Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 10


Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Tyler won the Head of Household (HOH) competition for the week and decided to put Janelle and Kaysar on the eviction block. In the Power of Veto (POV) competition, Cody emerged victoriously and decided not to use his power. Who will stay and who will go? We’re about to find out!

Janelle and Kaysar are determined to fight their way off the block even though they’re once again stuck in a tough situation.

Tyler apologizes to Janelle for putting her on the block. He’s starting to regret his HOH choices. Janelle is a bigger target than him in the house, and by eliminating her, he’s moving up on the target totem pole. He’s started to realize that the duo might not have been gunning for him after all. The whole house threw them under the bus, putting him in a challenging situation.

Christmas and Kevin discuss how they’ve barely interacted with Kaysar. Historically, Kaysar has always been booted before Janelle. Christmas wants to change that, seeing Janelle as a bigger target. Kevin is leaning towards keeping Janelle because he hasn’t talked any game with Kaysar – does he trust Christmas enough to tell her that? No.

The Slick Six meet in the HOH room to make sure that everyone is on the same page about the vote. Dani throws out Janelle’s name as the target. Bay points out that they might start taking heat about so many women leaving the house soon. Cody says that whoever doesn’t go out this week will presumably be following next week. Da’Vonne says that she doesn’t care who goes home one way or another, but in the D.R. states that she wants Janelle to stay.

Christmas thinks that Kaysar is in an excellent position to not only stay this week but continue to play in the future. Kaysar is determined to start focusing on his longevity in the game.

Ian’s strategy has been to lay low in the first five or so weeks to dissuade the notion of his intelligence. As such, he’s been dropping comments that make him seem a bit dim-witted. Christmas, tanning in the hot sun, says, “I’m cooking.” Ian replies, “what are you making?” Oh, Ian. Christmas is a good sport about it and quips “Christmas bacon,” to which Ian chuckles.

Janelle asks Memphis about her standing in the house. He tells her (read lies) that nobody tells him anything. Needing six votes to stay, she gets him to agree to swing for her to stay if she gets five votes – though knowing Memphis, he’s probably lying about that.

Next on the rounds is Da’. Da’Vonne is on board with keeping Janelle if they can get the votes. She directs Janelle to Kevin. Janelle’s pitch to Kevin is that she’s a huge target who hasn’t won any competitions. She’s a perfect shield and would go up next week. Kevin agrees to vote for her if she can get the majority of the house on her side.

Dani is next on the #SaveJanelle tour. Janelle pitches that if Kaysar leaves, she’s a free agent and would work with Dani, asking for her vote. Dani asks if Janelle has Memphis on her side and who else she’s recruited. Janelle replies, Da’ and maybe Memphis and Kevin. Dani is leaning towards no.

Janelle tells Bayleigh that she has Memphis and confirms that she has Bayleigh. Bay tries to nudge her towards trying to flip Cody. If she can get Cody to flip, the rest of the alliances he’s involved with will follow suit.

Janelle tries to sway Cody. If she stays, she’s convinced she’ll be on the block the following week – making her a perfect shield. She reassures Cody she isn’t after him. Cody doesn’t care who goes this week but is open to working with Janelle if she stays. Janelle offers her wedding ring as collateral to show Cody how serious she is about working with him.

“Loose lips sink ships,” Julie quips. David spills to Bayleigh that Tyler told him that Da’Vonne was trying to flip the vote against him last week. He says that he ignored it because he didn’t believe it. Bayleigh tells David that the information was bad but urges him to tell Da’, not wanting to be in the awkward middleman position.

Bayleigh mediates a meeting between herself, David, and Da’Vonne, attempting to clear things up. Da’Vonne tells Bayleigh that she isn’t the problem. David doesn’t trust her. David tells Da’Vonne that Cody and Tyler mentioned that Da’ was trying to flip the votes to keep Nicole A. last week. He asks if it’s false, and Da’Vonne goes off, telling David how she stuck her neck out campaigning for him – to the point where David had even told her to calm down. Tears start to fall. Da’Vonne feels like she’s made an effort – almost threw her game down the drain for him – but that David simply isn’t reciprocating. David tries to apologize, but the damage is done.

Bayleigh tells the group that they should take a night off to cool down. David and Bay start walking to the kitchen. David is visibly upset, and Tyler walks in asking “Who pissed off David?” to which David jumpily asks “what?” – remember, David just leaked Tyler’s name to Da’Vonne, which is the exact opposite of what Tyler told him to do with the information he trusted him with. David and Tyler go to the HOH room to talk – Tyler knows something is off.

David asks Tyler where he heard the tip about Da’Vonne trying to flip the votes. Tyler answers that it was Dani – which he already told him. He asks if David told Da’Vonne to which David responds, “They got it out of me.” Tyler asks if his name was dropped, which is also confirmed. As you can imagine, Tyler is not happy. With Janelle on the way out, David might’ve just made him the biggest target. David spouts off apologies and excuses, at one point saying that he’s not as good at Big Brother as he thought he would be.

