‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 4 “You Up?”


In episode 4 of this season, Victor and Nick continue their relationship, but it’s not exactly what Victor was hoping for. Armando and Isabel find out some news, and Rahim begins tutoring Benji. Read on to find out what happens in “You Up?”

Boys Just Wanna Have Fun

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The episode opens with a montage of Victor getting various “u up?” texts from Nick and seeing him. During the last one, he asks Nick if he’d want to go on a date sometime, because he thinks it’d be nice. Nick isn’t looking for a relationship though. He prefers to keep things casual and “hang out” with other people, which Victors claims he’s fine with.

At school, Rahim tells Victor that he’s tutoring Benji. Victor reminds Rahim that Benji isn’t his biggest fan, but Rahim is sure Benji will grow on him. Victor spots Benji, who’s deep in homework. This seems to be the push that gets Victor to “u up?” Nick and go to his house. They meet in the backyard, and Victor says he wants to have fun. Cue them hooking up under Nick’s sister’s playhouse (always the ideal place).

The Jig Is Up

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Armando spots Pilar and Felix talking in the stairwell. When Isabel comes home, he asks her if friends cup each other’s faces, offering a demonstration and saying he saw Pilar do that to Felix. Isabel thinks Felix probably just had something on his face. Armando doesn’t think so, mentioning how Pilar has been acting differently towards them, and they both realize she’s seeing Felix.

Pilar comes home and Isabel and Armando confront her about Felix. Isabel says Armando saw the face cupping and is giving Pilar a chance to be honest, so Pilar confesses. Armando is angry that she lied, which escalates when Pilar says she and Felix aren’t having sex; he doesn’t trust she’s not still lying. In response, Pilar reminds him about the times he interfered in her previous relationships, which causes him to snap and sends her to her room.

Victor Gets the Itch

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Back home, Felix goes to sees Victor and asks how things went with Nick. Victor is thrilled and begins telling Felix about it when he begins furiously scratching his crotch. Concerned and confused, Victor asks Felix to look away while he checks out what’s happening in the mirror. (Spoiler alert: Felix does not look away and does not help matters.) Victor begins freaking out, thinking he might have an STI. Felix suggests he go to the free clinic to find out for sure.

While Victor waits for the doctor, he tries to call Nick who declines the call and immediately texts Victor about it instead. The doctor comes in and asks a few questions before examining Victor. And his “oh, boy” does little to instill confidence. Victor heads back to the waiting room where Felix is and reveals it’s just poison ivy. Still, he wonders if this would’ve happened at all had he been with Benji. Then, Pilar, who’s rather upset, Facetimes Felix to tell him that Armando knows about them. Felix tries to console her. She says she doesn’t want to break up with the person she loves, which stops Felix in his tracks. However, he does love her, too, and they’ll figure out everything when he gets home. After they hang up, Victor lets Felix know he’s happy for them.

Common Ground

Rahim and Benji do homework at Brasstown. Rahim tries to be nice, but Benji would rather just work. Rahim notes that they’re two of very few out gay kids at school and would rather be cordial to each other. He continues and reveals he told Victor about the tutoring, which annoys Benji who just wants to work. Things go fine when Rahim gets a text that upsets him, and he begins looking for a change of clothes he forgot to pack. He tells Benji that his uncle, who is visiting from Iran, is picking him up. He explains that his uncle is Iranian, very religious, and most likely doesn’t believe in gay people. So, while he’s visiting, Rahim’s parents asked him to go back in the closet. Rahim is trying to be cool about it, because if his uncle finds out and tells people back in Iran, it could ruin his family. Thankfully, Benji has an idea.

Benji brings Rahim to the lost and found to find a shirt Rahim is very resistant towards. Benji apologizes for being a jerk about tutoring, explaining that it happens when he gets overwhelmed. When Rahim asks, Benji says he’s worried about disappointing everyone, something the two have in common. Benji pulls out another shirt that Rahim eventually takes. While he changes, Benji makes a joke that lightens the mood.

Mother-Daughter’s Friend Shopping Trip

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Mia and Lake are in Lake’s room when Georgina comes in and throws a criticism at Lake, who asks what Georgina wants. She tells them about a boutique opening she’s invited to and wants to bring the girls. Lake declines and volunteers Mia. Georgina is thrilled and is excited to take Mia shopping. When she leaves, Mia gives Lake a look. Lake explains she doesn’t want to spend the day getting criticized and being asked about boys, revealing she doesn’t plan to tell her mom about Lucy. Lake asks again and Mia agrees.

At the clothing store, Georgina asks if everything is okay with Lake, and Mia says yes. Georgina shares how she wasn’t close to her mom and wanted to change that with Lake, but alas. She’s glad Lake has Mia, though. When they get back, Mia tells Lake the trip was nice and that she saw another side of Georgina who wishes she were closer to Lake. She adds that Georgina wants to support Lake and loves her, and Lake should tell her about Lucy. Lake gets annoyed and leaves.

Later, Mia finds Lake and apologizes, reminding Lake that she’s always on her side, but it felt nice to have a mom take interest in her. Lake gets it and explains that she can’t tell Georgina about Lucy because of how she criticizes everything Lake likes. Mia thinks it’s time Lake stood up for herself and tell Georgina how she feels.

Own Your Power

Georgina finds Lake studying, again making a critical remark about Lake. Lake takes Mia’s words to heart and asks why Georgina is always criticizing her no matter what Lake does. Georgina says she didn’t know. She tells Lake how her position as a public persona has led her to become more aware of physical appearance because of what fans (bullies) say about her. She wanted to spare Lake from that but realizes she was the bully. Georgina emphasizes she believes Lake is perfect and any boy would be lucky to have her. This pushes Lake to tell Georgina about Lucy, and she seems happy about it. She asks if it means Lake is bi, but Lake doesn’t know yet and asks if Georgina is okay. She is, adding that finally Lake has something that makes her interesting for college essays. Lake points it out and Georgina notes it.

Meanwhile, Victor also takes a firm stand after Nick sends another “u up?” text. Victor calls him, but, of course, he doesn’t answer. Victor instead leaves a voicemail. He tells Nick that he wants something more. He understands Nick likes things casual, but Victor doesn’t, and he doesn’t want to keep doing that. At school, he sees Benji and Rahim celebrating something. (Benji passed his math test!) Shortly after, Victor downloads a gay dating app.

No More Secrets. Maybe.

Armando digs through his tool bag for something to take Pilar’s door off the hinges. Isabel finds him and agrees that Pilar has a point. Armando just wants to protect his little girl, and Isabel says that’s the problem. She notes that he should be glad it’s Felix; he likes Felix. After a moment, he calls for Pilar and tells her Isabel pointed some things out. Pilar says Felix wanted to tell them and adds that they’re happy and in love. That softens Armando a bit who asks that there are no more secrets. A few moments later, Felix shows up and is ready to take any punishment. Pilar tells him that her parents are on board, and Felix hugs them.

But it turns out there is still one more secret. As Isabel collects Pilar’s dirty laundry, she finds something in one of Pilar’s socks: birth control pills.

All episodes of Love, Victor are streaming now on Hulu and Disney+. Find our season 3 review here, our interview with Bebe Wood here, and the rest of our coverage, including recaps, here. Stay tuned for the remainder of our season 3 recaps.

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