‘Love, Victor’ Season 3 Review: One Last Ride Full of Possibilities

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We’ve (almost) reached the end of an era. On June 15, Love, Victor will premiere its third and final season. The upcoming season picks up immediately after the end of season 2 as Victor makes his choice between Benji and Rahim. Season 3 also sees Victor and his friends embark on journeys of self-discovery as they face new challenges.

This review is spoiler-free.

Something I think this show does especially well is character development. Through the first two seasons, I’ve loved getting more in-depth looks at the characters, and season 3 is no different in that regard. One of the standouts for me was Rahim. While the main parts of his identity (gay, Iranian, and Muslim) were laid out in season 2, this season fleshes out how each one affects him separately, and how they work in tandem. A couple of the budding relationships viewers saw in the season 2 finale have the chance to blossom and be explored. Viewers also gain deeper insight into Benji’s sobriety journey.

And then there’s Victor. Victor’s been through a lot since viewers first met him, from grappling with his sexuality to dealing with strained relationships — romantic and otherwise. Last season, viewers saw him navigate being out on a more public scale, though there were still some things he questioned. Season 3 does well building on that. Victor really comes into his own this season now that he no longer relies on Simon’s guidance. He’s more confident but continues to try and be mindful of those closest to him. He’s not afraid to explore new things, nor does he lose his self-reliance when he works through situations. Some of his decisions surprised me, but still, I felt and saw a noticeable growth.

I was also struck by how everyone communicated with each other across the board. If there were misunderstandings between characters, they took the time to talk it out (though sometimes it took a little more effort). No matter how intense the ups and downs became, problems received solutions, even if they were difficult ones. Additionally, characters stood up for themselves and tried to do the same for others.

I won’t lie; I wish this season had also been 10 episodes instead of eight, especially since it’s the last. There were some storylines I think could have been a bit more fleshed out. However, it does exactly what it set out to do. There was a clear emphasis on self-discovery in various forms. Viewers follow these characters through their biggest decisions, and those previously established connections make each choice feel almost personal. I also did appreciate that, overall, the season (and the show) ends on an optimistic note. These characters’ futures are unknown, but then so is the future itself. While we may never know for sure what comes next for Victor and co., they’re left with the promise that everything will be okay.

Love, Victor season 3 premieres on June 15 on Hulu and Disney+. Stay tuned for our recaps and interview with Bebe Wood. Find our previous coverage here.

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