‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 14 “Tipping Point”

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Last week, The Bad Batch decided to settle on Pabu to help Phee Genoa and her friends to rebuild their homes. You can read the full recap here.

Warning: spoilers for “Tipping Point” below!

Rescue mission


Clones prisoners are being transported by stormtroopers under the orders of Captain Pearce to a mysterious destination. As soon as the ship is in orbit, it is under attack. The hyperdrive is neutralized, and the captain orders to open fire. The assailants are revealed to be Gregor, Echo, and several other clones. The weapon system of the Imperial ship is down and is at the mercy of the clones.

A small shuttle boards the ship with Echo and two other clones on it. Once inside the ship, the clones quickly make their way to the prisoners after neutralizing the troopers. Fireball frees the prisoners, one of them being Captain Howzer.  Meanwhile, Echo and Nemec reach the bridge and make the Captain prisoner. Nemec wants to know where the prisoners were headed. The Imperial refuses to tell them and kills himself. Gregor warns them reinforcements are there and urges them to come back to their ship quickly. Echo retrieves data and Nemec and he go back to the ship.

Prisoner on Weyland


On Weyland, Crosshair is still a prisoner. Emerie Karr urges him to cooperate with Hemlock. The Doctor arrives and marvels at how quickly Crosshair has healed. The clone wants to know why he is prisoner. The Doctor tells him he can have a clean slate if he helps him find Clone Force 99. Crosshair understands immediately that the Doctor wants Omega and tells him that his former teammates won’t give her up. Hemlock seems to think Omega is Imperial property, so they won’t have a choice. Crosshair tells him he doesn’t know where they are, and Hemlock orders the troopers to secure him on the table to start the torture. One of the Doctor’s assistants arrives to tell him the ship with the prisoners has been attacked. Hemlock asks Karr to inform him when Crosshair is ready to talk.

Meanwhile, on Coruscant, Echo and Howzer are talking with Senator Chuchi. Howzer tells them he was captured with eight other clones, but he is the only survivor. Chuchi wants to know why all the clones were being detained. The clone says they were questioning Imperial orders. Howzer doesn’t know where they were being sent, but it was not the first time clones were transported somewhere and never saw again. Echo proposes to bring the data to someone who will be able to decrypt it. Chuchi agrees and tells him to be careful.

At the Imperial base, Crosshair is still being tortured. Karr stops it, and a stormtrooper protests, but Karr reminds him the clone can’t talk if he is dead. Crosshair is able to reach a blaster before being restrained again. The clone orders Karr to release him. She tells him he won’t be able to escape the facility. He stuns her and takes her access card. Instead of trying to escape, Crossroads go to a communication center and sends a message to his former friends to warn them about Hemlock. Quickly, the room is filled with toxins, and Crosshair loses consciousness.

Reuniting with Echo


Meanwhile, on Pabu, Wrecker and Hunter are helping the citizens with rebuilding their homes. Shep and Hunter discuss the upcoming arrival of Echo, and Hunter reassures him about the clone’s allegiances. Shep asks Hunter if they would consider staying on the island since they have integrated so well. They are interrupted by the Marauder flying very low. Omega is flying the ship under Tech’s supervision and is excited about learning, thinking she is improving. Tech agrees, even if he seems a bit uneasy about Omega’s flying style. They are contacted by Echo, and the clone proposes a race to the landing zone; Tech is not okay with this, but Omega agrees.

Hunter and Echo look at Omega landing the Maraudeur, and Echo tells him he is surprised the other clones are not on Ord Mantell anymore. Hunter tells him they have been reevaluating things. Omega is very happy to see Echo and jumps into his arms. Tech asks him immediately about the data he wanted decrypted. Echo explains where the data comes from and why they need it decrypted as soon as possible.

On Weyland, Hemlock is talking with the hologram of Tarkin about the missing clones. Hemlock is downplaying it, but Tarkin is concerned about the stolen data. Hemlock is more worried about how the transport was targeted. Tarkin thinks the danger is coming from rogue clones, and Hemlock asks for the clones to be sent to him. Tarkin tells him to prepare a plan for the next summit.

On Pabu, Echo wants to know if his former teammates plan to stay permanently on the island. Hunter says they haven’t decided yet, but it could be the best thing for them. Hunter wants to know what Echo has been doing. The clone explains that he has been building a network of clones with Rex. Tech contacts them because he decrypted the data. On the ship, he explains, the prisoners were destined to the Advanced Science Division, a clandestine operation with Royce Hemlock at his head. Tech reveals that Crosshair is one of the clones sent to the division. He adds that he found a distress message from Crosshair on one of their former channels and that the clone used Plan 88, “The Seeker,” a code meaning that the squad is targeted. Tech believes he is warning them, but Hunter thinks he could be a trap like before.

Back on Weyland, Hemlock orders Crosshair’s interrogation to be increased when the clone refuses again to betray The Bad Batch.

Will the squad come to Crosshair’s rescue? What are Hemlock’s plans for the rogue clones? With only two more episodes left in the season, we will have answers soon.

The last two episodes of The Bad Batch‘s season 2 will be released next week on Disney+.

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