‘Love, Victor’ Recap: Season 3, Episode 6 “Agent of Chaos”

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In episode six of this season, Victor decides he can be a gay mentor to another kid at school, but it doesn’t quite work out like he thought. Meanwhile, Pilar pretends to be Rahim’s girlfriend, and Mia and Lake both struggle with some news. Read on to find out what happens in “Agent of Chaos.”

New Mentee in Town

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Victor and Felix are at school when Victor spots Benji and attempts to use Felix as a human shield. In class, Victor explains that Benji’s dad went to talk to him, saying he’s bad for Benji and creates chaos. Being the good friend he is, Felix tells Victor he’s a ray of light but soon realizes Victor isn’t entirely wrong when he lays it all out. As he does, a kid named Liam snarks at them. Class starts and the teacher announces a group project. Victor sees Liam looking lost and invites him to join their group.

At lunch, Felix spots Pilar and tries to talk to her, but it doesn’t go well. He meets up with Victor … and Liam. As they talk, Liam gets a notification and quickly leaves. Felix mentions it’s the sound the gay dating app makes, and they realize Liam is closeted. Victor uses this opportunity to decide that he could be Liam’s Simon.

My Fake Girlfriend

Armando comes home and asks about Pilar, and Isabel tells him she’s hanging out with Rahim. Armando is angry, as Pilar is supposed to be grounded. At Brasstown, Pilar and Rahim lament about their respective love lives when Armando calls Pilar and demands she come home. She says no and hangs up. Then, Rahim’s mom and uncle show up unexpectedly. Rahim’s uncle questions Rahim about his jacket, so Pilar covers and says it’s hers. Still not convinced, Rahim’s mom adds that Pilar is Rahim’s girlfriend. Rahim’s mom pulls Rahim aside and says he just has to pretend for one more day. When they rejoin Pilar and Rahim’s uncle, he says Pilar is joining them for dinner.

During dinner, Pilar and Rahim try their best to make Rahim seem straight, but it’s a close call when a server (who happens to be the guy Rahim made spill his drink at Mia’s party) accidentally spills a drink on Rahim, who freaks out about his clothes. While Rahim’s mom and uncle talk, Pilar tells Rahim the server was definitely into him. So, Rahim goes to find the server and apologizes, mentioning he may have missed the meet-cute memo. Shortly after, Rahim gets his number and learns his name is Connor.


Liam arrives at Victor’s to work on the group project sans Felix. While they head to his room, Isabel and Armando chat. He apologizes about a remark he made earlier, and Isabel reminds him they used to be like Pilar and Felix. She thinks it’s more than being overprotective and asks about someone named Camila.

Liam and Victor work when Victor mentions being gay and how things were tough for him, though Liam doesn’t really see the point. So, Victor brings up the notification and the dating app. Liam panics, but Victor says it’s okay; he just wants to be there for Liam. Liam takes this as a cue to kiss Victor and leaves embarrassed when he realizes that’s not what Victor meant. A bit later, Victor sees Isabel prepping to head to church and asks to go with her.

Attempted SAT Prep

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During lunch, Lake and Lucy join Andrew and Mia and mention SAT prep plans. Mia gets a call and finds out that Veronica is in labor, three weeks early. She’s upset she can’t be there. Later during studying, Mia is nervous about Veronica, and Andrew tries to reassure her, but it doesn’t help much, and leaves the room. Andrew eventually finds her and says he has a surprise. He brings her back to the kitchen with a laptop set up for a video call with Harold and Veronica so that Mia can still (kind of) be there. After the baby (a boy) is born, Mia is sad that she can’t meet him, so Andrew suggests they fly out the next day.

Meanwhile, Lake and Lucy study when Lake makes a remark about college that prompts Lucy to excuse herself. In the living room, Lake is panicking and doesn’t understand how Lucy isn’t. Lucy explains she has the credits to graduate early and is planning to go live in Portland with her cousin while she figures out a job and getting her own place.


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Pilar gets home and sees Armando at the table, and he asks her to sit with him (no yelling this time). He tells her about when he and Isabel first got together, when they were around Pilar’s age. They were sexually active, and Isabel got pregnant. But because they were both Catholic, they kept the baby and began planning when they learned the baby was a girl, who they named Camila. However, after only a few months, Isabel miscarried, and that’s probably why Armando has been struggling with Pilar and Felix. He wants Pilar to know that sex is an adult decision with consequences. Pilar emphasizes that’s why she went on birth control. Armando adds that if she and Felix really love each other, then it’s okay if they’re together. Pilar goes to tell Felix but mentions how easily he chose her family before her. So, she breaks up with him.

Meanwhile, Rahim opens up to his mother, telling her that he hates pretending to be straight, and he doesn’t care if his uncle would understand or not. He continues that he’s struggled with being gay, Iranian, and Muslim, and being accepted by his parents made him proud of all three. He never wants to hide again, and his mother agrees. After a beat, she brings up Connor, telling Rahim she knew his boy would come.

Booty Call to Something More

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At church, Victor tells Isabel it’s a place where he can think about big things, and Isabel wonders why he is now. He shares that he feels like he’s a “clueless wrecking ball,” and Isabel tells him to be easy with himself because all teens are like that. Nick shows up, and Isabel gives them space. Nick apologizes about what happened, and Victor says it’s okay before leaving.

That night, Victor leaves a voicemail for Liam offering to be there if he ever wants to talk. After he hangs up, he gets a “you up” text from Nick, which wasn’t the first one. This time, Victor caves and goes outside to talk to Nick, who’s waiting with flowers. He admits that at church, he actually wanted to ask Victor to dinner. As he turns to leave, Victor says yes.

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