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Previously on Big Brother (BB)… This week’s competition is a cutthroat one! With alliances being formed left and right around the house, tensions quickly rise between the houseguests. Enzo won the Safety Suite competition on Sunday night’s episode, granting himself and Christmas safety this week. With that being said, this week’s Head of Household Tyler ended up making a power move by putting Janelle and Kaysar up for elimination. Who will win the Power of Veto (POV) tonight? Will Tyler be forced to put up another nomination, or will they stay the same?

After the short recap of the past week, we continue today’s episode after Sunday’s nomination ceremony. Tyler tells us he feels Kaysar and Janelle are his biggest threats and competitors. Janelle feels like this was just a safety move on Tyler’s part. Kaysar has never been on the block without Janelle in the three seasons he has played. He is very much expected to be put up for elimination.

Cody and Enzo talk about how they are happy Janelle and Kaysar are on the block. Cody says he is hoping he gets chosen to play in the POV competition so he can make sure they stay on the block. Da’Vonne goes into the HOH room to talk game with Tyler as they allied this past week. She reminds Tyler that Janelle is notorious for winning the POV competitions and should have a backup plan. Da’Vonne also goes to Janelle and Kaysar to make herself known that she is good with them if they win and have the power next week.

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Bayleigh and Janelle talk in the have-not room and slowly make a small alliance. Bayleigh does not feel that Janelle is a significant threat to her game. She does like Janelle and has looked up to her as a Big Brother player. Bayleigh tells Janelle that she will play for her if she wants to, but cannot guarantee her anything. Bayleigh tells us in the diary room if she wins, she will make the best move for her game.

Nicole F. and Dani talk in the lounge about who they want to take into the final four. Dani knows she cannot trust anybody in this house, but she needs to make friends with everyone around the house. She is aligned with Enzo, but she would not be upset if he would be eliminated, as she sees him as a floater. The same goes for Memphis, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne. Dani has many alliances around the house and feels she has to pick who would benefit her in the long run. She doesn’t think she could beat Tyler in the end, so he isn’t a choice either.

Ian watches Janelle do what she calls a “vampire facial” and questions her about it. Janelle says that she has begun to care more and more about her skin as she’s gotten older. Ian finds it kind of funny how far some people go for beauty in the house. Ian starts to tell Janelle that her facial’s pH could potentially hurt her skin, and she hurries to get it off while Ian laughs silently behind her.

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Now to pick nominees for the Power of Veto competition! First up is Tyler, who pulls out Cody. Next up to pick is Kaysar, who ends up choosing Bayleigh, after him is Janelle, who chooses Memphis. While Dani talks to Bayleigh in the kitchen about how she needs to win and keep the nominations the same, Bayleigh tells her what she wants to hear but tells us like before. She will do what’s best for her game and her game only.

Janelle and Kaysar talk about how tough their competition for the Power of Veto is. They have some of the strongest houseguests against them. Kaysar says he is going to fight to the end regardless. He knows he’s older and is a target but is very determined to stay in the game.

After the commercial break, it is time for the Power of Veto competition! This week’s competition is very cupcake themed. This tournament is called the Cupcake Clash Championship. Players go head to head to stack all three cupcakes to see who does it the quickest. First head to head competition is Kaysar vs. Tyler. The second head to head competitors is Cody and Bayleigh. That leaves for the final matchup to be between Memphis and Janelle. The competition works like a bracket, with the winners facing off with each other. The person to make it to the end will win this week’s golden Power of Veto.

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The cupcakes are mixed up, and the competition begins! Kaysar and Tyler are off to the races and start jumbling the large pieces of the cupcake. Kaysar rushes to get the all the correct combinations and accidentally puts them together on the wrong stands! As Kaysar tries to fix his mistake, Tyler realizes and rushes to buzz in, eliminating Kaysar.

Next are Cody and Bayleigh, who both now know the way to play. Bayleigh says the competition is much harder than it seems and struggles a lot! As Bayleigh struggles and runs out of room to put her cupcake tiers, Cody comes up from behind very quickly and buzzes in eliminating Bayleigh.
Next are Memphis and Janelle! Both of them struggle to shuffle the pieces correctly. Memphis is messing up big time, and everyone now believes he is throwing the competition. Janelle is trying hard, and Memphis still does it the smallest bit faster, eliminating Janelle.

Now for Cody and Memphis to face off. Memphis is very competitive, so he wants to beat Cody, but Cody finishes super quick and quickly eliminates him. Cody and Memphis may be in a final two deal together but don’t know if they can fully trust him. In the end, it’s Tyler vs. Cody. Cody is very confident he knows what he’s doing. Before Tyler can even get one cupcake to match, Cody has already finished all three cupcakes and buzzes in, winning this week’s Power of Veto competition!

After the commercial break, we cut to the houseguests coming inside from the POV competition. Dani, Nicole, and Christmas talk in the kitchen about how obvious Memphis was in throwing the last competition. They all now believe they can’t trust him and tried to allow Janelle to win.

Janelle and Kaysar talk and Janelle begins to feel bad for agreeing to come back in the game. She feels Kaysar would’ve had a better chance. Janelle tells Kaysar she’s pretty sure she’s the target, and it would be better for his game if she would just leave. Kaysar says he does not care because he is happy to see her again after all this time. They decide the only thing they can do is talk to people and convince everyone to keep them in.

We cut to Tyler, Enzo, and Cody talking about Memphis throwing the competition. Tyler says he never trusted Memphis to begin with, and now he really can’t trust him. Cody offers that he pull someone down and put Memphis up since he decided to throw the competition and help Janelle. Tyler says they can’t trust anyone except themselves, so he thinks the nominations should remain the same.

After the commercial break, we see Christmas’ punishment! She has to carry around and care for “Baby Allstar.” She has to tend to every demand of the baby all throughout the week. Immediately she is demanded to change its diaper and play with it. She also has to do other tasks like give it around the clock attention. Christmas looks exhausted and worn out from this Baby Allstar. After a few days, she is granted a second Baby Allstar! Christmas is super exhausted and is granted more and more babies. The houseguests find it hilarious but also feel bad for her.

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Janelle is trying very hard to talk to Cody about him using his Veto’s Power on her. She is offering everything she has to try to save herself and Kaysar. She tells Cody she will vote with him for the next two weeks and do her best to take out all of the floaters, which would be her main target. Cody begins to consider her offer and says it may possibly be beneficial to keep her as a shield for his game.

After the last commercial break, it is time for the Veto meeting. As it begins, Christmas’ babies immediately start crying and demand her to bounce them on her knee as the veto meeting continues. Cody decides not to use Veto’s Power this week, leaving Janelle and Kaysar on the block.

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Who will be eliminated, Janelle, or Kaysar? Tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on CBS to find out!

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