‘Criminal Minds: Evolution’ Recap: Season 16, Episode 4 “Pay-Per-View”

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In this week’s episode of Criminal Minds: Evolution, the race is still on to catch Sicarius while JJ and Will get some unexpected, shocking news. Keep reading for everything that happens in “Pay-Per-View.”

A Mental Break(through)

Michael Yarish /Paramount+

Tara and Emily are trying to figure out a way to get more information out of their only suspect and informant, Tyler. Because of his discharge from the military and other forces, he doesn’t like to open up to anyone in charge. Emily makes a call to Penelope, who she believes is the only person who can do the job. He does not talk to her, but then Penelope comes up with an idea while talking to Luke. What if they could get him to open up by recovering his memories via a cognitive interview? So, that’s what they do. Penelope gets Tyler to agree to sit through the interview. Through this, they find out his sister, Alison, and her boyfriend had gotten into a fight about Tyler. He gets frustrated emotionally once he realizes he can’t describe him to Luke. The guy they’re looking for is “Lee.”

Band of Brothers

A couple arrives in Miami ready for their vacation. They get an alert that their home cameras have detected movement, and see two people that broke into their home. The face-painted men address them directly, telling them to enjoy the show, before slitting the man’s throat. The two men are back at it again, at an older couple’s home. They canceled their flights, but they will not deviate from their plan. They kidnap yet another guard, but this time they don’t make it far enough to kill him before Penelope pings the address and sends SWAT and the BAU over to the home. However, it’s too late.

They head back to the BAU to deliver the profile. It is to be believed the suspects are brothers and local to the area. They may also receive help from Sicarius. They find out the two boys are getting revenge for their mother’s death, and they attempt to kill their soon-to-be stepmom. Penelope cuts the camera and the boys scramble to get it back online just as JJ and Tara enter the home. As Gael comes running out of the other room with a gun pointed at them, Tara shoots and kills him. They give Jude the opportunity to not end up in the same position, as long as he drops the weapon. Rossi attempts to get Jude to admit Sicarius’ involvement, but he does not know what Rossi is talking about.

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Expect the Unexpected

JJ and Will have a few moments to themselves. JJ opens up saying she was nervous they had lost their spark, Will reassures her that whatever problems they have, they can work on together. A knock on the door interrupts them with an insurance agent on the other side. Will has to go in for a physical, and after running a bunch of tests, they find he may have cancer.

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