‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 8 “Brave”


Well, this is it. We’ve reached the end of Love, Victor. In this final episode, all our characters make major decisions about their lives to lead them into their futures. And in true Simonverse fashion, viewers head back to the winter carnival. Read on to find out what happens in “Brave.”

Big Changes for the Salazars

Victor meets Felix outside, who wishes Victor a happy friendiversary. Victor gifts Felix his pastry which prompts Felix to mention how he misses spending the mornings with the Salazars. Victor tells him they’ll be at the awards ceremony, and Felix can get his fix then. He adds that Nick is going, too, and things with him are going well. Felix shares that Lake came over and is optimistic about where they might be headed. Meanwhile, Victor thinks Benji is in his rear … when he gets a text from Benji about wanting to talk. (Let the record show he meant to say “rearview,” and yes, he knew exactly how it sounded.)

Victor meets Benji at Brasstown. Benji breaks the news that he’s going to a boarding school in Connecticut, which he wasn’t on board with until he saw Victor kissing someone else. He says it’s okay and that seeing Victor move on meant that he probably should too. Benji says maybe they’ll see each other during the holidays before they super awkwardly hug, and Benji leaves.

In other Salazar news, Armando comes home early from work absolutely fuming. He begins anger/stress eating and tells Isabel about how his boss was making homophobic remarks. When Armando asked his boss to stop because Victor is gay, his boss insulted Victor, and Armando cussed him out and then quit. (And good for him!) Isabel takes the information mostly well, but quickly begins stress eating with Armando as they realize what it might mean for them financially.

Mia Breaks the News

Lake tells Mia about Felix, and Mia is confused about where Lake and Felix stand. Lake equates Felix to a cozy sweater when she spots school transfer requests on the counter. Mia tells Lake that she’s moving to Palo Alto. She knows it’s sudden, but Lake understands, and the two promise to FaceTime every day. When Lake asks about Andrew, Mia isn’t sure that long distance could work.

Speaking of Andrew, he meets with Mia at school, excited about the carnival. She breaks the news to him, but he’s not worried; he has it all figured out. Mia keeps trying to emphasize that she doesn’t want it to affect his school or basketball. When he tells her that she’s his future, she disagrees, which leads him to ask if she’s breaking up with him. She doesn’t know, and Andrew is upset that she doesn’t want to fight for them.

The Gay Award

Kelsey McNeal/Hulu

Everyone files into the school’s auditorium for the awards ceremony. Felix spots the Salazars and begins to head towards them but changes his mind when he sees Pilar, opting to sit with Mia and Lake instead (and Felix and Lake are definitely vibing). Rahim joins the Salazars and notices Pilar glaring at Felix. She’s mad that Felix seems to have moved on to Lake despite having just broken up with her. Rahim tries to be supportive but gets distracted when he begins talking about how good-looking Felix is. When he snaps out of it, he says he thought Lake and Lucy were together, and Pilar tells him they’re not.

The ceremony begins, and Victor is the first to receive his award. He acknowledges why he’s really getting it and admits he was hesitant at first until an unnamed friend (aka Rahim, who’s smiling in the audience) helped him out. He shares how he didn’t know any out gay kids when he first moved, but he met a group of people who took him in: a best friend who’s always there for him, a now ex-girlfriend who made him feel safe, and the person he fell in love with. Victor continues that he thought being brave meant not being scared, but actually, it means embracing scary things. He ends his speech by thanking his friends and family.

After the ceremony, Nick finds Victor. Victor is about to tell him something, but Nick beats him to the punch and knows Victor isn’t over Benji. Regardless, Nick is glad he met Victor and wishes him luck. As he walks down the hall, he bumps into Liam, who gets salty until he learns Nick isn’t Victor’s boyfriend anymore. Meanwhile, Victor’s family congratulates him. A few moments later, Victor hands off his award and sprints dramatically down the hall to go take care of something.

Worth Fighting For

Victor goes to see Benji, who is packing up the car with his now annoyed father. Victor begins to tell Benji that he hasn’t moved on and mentions how Benji’s dad went to see him. Benji didn’t know this and gets upset, and his dad gets defensive. Victor agrees with Benji’s dad because he knows he was just trying to protect Benji. However, Victor doesn’t think he’s bad for Benji, and he loves him, and if Benji feels the same, he should stay. Benji is at a loss for words but soon tells Victor that he’s too late.

Elsewhere, Mia goes to Andrew and says she does want to fight for them. She was scared that Andrew would get bored with long distance and break her heart. He assures her that he won’t, but she isn’t so certain. But Andrew is.


Felix picks up Lake to take her to the carnival. They kiss, and after, Lake tells him that their being together wouldn’t be a brave thing to do even though it would be comfortable. She’s in love with Lucy, though she hasn’t said it out loud yet. So, Lake decides to be brave, and a bit later, she brings Lucy to a condo that her mom owns. Lake says she told her mom about her and Lucy’s situation and that her mom said it would be okay for Lucy to move into the condo. Lake understands if Lucy doesn’t want to, but Lucy interrupts her. She tells Lake how being in Creekwood used to make her sad, but now when she drives past places, she’s reminded of Lake. Lucy tells Lake that she loves her, and Lake says it back before they kiss and head to the carnival.

Full Circle

Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

The Salazars get to the winter carnival, and Isabel and Armando break the news that they are starting their own electrician business. They get caught up in the moment and begin to kiss, much to the extreme dismay of the kids. When they break apart, Isabel wants to take a family photo. As they head off, Felix gets Pilar’s attention. He apologizes for what happened, sharing how the Salazars gave him a safe place. When he realized how much he needed tham and thought he would lose that, he pulled away. He adds that Pilar deserves someone who will put her first and apologizes for not being that someone. He begins to walk away, but Pilar grabs him and drags him into the family photo.

Victor and Felix find Andrew, Mia, Lake, and Lucy. Andrew notices something is wrong with Victor, who tells them about Benji. Lake tries to lighten the mood when Mia’s move comes up again. So, Lake decides they’re going to go play games. Victor needs to do something first, though. He walks through the grounds, spotting Rahim and Connor enjoying themselves and Nick and Liam caught up in conversation. But his final destination is none other than the infamous Ferris wheel. He plans to ride it alone … until Benji shows up.

The two get on, and Benji tells Victor that he had a long talk with his parents. He told them that they’re his trigger, not Victor. Benji continues that he wants to be with Victor. However, he needs to work on himself and isn’t sure how it ends with them. He asks if Victor ever wonders what would’ve happened if they rode the Ferris wheel together when Victor first moved there. Victor says no because that’s not their story. This is, and it’s perfect, and the episode (and show) ends as the two kiss on the top of the Ferris wheel.

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming now on Hulu and Disney+. Find our season 3 review here, our interview with Bebe Wood here, and all our recaps here. Find the rest of our coverage here.

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