‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 15 “The Summit”


Last week, the squad had to make the decision to go rescue Crosshair from Hemlock or settle on Pabu for good. You can read the recap of the last episode here.

Warning: spoilers for “The Summit” below!

Planning a rescue


On the Maraudeur, Tech is briefing the rest of the team on the intel he was able to find on the Advanced Science Division and Hemlock. He was unable to find their base. Echo interrupts them saying one of his contacts informed him that Hemlock will be at Tarkin’s summit on Eriadu. He proposes to do a covert operation and plant a tracker on Hemlock’s ship to be able to follow him and free Crosshair. Hunter is not sure it is worth the risk because they will be at a tactical disadvantage. Tech reminds him that Crosshair is still their brother and they need to save him. Omega and Wrecker agree. Hunter asks Echo if they can have some reinforcements, but the clone tells him Rex is on a different mission.

Later, the team is preparing to leave, and Phee goes over to talk to Tech. She looks worried and asks Tech if he was going to leave without saying goodbye. He says yes and asks if she wants a briefing. He doesn’t seem to understand Phee cares about him, and she leaves frustrated. Tech watches her leave and boards the ship.

Meanwhile, Hemlock arrives on Eriadu and is escorted to a meeting with Tarkin and several Imperial officers. Tarkin remarks he is late, and Hemlock says he needed to attend to a few matters. On the Marauder, Tech tells the clones he found a suitable place to land, and Echo adds he acquired a clearance code from a contact. They are cleared to approach the planet under the code Vessel 1143.

Infiltrating the compound


After trekking in the forest, the clones stop to study the compound, and Echo remarks they could exploit a weak point in the rail. Tech disables the sensors for them to be able to jump on a railcar, but they only have thirty seconds to do so before the Imperials recycle the feed. The clones are all able to jump on the railcar undetected. After a while, they arrive at the base and start neutralizing the guards.

At the meeting, plans are discussed for a secure military presence in the galaxy. Hemlock makes a report about his works on cloning, saying the subject is of great importance for the Emperor. It seems like the goal is to use molecular alteration to manipulate the minds of the population. Tarkin wants to know how long it will take. Hemlock wishes to be sent the clones so he can experiment on them. Since they are Imperial property, Hemlock doesn’t need their cooperation to use them. Some of the officers are reticent about it, but Tarkin finds the clones unpredictable and says that if more of them rebel, they will be dealt with. Then, he turns to Orson Krennic to ask how Project Star Dust is doing.

Meanwhile, the clones are trying to find Hemlock’s ship. Hunter, Echo, and Tech are headed to the control room to access the hangar manifest while Wrecker and Omega stay behind to plant the homing beacon. Tech calls Omega to tell them that Hemlock’s shuttle is at docking lane four. In the control room, Echo is worried that the surveillance systems are deactivated in several corridors. Hunter and Tech go to check it out while Echo stays in the control room. In the hangar, Omega is making her way to the ship since Wrecker will gather too much attention. She is able to plant the beacon but can’t move because she is surrounded by clones. Echo takes control of one of the cranes and picks one of the ships with it to cause a diversion.

A familiar face


In the corridor, Hunter and Tech find more cameras deactivated. Tech is uneasy about it and thinks they should evacuate. Hunter finds a thermal explosive. Suddenly, they encounter two troopers. One of them is revealed to be Saw Gerrera. His team is there to destroy the base and kills the officers. Hunter tells him he can’t let him do that since they are tracking Hemlock to find the clone prisoners. Gerrera doesn’t want to call his mission off. They are discovered by real stormtroopers, and the clones and Gerrera separate.

Hunter and Tech are facing a lot of enemies, and Hunter orders the others to make their way to the rail line. Gerrera orders his men to go back to the hangar and renounce to destroy the command center. After being informed of the infiltration, Tarkin orders to switch communications to encoded channels and to find the insurgents. The command center is transformed into a bunker, and Tarkin reassures his fellow officers about their safety.

Hunter and Tech meet up with Omega, Wrecker, and Echo. They reach the rail line and board a car. Echo overrides the code, and the rail car starts moving, but not before several troopers jump in it. Gerrera and his team reach the hangar and escape with one of the ships. Once safe, he detonates the bombs causing great destruction. The bombs cause damage to the rail line, and it loses power. The clones eliminate the troopers, but the car is now stuck in the middle of the line, leaving the clones in a dangerous situation.

Stay tuned for the recap of the final episode of season 2 of The Bad Batch!

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