Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 12


Previously on Big Brother (BB)… Janelle was sent home, leaving Kaysar without her in the house for the first time in his extensive BB career. With his safety on the line, Kaysar gunned for HOH but lost to Enzo by a slim margin. Enzo, embroiled in multiple alliances on the opposite side of the house than Kaysar, decided to nominate Kevin and Kaysar for eviction. Who will win the Power of Veto, guaranteeing their safety this week and potentially removing one of the two nominees from the block? We’re about to find out. To catch up on what you missed, check out our recap of episode 11!

Kaysar has been nominated because of his threat level and Kevin has been placed next to him as a pawn. Kevin confronts Enzo about being placed on the block. Enzo uses the age-old BB excuse that he is well-liked and therefore is completely safe as a pawn. In the DR, Kevin talks about how irked he is.

Kaysar speaks to Enzo about being the target this week, trying to sway his favor towards him. Enzo doesn’t really trust Kaysar, because they don’t talk game and doesn’t want to go against the grain of the house. Kaysar points out that Enzo doesn’t talk game with everybody and asks why he’s being targeted. With Janelle gone, Kaysar is a free agent. Enzo agrees to work with him if he stays but in the DR, he blatantly admits that the only relationship that they’re going to have is “a long-distance one” with Kaysar out of the house.

David and Bayleigh chat about David’s standing after his rookie-esque information slip turned fiasco. David knows he’s at the bottom of the house hierarchy, having lost a lot of trust from his allies – specifically Da’Vonne, Cody, and Tyler. David felt like he was doing the right thing by being honest and dropping names but it backfired. Bayleigh tells David that nobody knows where his head is at. She says that he needs to keep a low profile if he wants to stay in the game.

In the HOH room, Ian tells Enzo that if he wins the Veto, he’ll check with him first before deciding what to do. Ian isn’t really close with Enzo but wants to get in with him to guard against being the replacement nominee in the event that someone comes down. Ian asks who would be going up as a replacement nominee if someone comes off the block. Enzo tells him that there’s no point in talking about that before they know what’s going to happen (bad sign). In the DR, Enzo berates Ian for trying to become close with him all of a sudden because he’s HOH and tells the camera that Ian is definitely on his radar as a replacement if it comes to that.

Enzo complains to Cody about being under pressure. He says that everyone is trying to talk with him now that he has the power. Enzo recounts his conversation with Ian to Cody. Cody reminds Enzo of Ian’s success during his season in the jury weeks; he probably knows Ian is just lying low at the moment. Cody still wants Kaysar gone this week but wants Ian to go up if Kaysar manages to take himself off the block. Enzo tells Cody that Kevin isn’t going home; it’s going to be Kaysar, or another big target.

Kaysar goes to talk to Memphis in the common room early in the morning. A bleary Memphis, coffee in hand, jokes that he feels like they’re on a talk show that he dubs “Mornings with Memphis” (because they’re sitting in the nominee chairs). Memphis talks about a lot of BB fans not knowing that there’s no paper, pencils, news, or technology allowed in the house, to keep them completely isolated.

They play a game trying to predict the major headlines in the world for the day – the guesses become increasingly laughable. Kaysar guesses that the US travel ban is still in effect, Donald Trump is watching the BB live feeds, and Janelle has entered the 2020 Presidential race (Make America Fabulous Again). Memphis guesses Kim Kardashian-West is on a book tour in South Africa, Kevin Hart has had 5-6 movies come out, Elon Musk plans to move the Tesla plant to Mars, and the Lakers lose to the Heat.

Kevin comments on David’s appearance as he gets ready for the Veto Ceremony pickings; David has a feeling he’s going to get picked. Kevin asks David if he’ll play for him and David agrees. Neither of them have many allies in the house at the moment. This could be the start to a new partnership. David and Kevin both want to shake things up.

It’s time to draw names for the veto competition. Kaysar, Kevin, and Enzo will automatically be entered in the competition as nominees and HOH. They will each draw for an additional player. Enzo draws Tyler. This is the fourth time in a row that Tyler has been drawn for the veto competition. Kaysar hopes to pick Nicole or Ian, as he feels like they’re not physical threats, but draws Bayleigh’s chip. Kevin draws houseguest’s choice and picks David, as they previously discussed.

Kevin is glad he was able to choose David because he feels like David will take him off the block if he wins. David is happy at the prospect to strengthen his relationship with Kevin and gain immunity for the week.

Kaysar speaks with Bayleigh, saying he didn’t come back to play just to get picked off. Kaysar tells Bayleigh that there’s only a finite number of people that would go up because of the alliances that the other side of the house is involved in. In an attempt to get her to play for him, Kaysar informs Bayleigh that she’s not in good standing with the other side of the house. Bayleigh is upset, telling Kaysar that she isn’t stupid – she feels Kaysar is being very condescending towards her. In the DR, Bayleigh rants that Kaysar needs to check himself – she’s involved with The Slick Six and Enzo (little does she know that she and Da’Vonne are on the outskirts).

