WWE NXT No Mercy 2023 Live Results

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Tonight, WWE heads to the Mechanics Bank Arena in Bakersfield, California for the NXT No Mercy premium live event. There are three championship matches, including an Extreme Rules rematch between Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton which has been confirmed as the main event.

Nerds & Beyond will provide live coverage of NXT No Mercy throughout the night.

NXT Championship: Carmelo Hayes (c) vs. Ilja Dragunov

Dragunov gets to work quickly on the champion with chops and uppercuts. Carmelo regains composure and gets some offense of his own in whipping Dragunov into the corner and flying off the ropes into a springboard. Dragunov scouts it and flips Hayes inside out. He slaps Hayes’ chest raw and kicks him in the back of the head. The men exchange enziguiris and Hayes goes for a cover but it’s only a two count. Ilja hits Hayes with nasty elbows. Hayes uses a wristlock to stomp on the challenger ready to end the match. Later, Ilja sets Hayes up for a deadlift superplex as Ilja is seen bleeding from his head. He goes for a falling elbow but doesn’ get it so he tries again as Hayes refuses to give up. Eventually, Hayes tries one last time to get to the top rope and end it with Nothing But Net. Ilja counters with a lariat and goes up top for the diving forearm, winning the match and becoming the new NXT Champion.

Heritage Cup Match: Noam Dar vs. Butch

The first round sees a ton of action as both ben try to score the first fall. Dar wins the round with a cheapshot as the bell sounds. In round two, Dar goes for a low crossbody to a cover but only gets a two count. After some offense from Butch, Dar wins the round with a running enzuigiri. Dar tries to steal it again but Butch kicks out and goes to the too rope for a moonsault. Butch picks up a pinfall in round 3. The two are tied and Dar takes it down to mat this round as they exchange holds. Dar attempts to put Hutch to sleep but he breaks the hold and gets a two count. Butch gets whipped into the ropes and gets hit in the knee. Dar tries to take advantage but Butch kicks out. He stays on the leg and goes to the top rope for double knees but Butch counters into a submission hold. Dur is knocked out and gets saved by the bell which promptly strikes 0 before he can put him to sleep. 

Right at the bell of round one, Dar hits Butch with.a back elbow and knocks him out. He doesn’t get the point. He stays on Butch now, aggressively but Butch gets his second wind and double knee stomps Dar. He puts him through the ropes and issues clobbering blows to his chest, but Oro Mensah kicks Butch on the side of the hide and rings his bell as Dar finishes him off, gaining a point with 43 seconds to go in the second round. In round 3, Butch becomes a lot more desperate and has the momentum a lot of the round and ties things up by utilizing the Bitter End.

By the final round, frustration builds as Dar is saved once again by the bell as Butch lands a flurry of strikes. He tries to power up but gets kicked in the back of the head by Mensah And Dar tries to get the pin but Butch kicks out. This time Bate fights back as Butch uses a Tyler driver. Butch switches to an arm bar as Wolfgang, Mark Coffey, and Tyler bate come out to distract, finally allowing Dar to pin and retain the Heritage Championship. 

NXT North American Championship: “Dirty” Dominik Mysterio (c) vs. Trick Williams

Mysterio rolls out of the ring early into the match and tries to flee with the title but Williams stops him and throws gum into the ring. He bodyslams Mysterio onto the mat but before he can get a pin, Mysterio rolls out again. Trick stays on him, punching him in the face and rolling him back inside. Dom uses the time to collect himself and quickly takes momentum when trick least expects it. Trick reverses Dom into the ropes but he just cant seem to shake Mysterio off. Special referee Dragon Lee gets knocked out with a superkick and knocked out of the ring as Williams gains momentum again. He chops Mysterio in the corner but Mysterio regains control throwing him into the ring post and the barricade. He goes to the top rope for a frog splash but trick moves out of the way. Williams hits Mysterio with a jumping knee to win the North American Championship. 

