‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 12 “The Outpost”


On this week’s episode of The Bad Batch, Crosshair is in a new mission for the Empire and makes a new friend. You can read last week’s recap here.

Warning: spoilers below for “The Outpost”!

A new mission


Crosshair is watching clones being sent away to retirement when he is joined by his new commanding officer Lieutenant Nolan. Their mission is to go retrieve valuable cargo on Barton 4 which is being targeted by local insurgents. They need to secure it until the next transfer. The lieutenant shudders when he sees that they are going to be joined by more clones on the mission. He seems disgusted by them. 

Later, they arrive at the outpost on the ice planet. They find droids filing away crates. Immediately, the Clone Commander and the Lieutenant are hostile towards one another. The Lieutenant is remarking the outpost is unguarded and the Clone explains all his men, except Hexx and Veetch, have been killed. The Lieutenant shows no compassion and says he will deal with their failings later. He orders them to speak to him with more respect and refuses to use their names.  

The Commander orders his men to help the Lieutenant get situated. They leave and after he addresses directly Crosshair, they introduce themselves. The Commander’s name is Mayday. He gives a tour of the land to Crosshair and explains he has been stationed here for a year. He hopes he can leave now that the cargo will be transported elsewhere. The two clones start talking about the attacks by the raiders. They were able to pass the sensors because the equipment has been affected by the weather. Mayday tried to get replacements without success. Crosshair wants to know what’s in the crate, but Mayday has no idea. The clone warns Crosshair to not go alone to scout because the planet is dangerous.

Attack on the base


The clones hear a blast alarm indicating a new raider attack. Sadly, Hexx and Veetch die during the attack. The raiders were able to take two crates with them.  

Nolan doesn’t care about the lost clones and is angry about the stolen crates. He wants Mayday and Crosshair to find them. The Commander says he doesn’t have the manpower to go against the raiders and asks for all his men to retrieve the cargo. Nolan refuses and says Crosshair and Mayday will go alone on the recovery mission.

Later, the two clones take the tunnel to find the thieves and discover one of them dead wearing clone armor. They continue their journey in the tunnels when Crosshair puts his foot on a pressure mine. Mayday starts working on the mine. Mayday and Crosshair talk about the war ending and the latter shares he was with Clone Force 99 saying they are gone now. Mayday interprets that as meaning they died. Mayday is bitter about now babysitting cargo, but is able to disarm the mine even if he doesn’t have adequate equipment. 

The clones locate the raider base which only have two guards and they attack. After neutralizing the guards, they approach the campsite and fight the raiders. They locate the cargo and realize it’s just gear for the new Imperial army. Mayday is incredibly angry when he sees it. 

Crosshair makes a choice


A second avalanche is starting and both clones are quickly submerged by the snow. Crosshair is able to free himself and starts to look for his fellow clone. He finds the Commander in the snow, but he is in very bad shape. Mayday tells the other clone to leave him there, but Crosshair carries him in the snow until they reach the Imperial base.

When they arrive at the base, he requests medical help for Mayday, but Nolan refuses to waste resources on someone he considers expendable. The Lieutenant is also angry at them for not bringing back the cargo. Crosshair begs him, but Nolan is not moved. Mayday dies and Nolan orders Crosshair to leave him behind.

Crosshair sees an ice vulture flying above them and makes a decision. He shoots the Lieutenant and kills him. The clone passes out while being surrounded by the other clone troopers.

When he wakes up, he is being watched by Emerie, who works with Royce Hemlock on Wayland. He wants to know what he is doing there. The scientist tells him that if he cooperates, he might survive. She injects him with a product and he passes out again. 

A new episode of The Bad Batch is released each week on Disney+. Stay tuned for more recaps on Nerds and Beyond!

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