AEW Collision Live Results: September 30, 2023

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Tonight’s episode of AEW Collision from the Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, Washington is the go-home to AEW WrestleDream. The show features five matches, including a team up between Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega, both appearing on the show for the first time. Nerds & Beyond will provide live updates throughout the show.

Judas Icarus Travis Williams vs. The Righteous

Williams and Icarus get the early advantage but when Dutch gets the tag the momentum shifts quickly. He slaps Williams across the chest and Icarus tags in. They make quick work on the men and The Righteous win.

Chris Jericho & Kenny Omega vs. Gates of Agony (Toa Liona & Kaun)

Jericho and Toa start things off with Liona head butting Jericho. Jericho lands in the opposite corner where Kaun tags in. Kaun goes for a quick cover but Jericho kicks out. Liona and Kaun trade kicks and punches on Jericho in the corner while Omega tries to come in and help even the odds. Jericho hits Liona wits a knee and tags Omega in. Omega Slams Liona’ head into the turnbuckle but it only fuels Liona. Omega stays on him as Liona attempts a suplex. Jericho and Omega work together for one of their own on Liona. They try to whip him to the other side of the ring but Liona uses his power to stop their momentum. Jericho is the legal man, chopping Liona.

He tags Omega in again who gives him a strike of his own. Omega blocks Liona’s punches and attempts to hit the ropes but Prince Nana stops him in his tracks sending Jericho to the ground inadvertently. Kaun tags in, suplexing Omega who uses his elbows to try to create separation. Liona and Kaun whip Omega into the corner as he gets his legs up to block. Kaun grabs them and swiftly shifts momentum of the match. Needing a desperate tag, Omega tags in Jericho who hits Kaun with a double axe. He tries to turn him into the lion tamer but Kaun reverses it. Kaun ducks out if the way for the Judas Effect as Liona clotheslines Jericho. Omega breaks up the count and slaps Liona in the middle of the ring. Jericho drop kicks him and Kaun tries to take advantage with a roll up but Jericho kicks out. Omega V-Triggers Kaun and dives over the top rope at Liona. Jericho finally gets the Lion Tamer locked in; Kaun has no choice but to tap. 

Julia Hart vs. Vert Vixen

Julia Hart was in action against Vert Vixen. Though a short match, Julia continues to show why she’s a dominating force in the women’s division. She slams Vixen’s head into the mat and gets her over to the ropes to choke her with them and her leg. Hart gets her up and shoves her into the corner with furious offense, as Hart continues to toy with her. Vixen creates some separation but she’s no match for Hart. Hart lands her picture perfect moonsault for the win. Hart hasn’t lost a match since she and Statlander wrestled on AEW Dark in April of 2022. Hart will use this momentum in their rematch tomorrow night at AEW WrestleDream to capture the TBS title from Statlander who has held the championship for 125 days and counting. 

Post match, Hart calls fo Statlander to come out but this time she brings backup. Statlander calls for Hart to hit her but Hart rolls out of the ring with a smirk. Statlander grabs a mic and tells her she can run tonight, but not tomorrow. She’s not only going to be in the ring with the TBS Champion but also the defeater of the undefeated. At WrestleDream, Hart’s time will be up.

Bryan Danielson, Wheeler Yuta, and FTR vs. Ricky Starks, Big Bill, and Aussie Open

Fletcher tags in as Yuta gets to work on him. Fletcher shifts momentum and maintains a wrist lock. He chops Fletcher across the chest and gets reversed into the corner. Davis tags in and so does Dax as they exchange chops. The rest of Davis’ team stomp Dax on the outside as the rest of his team comes to his aid. Aussie Open work in tandem to get Dax back into the ring. Big Bill is using his large stature to his advantage against Dax in the corner but Aubrey breaks it up. Starks tags in and goes for a pin but he doesn’t even get a one count. Fletcher tags back in as he power slams Dax into the mat and works him down to the mat, clutching his head and neck. Dax fights out and finally makes a tag to Cash. Danielson eventually tags in with and is met with Big Bill but he grabs his hair putting him into a ???. Fletcher breaks it up as both teams throw their all at each other in the ring. Brainbuster! DDT from Wheeler, thrust kick from Yuta to Starks. Danielson, FTR, and Yuta kick Starks, Bill, and Aussie Open in the center of the ring. They double team Big Bill but it gets broken up. Starks gets the pin over Dax but Cash had tried to break the pin. Aussie Open attempt a Coriolis but everyone is fighting in the ring now. Danielson beckons Sabre Jr. into the ring and ZSJ shoves and chokes him. Danielson tries to take him to the mat but ZSJ escapes swiftly out of the ring.

Best Friends vs. The Kingdom

Best Friends try to end the match early with piled rivers but The Kingdom roll out of the ring to collect themselves. Bennett gets in the ring but is met with Trent’s arm to his face. Taven tags in and the Best friends take control early but Taven reverses. Bennett tags in and shoves Trent into the barricade. Thrust kick from Chuck to Taven. Bennett hits Chuck with a drop toe hold and all four men are down. They get a couple near falls on both sides as The Kingdom show their veteran tag team status. After a bit in the ring, Taylor desperately tags out to Trent who makes quick work over The Kingdom. He stuns them with double drop kicks. Chuck and Trent isolate Taven and Trent hits him with a swinging DDT for a two count. Trent gets Bennett set up on the steps for a Death Valley driver, busting Bennett open. Chuck and Trent work in tandem to finish Bennett off but Taven tries to break it up. Best Friends do stereo pile drivers similar to the beginning of the match but The Kingdom go low and cheat to win the match.

After the match, The Kingdom begs Adam Cole to meet them at Roderick Strong’s house. They’re only six hours away but they’re on a first flight out. Unless, of course, he’d rather get his surgery.

Andrade El Idolo vs. Juice Robinson

Andrade El Idolo and Juice Robinson locked up for the first time in what was Robinson’s first singles match in AEW since the Owen Hart Final against Ricky Starks. Last week, Robinson’s fellow Bullet Club Gold member Jay White defeated El Idolo on Collision.

The two start off with massive shoves at each other in the ring as Robinson does some of his signature trash talking. Andrade takes the early momentum, crashing into Bullet Club Gold from the top rope. When he tries to go after Robinson again, the Gunns go after him while Robinson is on the distraction. Andrade performs a flurry of punches to Robinson but it only eggs Robinson on. Lots of near falls on both sides, Robinson stacks up El Idolo but only gets a two count. El Idolo hits Robinson with a hip toss into the ropes and before he can set him up for his finisher, the Gunns attempt a distraction before they get ejected. El Idolo uses a hammerlock DDT to pick up the win against Juice.

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