Baron Corbin vs. Bron Breakker

The two men fight through the crowd but Crobin fakes out Breakker and gets the upperhand early on in the match. It doesn’t last long because Breakker uses his power to overtake Corbin, sending him back over the barricade and to the ring. Corbin attempts to send Breakker through the table but fails and the two go back and forth. Corbin eventually hits him with a big boot, regaining control. Breakker lands a modified stomach breaker on Corbin and regains his control on the match. Both men are putting their all into the match but neither wants to let up. Eventually, Corbin capitalizes on an attack from Robert Stone to Breakker to end the match with an End of Days.

Fatal Four-Way NXT Tag Team Championship: “Stacks” Lorenzo & Tony D’Angelo (c) vs. The Creed Brothers vs. Bronco Nima & Lucien Prince vs. Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo

As the four-way match gets underway it’s important to stay away from the corners that don’t house your tag mate as Lima learns when Carillo tags in. Lorenzo also tags in on one half of the Creed Brothers and the action never slows. Carillo lands a springboard crossbody and the other half of the tag team champions, D’Angelo, tags in who is whipping everyone into the ropes. When D’Angelo comes back later in the match, he goes for a big knee but his knee gives out and the ref checks on him. He gets sent away and the match continues with Lorenzo in a handicapped situation. OTM are shining throughout the match as they help Humberto hold Lorenzo up for a superkick. When Lorenzo is about down and out, D’Angelo comes back in a brace and clears house. The D’Angelo Family eventually retain by pinfall with a double back suplex on Lucien Price.

Kelani Jordan vs. Blair Davenport

Jordan gets the early advantage but one trip gives the momentum to Davenport. She applies the Boston Crab and Jordan tries to crawl to the ropes to break the hold. Instead she counters with a crossleg victory roll. When Davenport hits the Ace Crusher, both women go down as Jordan tries to shift momentum back in her favor. She gets some offense with a a few elbows, including a cartwheel back elbow but Davenport gets a few double stomps in and sets her up with the Falcon Arrow, winning the match.

NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules: Becky Lynch (c) vs. Tiffany Stratton

The match begins with Lynch hitting Stratton with a kendo stick. She puts on a hard hat and headbutts Stratton, slapping her over the back repeatedly with the kendo stick. Stratton tries to flee but Lynch catches up, bouncing her head off the rail in the crowd. Lynch shoves Stratton’s arm between it but Stratton counters, grabbing Lynch’s arm and pulling. They work through the crowd landing blows on each other. Stratton is busted open as she makes her way back to the ring. As Lynch makes it over the barricade, Stratton meets her with a kendo stick of her own. She suplex’s the champion outside the ring and the action finally makes it into the ring. Stratton double stomps the champion for a near fall. She goes under the ring, grabbing a metal tool box, slamming Lynch with it. She grabs a wrench, a crowbar, a metal chain, a hammer — tearing down the champion. Lynch grabs the hammer and attempts to use it on her but Stratton moves out of the way. Lynch tries to counter as Stratton gets her with a Sidewalk Slam. Stratton grabs a chair and cracks it across Lynch’s back. Stratton counter’s Lynch’s crossbody but Lynch counters with a Bex Plex. Lynch grabs a bag and dumps it into the ring revealing a bunch of Barbie dolls. Lynch beats her down with them as Stratton goes for a metal garbage can lid to cover herself from the dolls being thrown at her. Lynch shoves Stratton inside of the garbage can and hits a leg drop on top of it. Stratton gets out and puts Lynch through the can with a Spinebuster.

Lynch follows Stratton into her PME, getting knocked off the apron. Lynch grabs a table but before she can set it up, Stratton surprises her with a kendo. Becky crawls under the ring and when Stratton finds her, she fires off an extinguisher to the face, blinding her. Stratton sends Lynch through the barricade with a backhand spring. Lynch places her on top of the announce desk, looking for the Man Handle Slam. Stratton counters, throwing Lynch onto the table, heading to the top rope for a Swanton. She puts Lynch into the ring with another Swanton for a two count. Stratton goes to the top for the Prettiest Moonsault Ever — nobody home! Becky rolls out of the way and grabs Stratton for the Man Handle Slam. Lynch retains!

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