‘Walker’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 5 “We’ve Been Here Before”


After Larry finds out everyone was keeping the Jackal a secret from him in the last episode, tensions are high amongst the Rangers to keep him clued in. Meanwhile, Stella and August work on finding out more about the necklace, Geri considers expanding The Side Step with Liam’s help, and Cassie and Detective Luna get closer.

Let’s dive into tonight’s episode of Walker!

Larry Gets Clued In and Meets Henry

Larry gets clued in on the case as we see him go over everything that Cordell and Trey have discovered. He says that nothing happens from this point without him knowing about it. Larry gives a press conference about the Jackal, and Ranger HQ is abuzz with the Rangers working on the case. Detective Luna is also at Ranger HQ to help.

Larry is seen as a bit distant from Cordell, who is taking it personally.

The next day at HQ, they talk about the steps they’re taking to try and track down any leads. There’s no consistency between any of the victims, but otherwise, they’re adults living in Texas. Larry tells them to take the day off and come back fresh the next day. Cordell decides to stay back as the rest leave.

Cordell keeps an eye on Larry, and a flashback shows how five years ago, Larry was assaulted but didn’t want to file charges. Kelly is in the flashback begging Larry to come home. Kelly tells Cordell he should have kept his eyes on him, before flashing back to the present day, as Cordi borrows a Ranger’s car.

Cordell follows Larry to a Cantina, where Larry is meeting up with someone — Henry. Cordell stays in the car but can see Larry and Henry through a window. Larry talks to Henry about how proud his dad (Allen Moore) would be of him, and that he should be alive to say it. He tells him they have another shot to catch the Jackal, and Henry talks about how his dad was hooked on Oxy, and Larry says that wasn’t in the toxicology report. It is also revealed that it was Henry who previously hit Larry in the face five years ago. Henry tells Larry that he wants to help, and Henry says he knows who the Jackal is — Joe Barnes. He had similar syringes in his car that the Jackal used. Henry works on Joe’s car and thinks he is taunting him. He asks Larry to arrest him, and Larry tells him he can’t without evidence. Henry gets upset, which causes Cordell to enter the Cantina. Larry gets upset that Cordell followed him, and Cordell asks why he’s being punished for caring for him. Larry says he’s drawing a hard line between his personal life and his work.

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Geri’s Meeting

At the Walker ranch, Geri and Cordell talk about Cordell omitting the truth from Larry, and that she also has a meeting with an influencer – Rose Ryan – who wants to open a second Side Step with her.

Cassie, Luna, and Trey

Cassie, Luna, and Trey decide to go to the Side Step to get some queso. The three of them talk about the Jackal case together and try to piece together clues. During their conversation, Cassie ends up telling them this story about trying to find this small-batch coffee that she had in Florida, but she can’t find it so she’s been mixing dark roasts trying to find the flavor. Trey watches back and forth as Luna and Cassie flirt, and Trey pulls Cassie aside and talks about pushing her to Kevin and how it was an obvious mistake, but Cassie tells him she knows this isn’t a Kevin situation. Trey tells Cassie it’s definitely a two-way vibe street with her and Luna.

When they get ready to leave, Trey leaves to go home and Luna said since it is late, he is going to grab a hotel. Cassie offers him to stay at her and Geri’s place. Geri is staying the night at Cordell’s, so Luna and Cassie are alone in the house. Cassie fixes her up in the mirror and goes to bring him a blanket; but loses confidence in knocking on his door, and leaves it outside his door. A minute later, Luna opens his door to the blanket, takes it, and closes his door.

The next morning, Cassie sees that Luna is gone and his bed is made; however, a timer goes off in the kitchen and she finds coffee beans roasting in the oven. Luna walks in and goes over to Cassie and kisses her.

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The Case of the Necklace & The Expansion of the Side Step

Stella is seen texting Witt as he’s out of town hiding, and August arrives at her dorm. The two discuss their research about the necklace, and it’s dropped that Stella and Colton broke up previously. Stella wants to continue the hunt for the necklace and calls Liam to tell him she won’t be able to meet up today.

As Liam receives the call, he’s on an ATV. Being distracted by Stella’s call and then calling Ben, he gets into an accident and gets thrown off his ATV.

Liam ends up hurting his ankle and has a slipped disc, and Abeline, Geri, and Bonham are tending to him in the Walker ranch. They all talk about how Stella has been avoiding any responsibility, and they ask Geri to keep an eye on Liam. Instead of rescheduling her meeting, Geri asks Rose to come to the ranch for the meeting.

Rose and Geri meet, and Geri talks about the history of the Side Step. Rose talks about her brand and gives Geri a contract, which Liam ends up looking over and Geri puts a pause on because she wants to open a second location in Oklahoma City. After Rose leaves, Geri and Liam talk and Geri decides she can do a second location on her own.

Stella and Augie are in the barn helping Bonham and Abeline, and Abeline tells Stella that she needs to step up. Stella ends up asking Bonham and Abeline about the necklace, disguising that she is helping a friend. Bonham tells her by looking at the picture it looks like it’s from the late 1800s. (Walker: Independence timeline, anyone?)

Bonham talks to Liam about the Side Step and Liam talks about his time practicing law; he wants to potentially go back into the courtroom. Bonham tells him he can take time to rest. Liam says at the end of the day he just wants to help people.

At Cordell’s place later, Geri tells Cordell that she wants to open another Side Step on her own in Oklahoma City.

The Search for the Jackal

At the auto shop later where Henry is, a car pulls up and it’s Joe Barnes, getting ready to get his car. As he goes to look under the car at something Henry pointed out, Henry puts a cloth over his mouth and knocks him out. Cordell and Larry arrive, and they get into an altercation with Henry, who is taking things into his own hands. Cordell ends up handcuffing Henry in the back of the shop until backup arrives.

They find Henry’s notebook, and in it is a picture with a possible side view of a man in a store — which could be the actual Jackal. The picture was taken where the first victim was found.

Back at HQ, Cordell, and Larry are talking about the photo again; Cordell also comes in to say that Joe Barnes is not the Jackal, his alibi checks out. Larry is convinced that the photo IS the actual Jackal, though. Kelly comes in, and Cordell says goodnight to both of them. Kelly and Larry talk about the case again and the toll it took on their relationship. Larry brings up the fact he thought before he knew about this she could have been pregnant, but she says she’s not. Kelly brings up Cordell, and that she asked him to look out for him and how everyone cares about him. Kelly asks him to come home, and he says yes but goes back into his office — where he sees a gift basket with alcohol in it. He takes a minute, but we see him take one of the little bottles and then chug it.

Uncovering the Necklace Owner

At the end of the episode, Augie is researching the necklace on the computer at Stella’s dorm. He pulls up an article that states the necklace belonged to Ophenlia Rawlins from 1873. That’s right, Rawlins. As in, Hoyt Rawlins. Aside from that, the article states that the necklace was being displayed at the Wynn D. Collins Museum of the American West (Wynn D… as in WIndy — and Collins is a fun Walker: Independence Easter Egg, too!). The necklace was stolen around five years ago, and Stella and Augie think it was Hoyt who stole it.

Things are just heating up on Walker! Make sure to watch it on Wednesdays on The CW, and the next day on The CW app.

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