‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 16 “Plan 99”


In the previous episode, the Bad Batch was stuck on the rail line at the mercy of the Imperials. Will the squad be able to escape and rescue Crosshair?

Warning: spoilers for “Plan 99” below!

Losing Tech


The squad is stuck in one of the rail cars with troopers in the other line car shooting at them. The power is off. Tech may be able to restore it, but he will have to use one of the terminals on the track. The other clones cover his ascension, and Tech reaches the closest terminal. He immediately starts to work on restoring the power. In the bunker, an officer is reporting the casualties due to the explosions to Tarkin. The Governor decides to send ships to shoot the insurgents on the rail line even if soldiers are also stuck on the line.

Three ships arrive in sight of the rail car, and Hunter yells at Tech that they need power now. The clone is able to restore the power, and Echo puts the car in service again. Part of the rail car is disconnected due to a laser shot from the ship. Tech is running to go back in the car, but a blast throws him back. He is hanging from a cable and tries to climb back. Meanwhile, the car is being ripped from the track. Hunter orders Wrecker to get Tech on board, but the clone yells to not move since any shift of weight could cause the car to fall over. Tech wants Wrecker to sever the connection hinge between the two parts of the car, but Wrecker refuses as long as Tech’s cable is connected to the damaged car. Tech tells him “Plan 99” and shoots the hinge himself, falling to his death. The car goes back on the track and starts moving.

The car is moving too fast, and Echo can’t stop it and crashes. Omega wakes up in the forest and is searching for Tech before losing consciousness again. Hunter finds her and says they need to bring her to the ship. Omega is in and out of consciousness while the team is fighting troopers. Once on the ship, Hunter tells them to go to Ord Mantell so AZI can heal Omega.



Omega wakes up in Cid’s parlor. AZY says Hunter and her will make a full recovery with rest and proper treatment. Wrecker is relieved to see her awake. Omega is confused until she remembers what happened to Tech. She wants to go back for him and refuses to believe he is dead. Wrecker can’t take it and leaves the room crying. Omega wants to know why the clone did it, and Hunter says Tech put the squad ahead of himself. The clone proposes to Omega to stop being soldiers and settle on Pabu, and Omega agrees.

In the bar, Cid gives Wrecker a drink on the house, and she tells him she always liked Tech and is sorry he is dead. The Trandoshan seems remorseful. Echo is standing guard on the Marauder when Gonky informs him something is coming. The clone sees it’s the Empire and tries to warn Hunter, but the communications are jammed. Echo goes to find the rest of the squad while the droid is on the ship.

At the parlor, Wrecker realizes Cid is acting strange and wants to know what’s happening. She tells him she tried to look out for them, but it was too dangerous. She apologizes when Imperials enter the bar. Hunter orders Omega to take the tunnels to the spaceport and Echo. At first, she doesn’t want to go, but Hunter convinces her, and the girl leaves with AZY. Omega quickly changes her mind and goes back because she doesn’t want to lose more friends.

A shocking reveal


Entering the bar, Hunter sees Wrecker chained and surrounded. Hemlock gives money to Cid and thanks her. She looks at Hunter sadly and leaves. Hemlock tells him to hand Omega over and that he will spare Wrecker and him. Hunter refuses. Hemlock says he was sad to learn about Tech’s death and throws the clone’s goggles on the floor as a gift to Hunter. The doctor menaces to kill Wrecker if Hunter doesn’t lower his blaster. Finally, Hunter lowers his weapon and is immediately restrained. The troopers can’t find Omega anywhere, and Hunter tells the doctor that the girl is long gone.

Outside, Omega tells AZY to find Echo and that she will try to slow the Imperials down. She starts shooting at the Imperials and asks Hemlock to let them go. Hemlock proposes an exchange. He will let the clones go if she surrenders herself. She doesn’t believe him, and Hemlock reveals he wants to take her back to Nala Se. Hunter reminds her they killed all the Kaminoans, but Hemlock denies it. Omega is finally stunned. Hemlock orders his soldiers to find Echo and to send all three clones to Eriadu because Tarkin wishes to interrogate them.

AZY found Echo, and together, they take control of a walker. Echo shoots the soldiers while Wrecker and Hunter free themselves. Once reunited, the clones try to stop Hemlock from leaving, but they are unable to stop the shuttle. They make their way to the Marauder and escape Ord Mantell. On the ship, Hunter says they won’t stop until they get Omega back.

Hemlock’s shuttle lands on Mount Tantiss. Omega and Nala Se see each other, and the young girl wants to know why she was brought there. Hemlock orders an assistant to bring Omega to Emerie Karr to tend to her wounds. After Omega leaves, the doctor says to Nala Se that Omega will suffer if she doesn’t accept to work on the Emperor’s project despite the Kaminoan saying it’s not possible. Omega is brought into a big lab where clones are lying on beds, unconscious. She sees Crosshair and tries to wake him up. Emerie Karr enters, and Omega asks what happened to him and to see Nala Se. Karr finds it ironic the young girl trusts the Kaminoans but not her. The episode ends with Karr revealing that Omega and her are sisters.

All episodes of season 2 of Star Wars: The Bad Batch are streaming now on Disney+.

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