‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 13 “Pabu”

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In the new episode of season 2, the Bad Batch arrives on Pabu with Phee Genoa and discover a quieter way of living. You can read the recap of the last episode here.

Warning: spoilers for “Pabu” below!

Working with a Pirate


Phee Genoa and Omega are in a cantina for a meeting with Lanse Crowder with the intention to purchase an artifact. The artifact is tree-shaped. Genoa wants to examine the it to be sure it’s not a fake. The squad is also in the cantina keeping an eye on the transaction. Genoa agrees to the purchase and Omega gives the money to Crowder who is surprised by Omega’s presence. The pirate tells him she is teaching the young girl how to negotiate. Crowder gives a drink to Genoa who quickly realize it is poisoned. He tries to kill again using a kouhun. Hunter notices it and neutralize the insect. Wrecker intervenes and the two clones start to fight their attackers. Genoa takes the artifact and Omega and her retreat.

Meanwhile, Tech is on the Marauder playing a game against himself. Hunter requests a pickup. In the cantina, Wrecker and Hunter throw a few smoke bombs. They are all able to escape on the Maraudeur.

Vacation on Pabu


Later, Genoa is talking with Hunter and is impressed with how Omega reacted at the cantina and Hunter says her training has been paying off. Genoa thinks she should learn other skills. Tech and Hunter want to know what other skills. The pirate thinks she should meet people her own age. Tech remarks they never had that and he doesn’t see an issue with it. 

They receive a transmission from Cid who has been without news from them for a while. She threatens them with denouncing them to the Empire if they don’t come back. Genoa is surprised they cut ties with the Trandoshan and Hunter admits their arrangement was not really good for them. The pirate wants to know if they have a plan and invite them to follow her somewhere. 

The Marauder lands on a beautiful island named Pabu. The pirate leads them to the Archium where the artifact will be stored. After analyzing the artifact, Tech remarks it doesn’t really have monetary value. Genoa tells him that many people on Pabu are refugees and the items are remnants of their culture. They are welcomed by the Mayor of Pabu, Shep Hazard and his daughter Lyana. They seems very close with Genoa. The pirate introduces them to the clones. Lyana is surprised because Phee never brought anyone here and says that she must like them. Shep invites them to a party. The clones follow him into the city while Phee goes to secure the artifact.

The clones and their host walk in the island city, which is build by the sea. Hazard is greeted by an older man, which prompts Wrecker to ask if he knows everyone here. The Mayor says the community is like a family and invites the squad into his home. Omega and Lyana start to play with simian moon-yos. Tech says he hasn’t seen the girl laugh like that in a long time. Hunter and Shep talk about the community and the refugees. The clone asks if they are not worried about the Empire showing up. Shep says he is not worried since they haven not enough resources to interest the Empire. The Mayor thinks Hunter is Omega’s father and tells him it could be a great to raise a child. Genoa tells him to think about it.

Danger on the Island


At the feast, Omega and Lyana talk about boats and Lyana proposes to take her boat out to watch the sunset. Hunter gives his permission and the two girls leave. Wrecker says he is full from all the food, which prompts Tech to record the date since it is a memorable occasion. Shep brings fruits for dessert and Wrecker says he loves the island.

Omega and Lyana are at the wharf as they power a boat. They are sailing when they start talking about Kamino. Lyana says they are safe on the island and that they can stay. Omega says, pensive, they never stay long anywhere. At Shep’s house, Phee invites the clones to see the sunset and how all the lights of the island are turned on. Even Tech is impressed by it. Hunter is looking around feeling like something is wrong. He thinks something is coming. Suddenly, the ground is shaking. Omega is worried, but Lyana says it happens all the time. The two young girls head back to the island to safety. Hunter contacts Omega to see if she is okay and she informs him they are going back on land.

On the island, Shep is not worried, but Hunter doesn’t think it’s over. A bigger tremor is felt and Tech thinks it may cause a sea surge. The warning system activates and confirms Tech’s calculations. Tech says they must evacuate everyone from Lower Pabu. Hunter decides to go save Omega and Lyana with the ship. Meanwhile, the boat becomes unsteady and the girls jump in the water. They make their way on land, but Lyana is unresponsive at first. She wakes up and they start to run when they notice the giant wave.

Meanwhile the citizens are making their way to Upper Pabu, but Tech fears they won’t have enough time. Phee says they could deploy the rescue ladders on top of the wall. Tech uses his grapple to propel himself and Phee on top of the wall. They release the ladders and people start climbing. Shep and Wrecker are still evacuating houses when they find an old man not aware of the danger. Wrecker takes him in his arms and run. Hunter arrives with the Marauder and saves the girl just in time. Shep and Wrecker still holding the old man, start climbing. Shep nearly falls into the water, but Wrecker is able to grab him and pull him to safety.

A New Beginning

In the morning, everyone can see the devastation. Shep and Hunter look at the destroyed houses of Lower Pabu. The Mayor says everyone is safe and that this is the most important. Hunter proposes to stay and help rebuild the island. Tech has the same idea and Phee looks happy about the clone staying. Shep says they are most welcome to stay.

Will Cid leave the clones alone? Will the squad be able to live quietly on the island? With three episodes left in the season, we should have some answers soon.

A new episode of The Bad Batch is released each week on Disney+.

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