‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’ Recap: Season 2, Episode 8 “Pre-Frosh Weekend”

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In this episode of The Sex Lives of College Girls, Leighton goes to dinner with her dad and Tatum, Bela’s friend from home comes to visit for Pre-Frosh Weekend, and Whitney and her new boy toy get caught. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Pre-Frosh Weekend.”

Leighton Comes Out

Leighton’s dad comes to visit and she’s keen on telling him that she’s gay. However, once he starts talking about how rough things are at home, she’s afraid of piling on and decides not to tell him. That is until they run into an old friend at dinner who just so happens to be the father of Tatum, the girl Leighton has been seeing. They join each other for dinner and eventually Leighton lets it slip that not only is she gay, but she is also seeing Tatum. Leighton’s dad excuses himself and after a while, she goes to check on him. As long as she’s happy, that’s all he could ask for. And he thinks she and Tatum make a lovely couple.

Whitney’s Study Buddy

Whitney finds herself in yet another pickle when she’s alone with Andrew again. He claims she’s a distraction, coming to labs in skirts. They just can’t help themselves and once again, they hook up. Whitney feels conflicted about it once she talks to her friends. He gives an awkward wave and she sends one back. She knows they shouldn’t, but he’s also smart so it’s helpful. They meet up in the library and hide away in the corner. In the middle of one of their heated sessions, Canaan accidentally stumbles upon them and things quickly get awkward.

Are We Or Aren’t We?

Kimberly has been spending more time with Jackson, who visits the cafe to give her a kiss before class. She doesn’t know how to define what they have but she also wonders if they have anything in common at all. After a workout session, she runs into him outside his dorm room. He invites her over to watch SmackDown and once she brings up their interests, he claims that it’s good they are different, so he can learn from her. He doesn’t want to date someone who shares the same interests as him. Kimberly asks if this means they are together, to which Jackson gives a confident “yes.”

Welcome to Essex, Priya

Bela’s friend from home, Priya, is coming to visit for Pre-Frosh. She plans on coming to Essex so the two are going to spend the weekend catching up. Once she arrives, she’s different than Bela remembers. She’s like, extra hot now? And it makes Bela feel a bit unsure. At lunch, a boy invites Priya to a party in the woods off campus. Bela cuts in to say she already has plans — a party for Priya to get acclimated to student life. After setting everything up, Bela quickly realizes she’s been stood up once it’s revealed Priya is at the other party. Upset, Bela confronts her at the party and she says she just wanted to start fresh and make a new name for herself. She doesn’t want to be remembered as just “nerdy.” She’d planned on going to Essex for Bela in the first place, she’s always looked up to her.

Episodes 1-8 of TSLOCG season 2 are streaming now on HBO Max. The final two episodes of the season release next Thursday, December 15. Keep up with our coverage here.

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