Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 13

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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Wednesday’s episode was a bit of a nail biter! As tensions between houseguests begin to intensify, Kevin won the Power of Veto taking himself off the block! In a bit of a twist, Enzo put up Christmas as a replacement nominee. Who will be eliminated tonight: Christmas or Kaysar? Also, what is that new room Julie spoke about?

We pick up right after the Power of Veto meeting. We hear from Enzo that he decided to use Christmas as a pawn this week since Kaysar is the clear target. We see Kaysar and Memphis talk about the alliance that Kaysar has uncovered. Kaysar knows that he’s lying and is either a part of an alliance or has his head in the sand.

Next we see Cody and Enzo talk about Dani. Enzo says that he doesn’t like that she keeps planting seeds and playing a sloppy game. Cody admits to Enzo that there is another alliance between himself and a few others. Despite this, Enzo still trusts Cody and Tyler and thinks it may help.

We then talk to Tyler, who says the exact same as Enzo and Cody. Dani is playing a very reckless and sloppy game and Tyler knows she’s trying to turn everyone against each other. Bayleigh and Tyler begin to question why she is in an alliance with them if she will just turn them against each other and fuel the fire. Tyler then goes to Da’Vonne and tells her that Dani has been trash talking her and Bayleigh. Da’Vonne now knows that the Slick Six alliance will not be around for much longer.

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We see Tyler, Enzo, and Cody talk about Tyler’s conversation with Da’Vonne. Cody tells them he believes both of them are a problem. Enzo chimes in and says he wouldn’t mind getting rid of them but he believes that Dani is a bigger threat. We cut to Julie before the commercial, and she reveals the new room will be called the BB Basement.

We return from the commercial break to see Kevin and Ian talking. Ian tells Kevin they need to compare notes. Ian says anytime Janelle and Kaysar would try to appeal to him, they would always bring up Cody and Nicole. We then cut to Kaysar telling Ian he thinks Tyler, Nicole, and Cody are running the house. We flash back to Kevin and Ian, and they both agree that Nicole and Cody are the core of the house and they are just there for collateral damage. Kevin says he thought he was on the outside of an alliance and didn’t know who to talk to, but Ian has basically uncovered everything!

We then see Ian and Bayleigh talk; they both talk about how they are confused and feel like someone is running the house, both saying it’s Dani and Cody. They agree they should maybe tag team and get some more information.

Kevin goes back to Ian and pitches him an idea. They have too much to lose to expose everyone, but Kaysar knows he is leaving. Ian then goes to Kaysar and asks if he knows he’s leaving. Kaysar confirms and Ian tells him he thinks he has the house planned out. He believes it is more than four people and it’s all leading back to Nicole and Cody. Kaysar knows what Ian is getting at and actually considers it and says maybe it will be fun. Kaysar leaves the room and Ian begins to tear up because he feels bad.

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After we return from the commercial break, we begin the eviction ceremony. Julie asks the houseguests to give their speech to stay. Christmas is up first, and she does a cute little poem asking people not to vote for her and to vote for Kaysar. Next up is Kaysar. He starts off by saying he loves everyone, but their gameplay and strategy sucks. He goes on to say Cody and Nicole are running the house, and there is also another alliance with the guys. He finishes by also calling out Dani, Nicole, and Cody and points out how they are in every alliance. He says to vote for him if they really want to play all-stars.

We start off the voting with Cody, who obviously votes to evict Kaysar. The rest follow suit and Kaysar is evicted with a vote of 10-0.

We return to the house after the commercial break to break the news to everyone. Kaysar very obviously knew he was leaving. Despite his speech, he gives everyone a hug and tells them there’s no hard or personal feelings before putting on his mask and exiting the house to go and sit with Julie. She tells Kaysar she is a big fan of his. Kaysar says he knew he wouldn’t get any votes with that speech. He also says he believes this season was very friendly and boring since nobody wanted to make big moves. Julie then reveals that he and Janelle were right that they were all playing together, but also Memphis and Christmas were a part, and Memphis made the alliance!

Julie also brings up all of the meaningful conversations with Da’Vonne and says they aired them. Kaysar said he honestly didn’t come back for the money, but Big Brother made a big difference in his life and feels like it was a perfect platform and opportunity. He feels his job was done and he walked out with his head held high. He thanks everyone for their support. There is also an extended interview with Kaysar that will be up soon! You can find details to that here.

After a quick commercial break, we return to see this week’s Head of Household (HOH) competition. Julie announces that there will be no have-nots this week. This competition is called Filter Face Off. They see all 16 houseguests faces with filters on them and will be asked questions that can be answered with more, exactly, or less. First one to buzz in with the correct answer will get to choose two others to face off. If they buzz in and are incorrect, they will be eliminated. If both houseguests don’t answer in time, both of them will be eliminated, unless it is the final round.

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The first two houseguests chosen randomly to compete against each other are Ian and Kevin. Their question is if there are more, exactly, or less than nine animal filters. Ian rings in first with less, which is incorrect and he is eliminated. Kevin advances and chooses Nicole and Cody to compete. Their question is if there is more, exactly, or less than 11 hotdog filters. It is close but Cody rings in with less, which is correct, advancing him. Nicole is eliminated and Cody chooses Kevin and Da’Vonne. Their question is if there is more, exactly, or less than five vampire filters. Kevin rings in first with less, which is incorrect and he is eliminated. Da’Vonne advances then chooses Cody and Memphis. Their question is if there is more, exactly, or less than 12 filters with some type of glasses. Cody rang in first with less, which is incorrect.

Memphis advances and choose Dani and David. Their question is if there is more, exactly, or less than seven bird beak filters. Before Dani can answer, David incorrectly rings in with less. Dani advances and choose Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. Their question is if there is more, exactly or less than seven unicorn filters. Da’Vonne rings in first with less, which is correct. Da’Vonne advances and chooses Dani and Memphis. Their question is if there are more, exactly, or less than nine filters with hats. Dani rings in first with less, which is incorrect. Memphis advances and chooses Tyler and Da’Vonne. Their question is if there are more, exactly, or less than nine cat filters. Before Julie finishes her sentence, Da’Vonne rings in correctly with exactly and chooses Memphis and Christmas. Their question is if there are more, exactly, or less than five filters with upside down faces. They ring in at the same time but Memphis gets it first. He chose more, which is incorrect.

It is now between Christmas and Da’Vonne. Their final question is if there are more, exactly, or less than 10 filters using the color orange. Da’Vonne rings in first with less which is incorrect, making Christmas this week’s Head of Household. Next, we will get to see the new BB Basement and what powers it holds.

We return to talk to Julie and get a small glimpse of the newest twist. It is a competition played completely in the dark, which will award three game changing powers! We will find out more about that on Sunday.

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Tune in Sunday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to see who Christmas nominates for eviction and what the BB Basement is all about!

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