Kaysar asks where Bayleigh’s head is at concerning what she’ll do with the veto to which Bayleigh replies, “Now is not the time to ask me that” (yikes). Kaysar backs off. Bayleigh doesn’t feel the same loyalty to Kaysar that she felt to Janelle.

Tyler enters the HOH room where Enzo expresses his excitement at him being picked. Tyler and Enzo are the only people playing for the veto that have won any competitions this season. Enzo is glad Bayleigh was pulled and hopes she can step up. Cody enters and questions why Kevin picked David to play. The others theorize that Kevin could convince the rookie to use it on him.

Memphis comes out clothed in a sparkly red magician’s getup, announcing that it’s time to play for the veto. The houseguests walk outside to see a giant stage with what appears to be giant marionette strings? Ominous. In this endurance competition, titled “Puppetmaster,” houseguests will hold on to handles on strings and place their feet in holsters. They will be lifted into the air. The houseguest that can hold on the longest will procure the POV.

Enzo wants to win to retain his power. Kaysar wants to win because he feels it’s his last chance to stay in the house. Kevin wishes to win so he can prove that he’s not just some pawn to be continuously placed on the block. David wants to win to get some power and raise his standing. Tyler wants to win to ensure Kaysar goes home. Bayleigh wants to prove her worth to her alliance by winning.

The houseguests get blasted by some green goo. Soon after, they’re blasted by purple goo. As time progresses, the ropes are raised higher. Kaysar begins to shake. The ropes begin to sway and multiple houseguests look like they’re struggling with a hold on the ropes. Kaysar falls first, with a time of 12 minutes and 29 seconds. Blue paint is blasted at the competitors. Enzo is visibly struggling; he is the next to fall with a time of 18:26.

Tyler is starting to have a hard time. Bayleigh loses her grip on one of her puppet strings. After 27:17, Tyler drops. Bayleigh is the last person from The Slick Six left in the competition. Despite Bayleigh not feeling very fatigued, the paint makes her lose her grip on one of her ropes. As she tries to get her hold back, she slips and falls after 33:43.

Kevin and David are the only two remaining. The ropes begin to swing. Kevin is shaking. He loses a grip on one of his foot holsters but regains his foothold. David is visibly struggling. Kevin tries to convince him to drop but David isn’t having it, feeling he still has something to prove. David falls. Kevin has won the Power of Veto! In the DR, he cries tears of joy.

Kaysar thinks that Kevin coming off the block might have been a good thing; with no pawn, Enzo will be forced to put up a bigger target, increasing Kaysar’s chances of staying. Enzo has no idea who he’s going to choose.

Kaysar asks Ian if he has any ideas of good pitches for him to stay this week. It depends on who goes up next to him. Ian is worried he’s going to be the replacement. Kaysar doesn’t think Ian will be picked.

Enzo walks into the HOH room and asks Nicole and Cody who he should put up. They tell him to go with what he wants, but Cody gently nudges him towards Ian. Nicole doesn’t want Ian to leave but doesn’t speak up because she doesn’t want to expose their alliance (The Million Club).

Christmas volunteers to go up as a pawn. Enzo isn’t sure he wants to throw Christmas into the hot seat like that, as she might be viewed as expendable if she goes on the block, but Christmas thinks it will ensure no one thinks they’re working together, as well as ensure Kaysar leaves. Enzo is still reticent by the end of the conversation — after all, pawns do end up going home in BB.

Dani, Da, and Bayleigh wonder what Enzo is going to do with the block vacancy. Bayleigh wants to call a meeting. Dani tells Tyler and Nicole that Da and Bayleigh want a meeting. Tyler has to play dumb, as Nicole isn’t a part of The Slick Six – something Dani seems to have forgotten. Tyler tells Nicole that he thinks Dani just let something slip that she shouldn’t have. Nicole agrees it was very awkward. In the DR, Tyler wonders if Dani let that tidbit slip on accident or on purpose – we all know Dani loves to plant seeds in people’s minds. Either way, Dani is becoming detrimental to his game.

Tyler tells Enzo about Dani’s slip up. Enzo is upset. Tyler wants Enzo to backdoor Dani but is hesitant about Kaysar staying. Enzo is struggling to choose between Dani, Christmas, and Ian for the replacement nominee pick.

Kevin smugly calls the veto meeting to order. Kevin (obviously) decides to use the POV to take himself off the block. It’s time for Enzo to name a replacement nominee. Enzo decides to put Christmas up against Kaysar. Dani and Ian are at the top of his list, but he felt that any shots he might’ve taken wouldn’t have yielded anything with the house wanting Kaysar gone.

Christmas is “99.5% sure” that she’s safe this week. Kevin gloats in the DR about pulling himself off the block saying, “I am not a doormat to be walked all over. I’m more like a persian rug, so you better take off your shoes, BITCH.” Kaysar is bummed, feeling that his prospects aren’t good for the impending eviction. Tyler comments that he knows what Dani is doing behind the scenes and that her expiration date is coming soon.

Who will be evicted from the BB House? Find out Thursday at 8 p.m./7 p.m. CT!

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