Tyler asks David why he gave up the information knowing that it would blow up Tyler’s game. David responds that he felt pressured because of the trio’s collective mission to try and make the game better for African Americans. Tyler responds that he understood and was trying to be there and support him. Now that David’s put a bigger target on Tyler’s back, Tyler thinks he’s going home next week and can’t protect David. In the DR, Tyler worries that he’s burned all bridges with Da’ and possibly catalyzed The Slick Six’s disintegration.

In the bathroom, Bay tells Da’ that she thinks David is afraid of her. Da’ is fed up. She’s gone out of her way to help David learn to navigate the game, and he still doesn’t trust her. Bay states that she hadn’t previously heard about Tyler and Cody’s flip rumor. Bayleigh tells Da’Vonne that she needs to sit on the information because Bay can’t play this game without her, and confronting people would jeopardize Da’Vonne. Da’ is confused. Janelle was supposed to be this week’s target, and now her credibility is being questioned.

Cody walks into the HOH room. Tyler spills that David threw him and Cody under the bus. If you’re wondering just how P.O.’d Tyler is, let his words enlighten you – “David is like… dead to me.” Cody is pretty riled up by the news, repeating Tyler’s earlier disbelief at the argument that David got cornered. Tyler starts to question if sending Janelle home is the right move this week, as the target on his back is growing larger and larger.

It’s time for the live eviction. Janelle and Kaysar both gear up for their last speech to try and swing their fellow houseguests’ votes in their favor. First up is Janelle, who tells everyone that this has been her favorite group of houseguests to play with and urges them to keep her if it benefits their game – after all, it’s only week three. She concludes her speech with a concise, “please keep me” and takes her seat. Kaysar tells everyone that he’s enjoyed being in the house and playing with everyone. He likes everyone personally, and a game level feels like he still has a game to play—classy speeches from classy people.

It’s time for the vote. As HOH, Tyler isn’t allowed to vote this week. Dani, shockingly, votes to evict Kaysar. Dani had been adamant about planning to vote out Janelle the entire week. Even Julie mouths a confused “what?” at the camera. Next up is Nicole, who – sticking to her house beef – votes for Janelle to leave. Enzo casts his vote to evict Kaysar, continuing the trend of throwing in a hinky vote. Da’Vonne mournfully votes to evict Janelle. Memphis, who supposedly had Janelle’s back this week, votes to send Janelle home. Bayleigh (sadly) votes to evict Janelle. Cody casts his vote to send Janelle home. Christmas hammers the final nail in Janelle’s coffin with her vote. David votes to evict Janelle. Kevin, who wanted to keep Janelle, votes to send her home. Casting the night’s final vote, Ian goes with the house and adds his tally to send Janelle home. Julie announces the results to the houseguests. By a vote of 9-2, Janelle is evicted from the Big Brother house.

The B.B. Queen exits the house to speak to Julie. Julie jokes, “Do you hear that? It’s the sound of all your fans screaming at the T.V.” (she’s not wrong). Julie asks Janelle if her fancy attire meant she knew that she was going home. Janelle confirms that she was pretty sure and that if she were getting booted out, she would do it wearing a cocktail dress – she did choose one that would be conducive to a quick change to athletic gear just in case, though. At Julie’s prompting, Janelle guesses who the two votes in her favor were. It took here to the third guess – Dani and Enzo were the ones who wanted her to stay.

Julie asks if Janelle’s choice to drift towards old school players (Kaysar, Keesha, Memphis) was intentional. Janelle said she originally wanted to work with Tyler, but Kaysar wasn’t too keen on making partnerships with the new-school players, so she ended up sticking with the O.G.’s. Julie fills Janelle in on Memphis’ involvement in The Committee. Janelle is surprised and “so ticked.” Julie tells Janelle that it’s a compliment that she was such a big target.

We cut to the goodbye messages. Nicole tells Janelle that she was excited to get the chance to work with her because she’s such a B.B. legend. She then goes on to say that she thought they had a solid friendship outside of the house but discovered that’s not the case and uninvites her from her wedding, saying, “I know you probably don’t want to come… so just don’t worry about it”. Cue the waterworks because next up is Kaysar. Kaysar is grateful that Big Brother brought them together all those years ago and promises to get revenge on the alliance that sent her out the door.

Janelle is scared that Kaysar will spill everything to Memphis, not knowing that he’s a part of The Committee. Julie tells Janelle that Da’, Bay, and Kevin all wanted her to stay but couldn’t risk making waves so early – something that Janelle understands. Julie wishes Janelle well as she makes her exit from BB22.

With the eviction out of the way, it’s time for the HOH competition. As the outgoing HOH, Tyler is ineligible to compete. Julie reminds everyone that the Safety Suite is officially closed, making this HOH even more critical than the previous three.

In a competition called “Carnival Quick Shot,” the houseguests have been randomly divided into two groups. Group 1 consists of Nicole, Da’Vonne, David, Ian, Enzo, and Kaysar. Each houseguest has three balls on a ramp. When the horn blows, the competitors will roll the balls up the ramp to sink all three in their pockets at the ramp’s top. The first three to sink the balls into their holes will advance to the next round. After round 1, the remaining houseguests will compete against each other. The first three out of that heat will go to the final round in which the first person to sink all the balls will become HOH.

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We can’t wait to see who wins HOH! Tune in Sunday to see who becomes this week’s HOH and who will be nominated for eviction!

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