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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… At the live eviction, Kaysar went home after his explosive eviction speech, leaving Christmas in the BB house. After an icy HOH competition (comp), Christmas, one of the six people in The Committee, won the HOH competition for the week. With tensions beginning to rise between members of The Slick Six, who will go up for eviction and who will win special powers in the BB Basement? We’re about to find out. To catch up on what you previously missed, check out our recap of episode 13!

Christmas is excited to be HOH, wanting to prove to her worth to her alliance. She is also very excited to receive a letter from her family. Ian and David give Da’Vonne commiseration hugs – as she very narrowly lost the HOH. Da’ is especially disappointed that she won’t get to use the information Kaysar dropped before his grand exit to shake things up in the house.

Cody needs to do damage control, as Kaysar’s eviction speech completely blew up his game. Memphis states in the diary room (DR) that since the obvious targets (Janelle and Kaysar) are now gone, everyone in the house is scared. Enzo feels like his HOH reign was successful and hopes to be able to work his relationship with Christmas to his advantage this week.

Christmas talks to Nicole in the pantry, who is still seething over Kaysar’s eviction speech. She’s grateful that Christmas won, as they are aligned.

Cody walks into the photo room to move his things. He and Dani discuss their anger at Kaysar’s eviction speech. While they’re both upset at the attempt to blow up their game, Cody isn’t taking it personally. Dani, on the other hand, is taking personal offense to the speech (especially the love triangle comment) and goes off on a rant dissing Kaysar. Nicole walks in the room and Dani sardonically says, “get out of here, triangle.” Nicole restates her anger towards Kaysar.

Tyler, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne chat in the bathroom. They note how the members of The Slick Six were picking each other to compete head to head early on in the HOH competition, a strong indicator that the alliance is falling apart. Da’ seems to be done with the alliance after their targeted actions in the HOH comp.

Da’ and Cody are seen walking through a door as Cody firmly states, “Da’Vonne, we’re talking right now.” Da’ responds, “let’s go.” While Da’ is on Cody’s radar, he wants to smooth things over with her about his actions at the comp; he doesn’t feel like now is the time to be taking shots. Da’ is visibly pissed. Cody apologized, blaming his anger at Kaysar’s eviction speech for scrambling his wits during the comp. Da’ accepts his apology to his face but as soon as he walks out the room, she starts silently cussing him out; she’s ready to take action.

Dani runs into the room and hugs Christmas. In the DR, Christmas talks about hearing lots of whispers of Da’s dying allegiance. We flashback to many scenes of Dani and Nicole whispering in Christmas’ ear about Da’s intentions to turn against them. Nicole turned against Da’ in their shared season – looks like some things never change. Christmas and Dani discuss the new HOH’s intention to put Bay and Da’ on the block.

Da’ congratulates Christmas on her win and assures her that she’s no threat to her. Da’ wants to try and establish some game rapport, as they haven’t really connected on a game level in the past. Da’ offers to “weed out the BS” that people will bring to Christmas as a result of her being HOH. Christmas isn’t convinced, citing the timing of Da’s proposition to be suspicious.

Enzo speaks to Christmas, clearing up the events of his HOH. Enzo considers Christmas his “pitbull”; he uses her to take out threats to him without getting his hands dirty, exploiting their strong alliance. Enzo tries to convince her to put Ian, Da’, Nicole, or Bay on the block, citing the latter three as emotional (and therefore dangerous) players. Enzo points out that Dani is playing the house and could be a prospective target as well.

It’s time to play the BB Basement! There are three brand new BB powers to be won in this single competition. None of the houseguests will know who wins the powers, as the basement is pitch black. Christmas is scared for her HOH, as these powers could completely disrupt her reign.

The houseguests walk into the BB Basement with some spiffy comp shirts. A creepy voice narrates as they file in. The object of the comp is to find one of three power icons that are hidden in the basement and place it in the corresponding podium which will allow you to claim your prize. There are multiple decoy shapes placed around the room, making it even harder for guests to differentiate between items.

The houseguests sift through mounds and mounds of packing peanuts, occasionally getting blasted by air vents and falling into goop they can’t see because of it being pitch black. Many people slip on substances or bang into things (or other people). People lose shoes and socks to the goop; Nicole loses her pants. Tyler finds a secret tunnel leading to the room with the replay icon podium. Bay finds a lightning power icon, but it is too large for the podium.

David ends up finding the correct lightning icon and wins the first power. David feels a sense of redemption, as last season, his demise was at the hands of a dark comp. Dani finds the replay icon and places it in the podium, claiming the second power; only one remains.

Da’Vonne doesn’t feel like she will find a correct piece in time and opts to run interference at the remaining podium, hoping to trick the other competitors into discarding the correct piece which she will victoriously slot into the podium. At this point, houseguests are fighting to place items in the final podium. Christmas, who is on a roll this week, claims the remaining power – the blocker. The BB basement competition is over.

