeler Yuta landing an assault of right hands on Wheeler. Moxley puts the paradigm shift on him, lands the pinfall, and leaves the ring just as fast as he came in. Orange Cassidy enters the ring to check on Wheeler who hasn’t moved from the mat.

Dark Order’s Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, and John Silver vs. Adam Cole and The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) of SuperKliq

As Dark Order enters the ring the Superkliq capitalize, quick to come up behind and begin their attack. Outside of the ring, they attempt to hit a powerbomb on John Silver but he reverses it. The bell officially rings and all members of Dark Order run up on Nick Jackson in the corner. Nick reverses the Irish whip from John Silvers and Adam meets him at the rope from the outside to hit him on the back of the head. Nick lands a kick to Evil Uno who has just taken down Matt Jackson. The SuperKliq gets Uno upside down and lands a superkick to him.

Back in the ring, Nick makes a tag to Matt and they land a double hip toss into a double dropkick. Matt tags in Adam Cole who puts a swinging neck breaker on John Silvers who is still trying to fight out of their corner. The Superkliq still has the upper hand. Nick tags in Matt who tags Nick back in but John manages to make a tag to Uno. Stealing Nick’s shoe and sock, Evil in full shades of Mick Foley puts the sock on and into his mouth. (Is Mr. Socko All Elite?) The Superkliq attempt their signature kick pose in the middle of the ring but as Matt and Nick are pulled out, John and Alex take their positions, stunning Cole. Adam gets put through the wringer with a German suplex into a stunner but The Young Bucks interfere with the pin. Adam and Alex give each other double pump kicks and just as it looks like the favor is in the Dark Order, Alex Reynolds gets a Panama sunrise from Adam and a BTE trigger, pinning him. The SuperKliq win.

Kiera Hogan vs. Penelope Ford

The two women lock up and get heated in the center of the ring. Kiera gets her in a side headlock but Penelope fights out of it and lands a shoulder tackle, setting Kiera down to the mat. Kiera whips Penelope to the corner. Kiera puts a neck breaker on Penelope and covers; Penelope is quick to kick out. Penelope throws Kiera into the corner with a bulldog.

Back from break, Kiera and Penelope are on the top rope; Kiera suplexes Penelope to the middle of the ring. With a count of 5, both women stand and exchange chops and punches on each other. Penelope lands a stunner on Kiera to create an opening but Kiera doesn’t relent. Penelope sets her up for a cutter into a bridging lock, Kiera taps out of the submission. Penelope Ford wins.

Ruby Soho runs out to the ring to get her retribution on Penelope for her antics on AEW Rampage. The Bunny comes to the aid of Penelope but Ruby doesn’t mind taking on both of them. The two women make their way to the back as Ruby exits the ring.

Jungle Boy runs out to the ring but finds himself outnumbered … until he grabs a chair and slams it on Brandon Cutler’s back. After hitting Cutler in the back he puts a snare trap on him. The Superkliq run off leaving Cutler in the ring, alone.

The Return of Cowboy Sh*t

It’s time for some Cowboy sh*t. A year after Kenny and Hangman met in the finals of the Full Gear Eliminator Tournament where Kenny won, Hangman is coming for his spot as champion. Hangman gives a heartfelt speech about how he feels he started to lose his confidence, friends, and himself. Now that he’s back, he doesn’t know what’s going to happen at full gear but he sees everyone believes in him and he believes in himself too.

Bryan Danielson vs. Bobby Fish

Bobby Fish gets Bryan down to the mat but Bryan is able to fight out of it, momentarily. Bobby hits Bryan in the back of the neck and as Bobby goes for a pin, Bryan kicks out. Bryan whips Bobby into the ropes and waits for Bobby to come back, he doesn’t but lands on the outside of the ring anyway. Bryan sets up for a Tope Suicida and lands it. When trying to bring Bobby back into the ring Bobby fights out and Bryan sends him into the ring post. Bobby finds himself with the upper hand,  bringing Bryan to his feet to kick him in the lower stomach. Bobby is focusing on Bryan’s leg that he injured. Hitting a sliding lariat and going for the pin, Bryan kicks out. Bobby switches to a crab which Bryan reverses into an ankle lock.

Bryan hits Bobby with a German suplex and they both rise back to their feet. Bobby lands a number of leg strikes on Bryan but Danielson manages to work Bobby’s leg, leveling the playing field. Bobby hits Bryan with a backdrop driver that Bryan kicks out of. Avalanche falcon arrow, Bryan kicks out but Bobby transitions right into a kneebar; Bryan reverses and they kick each other. Bryan puts a heel hook on Bobby who taps. Bryan Danielson wins.

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