‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 3 “The Setup”


This episode of Love, Victor, Isabel tries to set Victor up with a boy from church, but Victor isn’t too happy about it. Felix also meets his mom’s boyfriend, and Lake and Lucy step up their relationship. Read on to find out what happens in “The Setup.”

Not-So-Warm Welcome Back

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The Salazars are leaving a new church, one that accepts the LGBTQ community (as partially evidenced by its rainbow flower bed). Isabel is happy Victor likes it and mentions him maybe joining a youth group – where he might meet someone new. Victor gets annoyed because he just broke up with Benji, so Pilar takes him to go get snacks. Meanwhile, Armando tells Isabel to back off, but she just wants to support Victor. They reach a table where two other parents (Doug and Kerry) hear them and share that they have a gay son, Nick, who happens to be Victor’s age.

The next day at school, Victor chills with Rahim at his locker, and Rahim picks up on Victor’s glum mood. He also thinks it might not be such a bad thing for Victor to see someone else. However, Victor thinks it is because he’s still hung up on Benji. Speaking of, Rahim gets a notification and shows Victor a Creek Secrets post that reveals Benji was in rehab, and Benji walks by. Victor is conflicted because he wants to tell Benji but also knows they shouldn’t talk to each other. But the burden falls off his shoulders as Lucy finds Benji. He tells her how stressed he is, and she adds on to it by showing him the post. She doesn’t know who posted it, though. Benji notices Rahim and seems to suspect it was him.

Getting Back Out There

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When Victor gets home, Isabel tells him to shower because people are coming over – Doug, Kerry, and Nick. Victor becomes annoyed again, and Pilar sides with him while managing to get out of the dinner. Isabel tells Victor to go shower again just as the doorbell rings. When Victor spots Nick, he changes his tune and agrees to be nice. When he’s showered and changed, he and Nick connect over their parents agreeing to the dinner. Victor explains that Isabel is newly supportive and that he also just broke up with someone. After a beat, Nick uses an excuse of a forgotten pie to get him and Victor out of there. They head out to buy one but end up parking in an empty lot where they hook up. They return in happy moods with a pie in tow. As everyone sits down to dinner, Isabel notices Victor’s mood and has a little “I told you so” moment.

When Nick’s family leaves, Isabel aks if Victor will see him again. Victor says maybe but that Isabel needs to chill with the ally stuff. He just wants her to be his mom, to pester him about homework and ask how he’s doing when he has a bad day. So, she asks, and he responds he’s not good. They go sit on the couch, and he tells her that everyone found out about Benji going to rehab. He wants to be there for Benji but also enjoys having fun with Nick. Isabel says that maybe he and Benji aren’t meant to be right now. She tells Victor how if she and Armando had the time to grow before getting together, they might not have had to as adults. The next day, Victor seems to take her words to heart as he walks through school scrolling through Nick’s Instagram and messages that they should have more fun soon.

Girls’ Night?

At Lake’s, Mia and Lake are talking when Lake’s mom comes in. She makes a quick criticism of Lake before apologizing to Mia that she can’t be there for her first weekend living with them. But they’ll be okay because they are planning a girls’ night. When Georgina leaves, Lake tells Mia that Lucy is joining them, but Mia doesn’t seem too thrilled. Her bubble is burst a little more when, at lunch, Lake breaks the news that she and Lucy are having a different kind of girls’ night. Lucy heads to class and Mia realizes it will be Lake’s first time, asking if she wants to talk about it. Lake says she’s good; she talked about it with Lucy. Meanwhile, Andrew is trying his very best not to make any crude remarks.

Mia spends the night with Andrew and attempts to pick a movie to watch. Andrew can tell something is bothering her, so Mia brings up Lake and Lucy. Andrew thinks Mia’s jealous. She doesn’t really deny it but explains that when Lake was with Felix, Mia was the one she’d talk to about him, but now she has Lucy. When she’d done, she hands Andrew the remote to choose something. About three seconds later, she continues what she was saying.

First Time

Lake and Lucy are kissing in Lake’s bed when she suggests they get under the covers, as she’s self-conscious about her thighs. Lucy compliments her before saying it’s her arms, and Lake reciprocates complimenting. They begin to get undressed, but when Lake realizes Lucy took off her underwear, she panics and goes to the bathroom to call Mia. Lake shares that she’s worried she’ll be bad at sex and ruin things with Lucy. Mia isn’t quite sure what advice to offer, but she reminds Lake that she’s a woman and knows what she likes, so she should start there. When Lake’s more at ease, she promises to tell Mia how it goes.

And it went well. When Mia comes in, Lake and Lucy tell her as much, with Lucy adding that Lake revealed that she and Mia used to practice kissing. Mia is briefly scandalized. She lets it slide when Lake reminds her they would never tell any boys, and it will stay between the three of them.

Dawn’s New Pal

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Felix finds his mom in a happy mood. She assures him he doesn’t need to worry – she loves her psychiatrist, is on meds she likes, and is excited to meet Pilar. Felix reminds her they can’t tell the Salazars. She uses that as a segue into telling Felix about a new man she met, Stuart. She invites Felix to go out with them and adds that he should bring Pilar. He promises to think about it.

He ends up agreeing, and Felix tells Pilar he’s worried that if something happens between Dawn and Stuart, it could undo Dawn’s progress. They all meet up, and while Dawn goes to get their food, Felix begins an intense line of questioning with Stuart about mental health, including things Dawn has gone through (though he doesn’t say her name). Afterwards, Pilar tells Felix that he wasn’t being fair to Dawn. He’s being overprotective like Armando and needs to let Dawn do her own thing, because it could work out. When Felix gets home, he tells Dawn that he liked Stuart, and, happy, she begins gushing about him.

Rivals to Still Rivals

Rahim heads to Brasstown and sees Benji is working. As far as awkward run-ins go, this one is high on the list. Benji makes a remark that prompts Rahim to say he didn’t make the Creek Secrets post. Benji doesn’t seem to believe him, so Rahim leaves… for now. He returns later, and Benji thinks Rahim is going to apologize. Instead, Rahim shares that the poster was someone at school who had a cousin in rehab with Benji. Then Rahim does apologize for kissing Victor. Benji doesn’t really want to hear it, though.

At school and basically Rahim-free, Benji heads to a math classroom where the teacher lets him know his tutor will be there soon and he’s great. Unfortunately for both tutor and tutee, the tutor is Rahim.

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming now on Hulu and Disney+. Find our season 3 review here, our interview with Bebe Wood here, and the rest of our coverage, including recaps, here. Stay tuned for the remainder of our season 3 recaps.

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