Christmas asks Tyler if he won a power. Tyler correctly guesses that Christmas won a power. Christmas and Tyler have a final two, so she has no qualms about sharing the news with him. Christmas has won the blocker power, which can be used to prevent yourself or another houseguest from being a replacement nominee at the veto meeting. Christmas must declare that she is using the power after the veto has been used but before the replacement nominee is named. The power is good for one of the next three veto meetings. Christmas feels that her power is great insurance for the next two weeks, as she is going to have to draw blood this week with her HOH.

Enzo tells Cody and Tyler that he thinks Ian won a power (incorrect). Tyler tells them that he thinks it’s Ian and Kevin. Nicole correctly guesses that Dani won a power, though Dani vehemently denies it before confirming it. Dani has won the replay power, which allows a HOH to play back to back for HOH. It can be used on herself or someone else. Dani is upset, as she hasn’t been doing great in comps this season. Like the other power, Dani can use this for the next three weeks.

Ian, Memphis, and Kevin discuss who potentially won a power. Tyler asks David (who is now basically estranged from him) if he won a power; David lies and says no. David has won the disrupter power, which allows him to secretly save one of the nominees and force the HOH to name a replacement. The beneficiary will be safe for the entire week. This power can be used on yourself or someone else. Like the other powers, the power is able to be used for the next three weeks.

Dani and Bay have a chat in private – Dani is trying to do damage control, as the tension in the house has been palpable with Dani’s efforts to get Da’ and Bay on the block. Dani cites that Bay nor Da’ have so much as looked at her since the HOH comp to which Bayleigh responds, “well why do you think that is, Dani?” Yikes. Dani plays dumb. Bay tells Dani that “people” came up to her last week and informed her that Dani was targeting her and Bay – she’s referring to her and Tyler’s chat. Dani denies the allegation but Bay retaliates that Dani put her and Da’ against each other at the HOH competition. Dani tries to backpedal and say that she did it because Bay and Da’ were ignoring her, but Bayleigh is not having it.

Bayleigh asks where they go from here, as their entire alliance is beginning to blow up. Enzo enters the icy room. Bayleigh asks Enzo point blank if there was talk about Dani trying to put her and Da’Vonne up. Enzo confirms that there were. Dani does not look pleased. Bayleigh leaves to talk to her sources. When she’s gone, Dani confronts Enzo, asking why she confirmed the rumor. Enzo said he didn’t want to get involved and that he was cornered. Dani walks out of the room.

Dani runs to Christmas in the pantry, recounting her and Bayleigh’s conversation. Christmas tells her that she wasn’t informed of any of this. Christmas hugs Dani and comforts her. Christmas doesn’t want to align with Dani publicly because she doesn’t want to tie them together, which she is worried this whole debacle will do.

Bayleigh tells Tyler about the situation. Enzo is also in the room. Tyler asks what Bay’s goal is, to which she responds that she doesn’t have one. She tells Tyler that she won’t say anything if he doesn’t want her to, even though she’ll probably leave because it will blow up his game. Tyler objects and asks her what she wants to do. Bayleigh doesn’t want to screw anyone over but feels like her game is damaged at this point. Tyler and Enzo try to talk her down. Bayleigh doesn’t feel like she has the numbers to stay this week, saying that she’s not even sure if Tyler would pick her over Dani if it came down to it. Tyler tries to convince her that everyone is on her side but that the conflict is painting Bayleigh in a bad light.

Bayleigh is at her breaking point; she’s kept her composure throughout the game up to this point but she breaks down in tears. Tyler and Enzo try to calm her down. Bayleigh is upset that Dani has flipped the narrative in the house and made her seem like the aggressor when in reality it was the other way around. Even though the two try to convince her to stay, she walks out of the room. She feels like Tyler is being condescending in his efforts to calm her down.

Da’ comes to talk to Bay. Bay says that she’s going to be quiet and let everything play out at this point. She feels like Tyler will try and turn the narrative against her at some point (that’s that BB20 trauma right there). Tyler walks into the room. Da’Vonne tells them that the alliance is as good as gone now – it doesn’t really matter if names come out to clear Bayleigh’s name. Tyler continues to try and convince the pair that he’s on their side – he is the one that gave them the information after all. Tyler is worried that his entanglement in the drama will be the catalyst for his eviction.

It’s time for the nomination ceremony. Everyone gathers at the round table. Christmas decides to nominate Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Neither are surprised. Christmas cries while citing her reasons for nominating the pair: Bayleigh admitted to her that Da’Vonne was her untouchable, knowledge that is dangerous when you’re playing Big Brother. Christmas emphasizes that it’s not a personal decision.

Will either nominee be saved by winning the Power of Veto? Tune in Wednesday to find out.

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