Recap: ‘Big Brother’ Season 22, Episode 11

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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… This past Thursday’s episode was shocking! By a vote of 9-2 Janelle was evicted from the Big Brother house. With such a powerful player out of the game, tension surely spiked for the rest of the night. We left off the episode on a bit of a cliffhanger, but tonight we find out the results of the Head of Household (HOH) competition! Who will be this week’s HOH?

We start off this week’s episode with the continuation of the HOH competition. We watch the first six houseguests roll their balls along the board to see who can be the first three to balance the three balls in the middle of their boards. Kaysar talks about how this is his first time in the Big Brother household without Janelle and he knows he is a target. It is crucial for him to win and save himself from eviction. Kaysar immediately gets two balls in the middle and is doing pretty well and getting close. He sinks the last balls and lands himself a place into the final round. We watch the other contestants try their hardest to land a ball in the middle three cups.

Ian rolls and lands one in the cups, shortly followed by Enzo. A few minutes pass and Nicole, David, and Da’Vonne begin to pull ahead. As the competition heats up Enzo and David both get their second ball in the middle cups! A few minutes later Ian follows. Ian’s ball bounces out of the final cup and Enzo’s falls perfectly in place. Enzo is the second one to advance to the final round. We watch the contestants struggle and David makes a lucky roll into his final cup and is the final person to advance.

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Now, we see the next six houseguests ready to compete in the same competition. Cody vows to try his hardest to win this round since Kaysar has a shot at becoming HOH in the final round. Dani is also very determined to advance to stop Kaysar as well. The round begins and within a few minutes Christmas gets her ball in the middle, shortly followed by Memphis. A few rolls later and Christmas lands a second ball in the middle row! We watch the contestants struggle and then we see Dani get two balls in a row balanced in the cups.

Bayleigh follows shortly behind and finally gets a ball in the cup. We watch Cody struggle for a while, along with Kevin, who both finally get their first balls in the cups. After a few seconds we see Dani land her final ball and is the first one to advance to the next round. We then watch Kevin quickly come from behind and get his second and third balls in the cups. As the competition slowly comes to an end, the houseguests quickly battle but ultimately Cody is the final person to advance to the final six showdown for this week’s HOH, just narrowly beating Memphis.

Christmas is very disappointed in herself, because she would love to hear from back home after a few weeks. The final round will consist of Cody, Dani, Kaysar, Enzo, Kevin, and David. Immediately, Kaysar and Enzo land one ball in the cups. Kaysar knows he needs to win this to change the course of the house. Kaysar then makes a second cup and continues to become closer and closer to the third. We then watch Cody struggle for a bit before he gets his first ball. Shortly after, Dani and Kevin get their first balls. Enzo gets a second ball and is trying his best. We then watch David get his second ball in and the competition is getting tight! First one to get their third ball wins HOH!

Nobody wants Kaysar to land the last ball, and they wince as he gets extremely close every roll but doesn’t make the ball in the cup. Kaysar, David, and Enzo are all in a tight race. Ultimately, Enzo is the lucky one to land his last ball and is this week’s HOH!

Kaysar doesn’t feel good about Enzo winning and is very disappointed in himself. We cut to Cody and Dani talking and tells Cody that she didn’t throw off the votes to keep Janelle. She tells Cody it must have been Bayleigh and Da’Vonne. Cody is still suspicious of Dani and he feels like she’s raising a lot of red flags. Da’Vonne is upset in the lounge room since she did not win. She was very much hoping for that letter from home, because she really does miss her daughter. Bayleigh walks in and they talk about who the two rogue votes were and how they feel they may be targeted because of it.

Dani tries to talk Cody into thinking it was Da’Vonne or Bayleigh. He tells her he was pretty sure it was her. Everyone denies doing it. Cody is questioned and he jokes that it was definitely one. David walks in on their big group conversation and when questioned, looks at them like a deer in headlights. David is pretty sure someone is trying to create a story and blame someone.

Cody goes to Enzo and talks to him about how Dani tried to sway the vote. Little does Cody know, Enzo was the second vote who helped her sway but now Enzo realizes how untrustworthy Dani truly is. It looks like Dani’s plan to throw Da’Vonne and Bayleigh under the bus is not working out very well.

Da’Vonne and Kaysar talk and she asks him about his religion, out of curiosity. He explains to Da’Vonne how his diet is and how the diversity of religion can relate to diversity of race. Da’Vonne brings up George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and how her and her siblings have to be nervous to be an African-American in today’s society. Kaysar begins to tear up and get very emotional while Da’Vonne is talking.

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We cut over to the houseguests in the living room for the have-not ceremony. There will only be three have-nots this week. Enzo is the first to pick since he was a have-not last week. He asks for volunteers and shockingly, Tyler and Ian put their hands up. Enzo chooses Tyler since his hand was up first. Next is Cody, who shrugs and apologizes as he chooses Da’Vonne to be a have-not. Bayleigh is last to choose a have-not, and she chooses Dani.

Nicole and Dani talk about how they don’t like their rooms when Ian walks in and uses the bathroom. They break out into a fit of laughter and walk out, as we hear from Nicole that they’re good friends outside of the house. We cut to several scenes of Nicole and Dani talking and being very close friends and confiding in each other. Dani says that she trusts Nicole 1000% and thinks she will take her to the end.

Enzo and Cody talk in the HOH room. Enzo feels like Kaysar is an obvious target. He conspires with Cody that maybe Kevin is a good pick for a pawn. Kaysar approaches Enzo and wants to try to make sure he’s in good standing. He tells Enzo he wants to get the floaters out of the house and hopes he is aiming for the floaters rather than real competitors. Kaysar feels a little more confident but still cautious. Enzo talks to the camera and tells us he’s a nice guy, but he can’t trust Kaysar because he hasn’t talked any game with him and doesn’t know his true standing. It seems Enzo is pretty dead set with Kaysar being put up for eviction.

We come back from the break to see that Christmas is now granted a 10th baby as a part of her Safety Suite punishment. We then see that it did not stop there. Over the next two hours she was given two more babies! The next morning she wakes up to find out her punishment is finally over and she is free from babysitting duty.

We cut to Christmas and Enzo talking, and Enzo telling her he truly does want to work with her. Then, they talk about the two stray votes. Enzo also feels like Ian is a huge threat and he has his eye on him. They also talk about how Kevin flips and is a floater and that David is just a rookie.They also bring up Dani and Nicole and how close they are.

We return from the commercial to see Enzo round up everyone for the nomination ceremony. We will now find out which two houseguests will be nominated for eviction this week. The first houseguest up for eviction is Kaysar. The second houseguest nominated is Kevin. Enzo tells everyone it’s nothing personal and just based on the fact they have not talked game-wise together. We hear from Kaysar and Kevin that they both know they absolutely have to win the Power of Veto to save themselves from eviction.

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Who will win the golden Power of Veto and will the nominations change or remain the same? Find out Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS!

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